King Mohammed VI Prevents Minister of Sports from Attending Club World

Rabat- Following the controversy sparked by the deplorable condition of the pitch of Rabat stadium last Saturday on the occasion of the quarter-finals of the FIFA Club World Cup, King Mohammed VI called on Prime Minister, Abdelilah Benkirane, to open a thorough investigation to determine those who should be held accountable for this scandal, according to Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).“The sovereign also gave his high instructions to the Head of the government for the suspension of the Minister of Youth and Sports activities for this major international sporting event, including the presence in the final match pending the results of this investigation,” according to the same source.On Thursday, King Mohammed VI ordered General Hosni Benslimane to supervise the ongoing investigation that will enquire about all the stages of the Complex Sportif Prince Moulay Abdellah’s renovation and installation with natural turf. The poor condition of the pitch of Moulay Abdellah Stadium was believed to have triggered the royal anger.The Moroccan monarch reportedly ordered General Hosni Benslimane, commander of the Royal Gendarmerie and former president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, to supervise the investigation opened by Sports Minister Mohammed Ouzzine to find out who will be held responsible for the scandal.The Popular Movement, the political party of Minister of Youth and Sports, Mohamed Ouzzine, threatened to withdraw from the coalition government if Prime Minister, Abdelilah Benkirane, caves in to popular pressure and decides to dismiss his controversial Minister.According to the Moroccan daily Al Akhbar in its Friday edition, as soon as the leaders of the PM learned of the news suggesting that Benkirane might be compelled to sack Mohamed Ouzzine, they called their members in both houses of the parliament and informed them that the leadership of the party has decided to hold an extraordinary meeting to decide its withdrawal from the government.Moroccans expressed their utter dismay at the way this incident damaged their country’s reputation and called on the government to hold those responsible accountable.A Facebook page was also created, in which thousands of Moroccans called for the dismissal of Minister Ouzzine. read more