Annans chief of staff visits UN operations in Iraq

Mr. Riza arrived in Baghdad on Tuesday, and was briefed by United States officials responsible for the security of the UN compound. On Wednesday, he met with local and international staff working for UN organizations and agencies currently operating in Iraq, including the senior national staff member of each agency who kept UN humanitarian operations running during the war when international staff had to be evacuated.He also toured the Canal Hotel bomb blast site and was briefed on the events of 19 August, the day of the terrorist attack that killed top envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello and 21 other people. He also paid courtesy calls on the United States Administrator, L. Paul Bremer, and this month’s President of the Iraqi Governing Council, Ahmad Chalabi.Yesterday, he talked to people at UN headquarters, including medical personnel and staff counsellors.Mr. Riza, who arrived in Amman, Jordan, later today, is expected to be back at UN Headquarters in New York on Tuesday. read more