Indias DMK tells Centre to act on Lanka

A constituent of the Indian government, the DMK said this when it met under party chief M Karunanidhi in Tamil Nadu today, Indian media reports said. India’s DMK Executive today alleged that “atrocities” against Tamils continued even now in Sri Lanka, including a spate of arrests of students. It also expressed concern over recurring incidents of attacks on Indian fishermen hailing from the state.“In this situation, the Centre should think whether the Indian Army should even now remain a spectator to these atrocities to play an important role, amounting to warning Sri Lanka, and in the UN and and come forward to uphold the rights of the rest of the Tamils,” it resolved. read more

Germany and Sweden with convincing wins over South Americans

← Previous Story Iceland and Tunisia 22:22 save hopes for knock-out stage! Next Story → France beat Norway in derby of Day 5 Germany and Sweden had easy tasks to outplay South American teams in their matches of Sunday’s programm at IHF World Championship in France. Although it was expected that reigning European champions, Germans, had no worries against Chile 35:14 (Andreas Wolff saved 16 balls, Kochlbacher), rampant Swedish performance over always dangerous Argentina 35:17 (16:11) surprised everyone.Chile – Germany 14:35 (6:17)Chile: Oliva, Barrientos – Em. Feuchtmann (2), Frelijj (2), Moll (2), E. Salinas (2), Donoso (1), Erw. Feuchtmann (1), H. Feuchtmann (1), R. Salinas (1), Lopez (1), Reyes (1/1)Germany: Wolff, Heinevetter – Kohlbacher (8), Dahmke (7), Kühn (4), Gensheimer (4/4), Häfner (3), Wiencek (3), Ernst (3), Reichmann (2), Pieczkowski (1), Groetzki, Fäth, Drux, LemkeScandinavians with the new coach Andresson had a lot to offer, especially defensively in the first two matches of the tournament. They put “Gauchos” only on six goals in the second half. The TOP scorer was Zachrisson with eight goals, while Palicka had a good role between the posts with 11 saves. On the other side, Sebastian Simonet netted five goals.PHOTO: IHF read more