WHAT A MATCH Lions with 7 to Barca

← Previous Story EHF CUP: HCM Constanta close to F4 in Berlin! Next Story → HAND OF GOD: What do you think you’re doing, Uwe? What a spectacular match in Mannheim SAP Arena! Rhein Neckar Lowen celebrate important victory over FC Barcelona 38:31 (22:14) in the first match of the VELUX EHF CL TOP 8 in front of 13.200 home fans! What we have seen in the first 45 mnutes by home squad led by Niklas Landin (16 saves) and Uwe Gensheimer (14 goals) was something from another dimension, some piece of handball future. Unbeliavable rhytm, great saves, spectacular goals, everything was packed in the team of Gudmundur Gudmundson, which had the highest advantage +11 – 30:19 in 39th minute, when Barca was on their knees, but they couldn’t finished on the same level.Arpad Sterbik saved Barca tonight. Spanish goalkeeper saved a few shots, stopped Gensheimer and buid self-confidence of Barca’s defense. At the end, Spanish squad left the court with -7…Uwe Gensheimer scored 14 goals from 17 shots for the winners, while Kiril Lazarov scored 10 for Barca… Rhein Neckar Lowen – FC Barcelona 38:31 (22:14)RNL: Gensheimer 14(3)/17, Myrhol 6/7, Schmidt 2/4, Peterson 3/6,Groetzki 5/5, Landin 16 saves, Gorbok 1/2, Du Rietz 6/7, Guardiola 1/1FCB: Lazarov 10(7)/13, Noddesbo 3, Tomas 1/4, Rutenka 2/7, Entrerios 4/6, Karabatic 4/7, Sarmiento 3/4, Juanin 2/5, Gurbindo 1/2, Sterbik 7 saves, Saric two saves read more