Latest My Hero Academia Manga Volume Is as Epic as the Show

first_img映画も本編も大盛り上がりを見せる中、コミックス20巻の表紙が到着です!文化祭編の面々がカッコいい!発売は9月4日!お楽しみに!!— 僕のヒーローアカデミア公式 (@myheroacademia) August 20, 2018Without spoiling too much of what the show still has in store, know that My Hero Academia has been hurtling toward some exciting plot developments, and as things grow in scale throughout the next few chapters, we’re likely to see several more cool covers just like this one. The show, which follows young Izuku Midoriya, is all about a group of heroes and villains – and the powers that set them apart from the rest of society (who all mostly have powers, too!).Midoriya was born without a “quirk,” or the type of powers everyone else in society has. For someone who wants to be a superhero, this is a problem. That all changes when he meets up with his idol All Might, and finds himself working to become a hero on his own. It’s all about Midoriya finding his inner strength and figuring out how to be himself on his own terms while working with a series’ of other characters who support him and help him out on his quest while facing off against a cavalcade of villains.Looking forward to seeing more of the story unfold? Make sure you don’t miss the next volume of the manga, then!New to My Hero Academia? Learn everything you need to about the series in our Real Good Guys You Guys series. Find out which character now has a scar just like his son. Add all the best MHA t-shirts to wardrobe but most importantly stay on top of all anime news here. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target My Hero Academia is a fantastical show already, and it shows with every single volume that’s released along the way. Whether the singular covers promote a particular character or make for an assemblage of some of our favorites, it’s always a spectacle to see what’s coming next. The latest, which corresponds to Volume 20, looks quite familiar, and we can’t wait to flip through its pages.If you haven’t been following, Midoriya is taking on Gentle during the series’ Culture Festival, and this volume is rife with some pretty darn explosive battles as a result. The cover shows off some references to popular films like Star Wars, though it has its own unique look for all the heroes involved. Midoriya’s in the center of course, but everyone else looks a bit cartoony on the sidelines except the major players for this collection. You can see Gentle and assistant La Brava pointed out here on the cover, for one.center_img Top Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From SDCC 2019Toy Tuesday: The Best ‘My Hero Academia’ Toys last_img read more