Amazing Gigantic Robotic Insects Invade Halifax

first_imgYoung Nova Scotians will be treated to an ‘early bug’ sneak preview of the Museum of Natural History’s amazing new insect exhibit, starting Saturday, Dec. 17. The museum will transform into an amazing display of insects in Bug World, an exhibit which officially opens to the public on Jan. 10 and continues until April 16. Bug World will include a display of insects from the museum collection, a water pond with indigenous plants and spectacular selection of colourful, exotic and live insects. The showpiece of the exhibit is the incredible Kokoro robotic insects. These are gigantic robot insects with life-like postures and movements. “An elegant seven-metre arm-stretching Praying mantis is nothing you’ll want to mess with and two battling Atlas beetles, the size of Volkswagens, are ones to step back from. But the five-metre caterpillar, that wiggles, is so cute it look likes a kiddy ride at Disney,” said Janet Maltby, museum manager. The display also includes a colourful grasshopper with a 6.5-metre wing span, a seven-metre stick insect plus three oversized interactive bug heads — honeybee, dragonfly and mosquito — showing how they feed, chew and draw blood. School classes have an opportunity for self directed Bug Safaris, cub and brownie groups have a chance for Creepy Crawly adventures ,and, for the adventurous, there are Bed Bugs museum sleep overs. The Museum of Natural History is located at 1747 Summer St., in Halifax. Details on all programs and costs for admission are available on the website at or by calling 424-6099.last_img read more