Token Is One Ring To Rule Your Digital Life

first_img One ring to rule them all: Token is the portable solution to your hectic digital life.The stylish band encourages people to “live keyless, cardless, and free of passwords.”Co-founded by Melanie and Steve Shapiro, Token aims to make consumer security faster and easier via partnerships with Microsoft, MasterCard, HID, and Visa.The wearable replaces credit cards, house keys (with $100 DoorLock supplement), website credentials, car keys (with $100 CarLock add-on), transit cards, and access cards.Knock twice to authenticate online accounts (via Token)“It’s up to you to figure out what you want to use Token to protect, or how you want Token to save you time,” Melanie Shapiro wrote in an introductory blog post.Pay with a wave of your hand at more than 15 million global locations by adding a MasterCard or Visa, knock twice on your computer to authenticate online accounts, tap and go at 50-plus transit systems worldwide (with 30 more going live next year).Those folks driving a push-button ignition vehicle, meanwhile, can opt to trade their key fob for a Token CarLock, which allows users to knock twice to lock or unlock doors and activate the ‘Start’ button.“We built Token because we’re not OK with a future where people don’t feel safe online,” the firm said. “We built Token because we too aren’t motivated to change our behavior unless we’re promised more time, or less work.”An embedded sensor scans saved fingerprints to unlock information, which gets sealed again once the ring is removed. Each accessory includes a charging dock, and promises up to two weeks of battery life.The sterling silver accessory is available in seven US sizes and three finishes—brushed ($249), black rhodium ($299), and 14k rose gold ($299). Sign up for notifications about Token’s global launch, expected soon.Add the Token CarLock for easy ignition (via Token)“The Internet is an amazing place that many people fight to ensure we all have free access to,” Token said on its website. “But access isn’t enough.”Going online should also be a safe, carefree experience.“Securing the databases, servers, and networks that our accounts and digital lives exist on is critical,” the company continued. “But arguably, protecting the endpoints (us!) is just as, if not more, important.”Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target 1Password Can Now Tell You If Your Password Has Been Leaked OnlineYour body makes a good password transmission system last_img read more