Duke and Duchess of Sussex seek own team to build their global

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in MoroccoCredit:WireImage The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, meanwhile, will retain their established Kensington Palace team, working independently to support the Queen in her duties as part of the “Team Windsor”.The Sussexes communications team, which will be funded by the public purse via the Sovereign Grant, will report to the Queen’s communications secretary Donal McCabe.The Royal Foundation, which has until now been shared by the Cambridges and Sussexes working together, is likely to be restructured, with a source saying the Kensington Palace split would “of course have implications for how they manage their charitable and philanthropic activity into the future”. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Morocco The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Duke and Duchess of Sussex are to split their householdsCredit:Richard Pohle On Thursday, it was announced that they will be advised by Sara Latham, who has been appointed as their head of communications.Described as “chic and superbly connected”, Ms Latham is a major political player, mixing professionally with the Clintons and Obamas, working with Tony Blair, and mentioned in society pages for attending and hosting events for some of the world’s most high-powered women. The Duke and Duchess will now form a new household under the guidance of Samantha Cohen, a longstanding senior royal aide who has been standing in as interim private secretary since last year.It is also likely that the couple will seek a replacement for Amy Pickerill, the couple’s assistant private secretary, who has been considered as the Duchess’ right-hand-woman and will also depart the household once the baby has arrived. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Duke and Duchess of Sussex are to split their households The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are to bring in their own team to shape their future work in the Royal Family, as they build a new Sussex brand on a global platform.The couple, who are due to become parents next month, now need to fill key positions in their household after officially splitting from Kensington Palace.Based at Buckingham Palace, under the Queen’s own staff, the Duke and Duchess are seeking aides including a permanent private secretary to shape their working futures.They have already embraced a markedly different style to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, becoming known for their rousing speeches, language of empowerment and inspiration, and tactile public appearances.Their recent appearances, in front of cheering teenagers and on a panel for International Women’s Day, have suggested they hope to build a profile as global philanthropists, speaking of “humanitarian issues” and feminism to Commonwealth youth. read more