Plant ‘blankies’

first_imgOther ways to help Not warm-blooded You won’t truly know whether your protective efforts weresuccessful until warmer weather arrives. Plants with cold-damagedroots may not show signs of injury until temperatures rise and theplant’s demand for water from the roots is greater, Lindstrom said. “Don’t just buy a cultivar of azalea or other woody ornamentalyou’ve heard about or one you think would do well in yourlandscape” he said. “Do a little research and make sure the plantyou’re buying is suited to your area. Then you can save yourblankets for keeping your family warm.” “Container plants are especially susceptible to cold temperatures,”he said. “Their roots are more exposed to the cold because they areabove ground.” Even if covering did work, Lindstrom says the wind usually worksagainst your efforts by blowing your hard work away. Plus, using ablanket to cover your plants can also result in broken limbs. By Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaCovering outdoor plants with blankets and plastic to protect themfrom the cold may make you feel better, but chances are it won’tkeep them cozy. If you really want to help your outdoor plants prepare for thecold, Lindstrom says the time to help is actually in the spring andsummer. Baby the special ones If you want to “baby” your plants, save the special treatment forprized possessions such as a banana tree, he said. If it’s a one-of-a-kind plant and you really don’t want to lose it, build amakeshift shelter for it. Time will tell “Even if the covering stays on, a blanket on a plant isn’t going tocreate heat as it does on a person,” Lindstrom said. “We’re warm-blooded, and we create heat. Plants aren’t. The only heat availableunder the blanket would be coming from the soil.” “If you take good care of your plants in the warm months by keepingthem insect-free, giving them ample water and fertilizing them,” hesaid, “you’re helping build a hardier plant.” “The added weight of the blanket can put pressure on the limbs andcause them to break,” he said. “You have to weigh the risks. If youput up a large enough structure that will block the wind, it wouldhelp. But then you’ve all but built a mini-greenhouse.” University of Georgia horticulturist Orville Lindstrom saysalthough it’s been done for years, giving your outdoor plants ablanket won’t keep them warm unless you find a way to anchor it. Plants growing close to the ground usually benefit from the heatradiating from the soil, he said. “Tall, more open plants don’treceive as much heat and are not as protected from the cold,”Lindstrom said. “When winter arrives, it’s not a shock to them because they havegradually prepared for it,” Lindstrom said. “Temperatures wouldhave to drop below 20 degrees to damage the stem tissue oflandscape plants. And I haven’t seen that happen in the South.” Because outdoor plants are out in the elements 24 hours a day, theyadapt to temperature changes. You can protect your container plants several ways. Place theminside your home, garage, greenhouse or shed. You can also pushcontainer plants together and mulch or cover the sides of thecontainers to decrease heat loss. The overall key to making sure your landscape plants survive eachwinter is planting the right variety from the start. Lindstrom says container plants are the ones that need the “babyingtreatment.”last_img read more

IMCA stars walk the red carpet at national awards banquet

first_imgShaw Race Car Western Region IMCA Modified track and series champions included Austin Burke at Ocean Speedway and Santa Maria Raceway; Kellen Chadwick in the Wild West Modi­fied Shootout; Rick Chorniak at Casper Speedway; Zane DeVilbiss at Sweetwater Speedway and in the Wild West Tour; Jake Donnelly at Idaho Falls Raceway; Justin Elmer at Sheridan Speed­way; Tyson Evans at Cocopah Speedway; Zach Fettinger at Southern Oregon Speedway; Kelsie Foley at Central Arizona Speedway; Troy Foulger at Merced Speedway; Jason George at Big Sky Speedway; Scott Gray at Millard County Raceway; Joe Haresky at Perris Auto Speedway; Mat­thew Hicks at Barona Speedway; Coltin Jackman at Atomic Motor Raceway; Bricen James at Willamette Speedway; Eddie Kirchoff at Gillette Thunder Speedway; Doug Lockwood at Sunset Speedway; Wade Lumsden at Rattlesnake Raceway; Mitch Machado at Petaluma Speedway; Zachary Madrid at Arizona Speedway; Jake Mayden at Cottage Grove Speedway; Jeremy Meirho­fer at Gallatin Speedway; Brent Nielsen at Black Hills Speedway; Chris Nieman at Ameri­can Valley Speedway and Diamond Mountain Speedway in California; Duane Orsburn at Siskyou Golden Speedway; Travis Panko at Salmon Valley Speedway; Jack Parker at Ventura Raceway; Joey Price at Electric City Speedway; Ryan Roath at Canyon Speedway Park; Cory Sample at Fernley 95A Speedway and Winnemucca Regional Raceway; Robby Sawyer at Bakersfield Speed­way; Bradley Schmidt at Battle Mountain Raceway; Jeff Sheppard Jr. at Mohave Valley Raceway; Andy Straight at Summit Raceway; Regan Tafoya at Aztec Speedway, Diamond Moun­tain Speedway in Utah and Fairgrounds Speedway; and Ricky Thornton Jr. in the Arizona Modi­fied Tour. Racing to E3 Spark Plugs State crowns were Ankrum in South Dakota, Tathan Burkhart in Kan­sas, Goff in North Dakota, Shane Grippin in Colorado, Lister in Utah, Will Miller in Minnesota, Minu­tolo in New York, Cory Stone in New Mexico, Taylor in Wyoming, Joe Vlasity in Arizona, Ware in Nebraska and Wroten in Iowa. Modified regional rookies of the year were Jake Pike in the West; Oliver in the North Central; Aus­tin Svoboda in the Central; Mark Adams in the South Central; and Chase Burda in the East. The more than 600 champions and rookies of the year crowned during the 2019 IMCA Speedway Mo­tors Weekly Racing season were honored during the annual gala, held at the Marriott Corn­husker Hotel in Lincoln. Smiley’s Racing Products Southern SportMod track and special series champions were Joe Ad­ams at Longdale Speedway; Jordan Eddleman at Aztec Speedway; Trevor Egbert at Cotton Bowl Speedway and in the Red River Tour; Damon Hammond at Kennedale Speedway Park; James Hanusch at 281 Speedway; Cullen Hill at Southern Oklahoma Speedway; Tim Ihnen at Fair­grounds Speedway; Jeffrey Kaup at Dodge City Raceway Park; Michael Martin at Big O Speed­way; Donald Owens at Boyd Raceway; Rodger Pierce at Cardinal Speedway; Bradley Poor at Abilene Speedway; Dustin Robnett at Texarkana 67 Speedway; Jeff Sheppard at Heart O’ Texas Speedway; and Rodney White at Grayson County Speedway. National rookies of the year were John Oliver Jr., Modified; Dumpert, Late Model; Trey Burke, Sprint Car; Dallon Murty, Stock Car; Kaden Reynolds, Hobby Stock; Cade Richards, Northern SportMod; Larry Underwood, Southern SportMod; and Steven Bevills, Sport Compact. Ware scored Big Daddy Race Cars Northern Region honors in the Hobby Stock division and Ja­son Duggins paced points in the Big Daddy Race Cars Southern Region. Recipients of five-year plaques included Fox Shocks, Hooker Harness, Motorsports Warehouse, Outerwears, Robert & Sons Aluminum, Strange Oval and Winters Performance. Racing to E3 Spark Plus State crowns were Armstrong in Arkansas, Hale in Missouri, Money in Kansas, Tom Quint in Colorado and Roth in Nebraska Side Biter North Central Region track champions were Chris Abelson at Buena Vista Raceway; Casey Arneson at Jamestown Speedway; Lance Arneson at Shawano Speedway; Brandon Becken­dorf at Fairmont Raceway and Redwood Speedway; Tom Berry Jr. at Dacotah Speedway and Nodak Speedway; Jarrett Carter at Sheyenne Speedway; Shane DeMey at Sports Park Race­way; Brandon Durbin at Quad City Speedway; John Flory at Williston Basin Speedway; Bryce Garnhart at Dubuque Speedway and Maquoketa Speedway; Josh Gilman at Stuart Speed­way; Dylan Goplen at Red River Valley Speedway; Jimmy Gustin at Boone Speedway; Richie Gustin in the Arnold Motor Supply Dirt Knights Tour; Travis Hagen at Estevan Motor Speedway; Aaron Johnson at North Central Speedway and Princeton Speedway; Josh Long at Luxemburg Speedway; Dan Menk at Arlington Raceway; Chris Mills at Raceway Park; Jeremy Mills at Han­cock County Speedway; Bob Moore at Park Jefferson Speedway; John Oliver Jr. atLee County Speedway; Chris Palsrok at Clay County Fair Speedway; Craig Reetz at Crawford County Speed­way; Jesse Rogotzke at Murray County Speedway; Joel Rust at Benton County Speedway; Mark Schulte at Independence Motor Speedway; Kelly Shryock at Kossuth County Speedway; Jesse Skalicky at Norman County Raceway; Jeff Stephens at Shelby County Speedway; Myles Tomlin­son at Southwest Speedway; Rob VanMil at Buffalo River Race Park; Tim Ward at Marshalltown Speedway; Johnny Whitman at 141 Speedway and Outagamie Speedway; Chris Zogg at 34 Race­way and Davenport Speedway. RaceSaver Sprint Car track and special series champions included Brett Allen at Arlington Race­way and Redwood Speedway, and in the Sprint Series of Minnesota; Jeremy Allen at Lawton Speed­way; Jess Beckett at Black Hills Speedway; Zach Blurton in the United Rebel Sprint Series; Johnny Brown at Thunder Valley Speedway; Grant Champlin in the Western RaceSaver Sprint Series; Tanner Conn in the Sprint Series of Oklahoma; Richard Dieva in the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series; Derek Drown at Route 66 Motor Speedway; Tyler Drueke in the Sprint Series of Ne­braska; Kenneth Duke Jr. in the Pennsylvania Sprint Series; Bob Dvorak at Stuart Raceway; Tre­vor Grossenbacher at Eagle Raceway; Jerald Harris in the Virginia Sprint Series; Tyler Harris in the Southern United Sprints; Mike Houseman at Boone Speedway and US 36 Raceway; Billy John­son at Jackson Motorplex; Jacob Karklin in the Carolina Sprint Tour; Jesse Lindberg at I-90 Speedway; Scott Lutz in the Laurel Highlands Sprint Series; Jack Potter at Lake Ozark Speed­way; Logan Scherb in the Texas Sprint Series; Colin Smith at Park Jefferson Speedway; Mason Smith at Monarch Motor Speedway; Jacob Stickle in the Ohio Thunder Sprint Series; and Colby Stubblefield at Devil’s Bowl Speedway. Mach-1 Sport Compact track champions were Kimberly Abbott at Quincy Raceway; Jake Benischek at CJ Speedway; Travis Behrman at Honor Speedway; Steven Bevills at 281 Speed­way and Boyd Raceway; Amber Bird at Salina Speedway; Bubba Brown at Fairmont Raceway and Murray County Speedway; Scott Brown at Shelby County Speedway; Mitchell Bunch at Stu­art Speedway; Derek Cates at Heart O’ Texas Speedway; Robert Cody at Aztec Speedway and Fairgrounds Speedway; Kaden Dady at Lincoln County Raceway; Kaytee DeVries at Buena Vista Raceway and Kossuth County Speedway; Alex Dostal at Arlington Raceway, Princeton Speed­way and Redwood Speedway; Floyd Frank at El Paso County Raceway; Trenten Fugett at Be­atrice Speedway; Jarad Gross at Clay County Fair Speedway and Park Jefferson Speedway; Ryan Holbeck at Phillips County Raceway; Alicia Hilzer at I-76 Speedway; Cole Krichau at Eagle Raceway; Frank Lackey at Kennedale Speedway Park; Chris Lael at Southwest Speedway; Jade Lange at Hancock County Speedway; Ramsey Meyer at Off Road Speedway and U.S. 30 Speed­way; Oliver Monson at Sports Park Raceway; Ryan Murphy at Thomas County Speedway; Jackie Par­meley at Canyon Speedway Park; Riley Paysen at Crawford County Speedway; Brandon Reu at Lee County Speedway; Travis Roush at North Central Speedway; Ben Schulte at Outagamie Speedway; Otto Schutte III at Sherman County Speedway; Toby Schwien at RPM Speedway; Barry Taft at 34 Raceway; Stanley Thompson Jr. at Dacotah Speedway; Terry Tritt at Dawson County Raceway and Junction Motor Speedway; Daniel VanderVeen at Raceway Park; Parker Vollbrecht at Boone County Raceway; and Christopher Zenz at Nodak Speedway. Track and series champions in the Jet Racing Central Region were Drew Armstrong at I-30 Speed­way and Texarkana 67 Speedway; Chad Clancy at U.S. 36 Raceway; Jeremy Frenier at I-76 Speedway; Tripp Gaylord at Phillips County Raceway; Daniel Gottschalk at RPM Speedway and Thomas County Speedway; Jordan Grabouski at Beatrice Speedway, Dawson County Race­way, Thunder Hill Speedway and U.S. 30 Speedway; Justin Gregg at Junction Motor Speedway; Clay Hale at Bethany Speedway; Bryan Harkness at Sherman County Speedway; Shane Kelley at Legit Speedway Park; Clay Money in the Kansas Thunder Series; Danny Morrison at Salina Speedway; David Murray Jr. at Lincoln County Raceway; Paul Reeder at Crowley’s Ridge Race­way; Anthony Roth at Eagle Raceway; Clay Sellard at Dodge City Raceway Park; James Thomp­son at Springfield Raceway; and Ashton Wilkey at Batesville Motor Speedway. Speedway Motors, title sponsor of IMCA Weekly Racing and Super Nationals, was recognized with a 40-year award. Earning E3 Spark Plugs State titles were Guy Ahlwardt in California, Tod Alonzo in Utah, Braaten in Oregon, Clay in Colorado, Concelman in Wyoming, Engebregtsen in Wisconsin, Harrison in Arizona, Kelly Henderson in North Dakota, Chance Huston in Illinois, McBirnie in Iowa, Malcom in Idaho, Rusty Montagne in South Dakota, David Siercks in Minnesota, Spangler in New Mexico, Stallbaumer in Kansas, Svoboda in Nebraska, Welch in Nevada and Chris Wright in Missouri. Winning E3 Spark Plugs State titles were Cory Craver in Montana, Trevor Fitz-Gibbon in Califor­nia, Junior Flores in Idaho, Foley in Arizona, Wyatt Howard in Utah, James in Oregon, Wade Man­ning in Wyoming and Strait in Nevada. Track and special series champions in the EQ Cylinder Heads Northern and Southern regions for Stock Cars were Jeffrey Abbey in the Sniper Speed Lone Star Stock Car Tour; Westin Abbey at 281 Speedway and Heart O’ Texas Speedway; Jason Adcock at Abilene Speedway; Jeremy An­drews at Honor Speedway; Travis Baird at Longdale Speedway; D.J. Banks at I-76 Speedway; Travis Barker at Raceway Park; Joren Boyce at Estevan Motor Speedway and McLean County Speedway; Jerrett Bransom at Kennedale Speedway Park; Austin Brauner at Boone County Race­way and Off Road Speedway; Jacob Bruns at Murray County Speedway; Troy Burkhart at Salina Speedway; Darryl Campbell at Boyd Raceway; Cody Center at Arizona Speedway, Can­yon Speedway Park and USA Raceway; Jeremy Christians at Outagamie Speedway; Kyle Clough at Phillips County Raceway; Michael Cole at Luxemburg Speedway; James Comins at Maquoketa Speedway; Bill Crimmins at Sports Park Raceway; Scott Davis at Boone Speedway; Tom Gallagher at Diamond Mountain Speedway in Utah; Sean Gentry at Willamette Speedway; Jordan Grabouski at Beatrice Speedway, Dawson County Raceway, Thunder Hill Speedway and U.S. 30 Speedway; Derek Green at Kossuth County Speedway; Mike Hagen at Nodak Speedway and Williston Basin Speedway; Ryan Harris at Park Jefferson Speedway; Ed Henderson at Sweetwa­ter Speedway and in the Wild West Tour; Austin Jahnz at Fairmont Raceway; Chad John­son at Bakersfield Speedway and Keller Auto Speedway; Chad Kohle at Stuart Raceway; Brian Lessig at El Paso County Raceway; Dan Mackenthun at Hancock County Speedway; Cole Mather at Dubuque Speedway; Steve Meyer at Marshalltown Speedway; Jeff Mroczkowski at 141 Speedway; Angel Munoz at Dodge City Raceway Park; Mike Nichols at Crawford County Speed­way and Shelby County Speedway; John Oliver Jr. at 34 Raceway; Brad Ostler at Millard County Raceway; Blake Peeler at US 36 Raceway; Kyle Pfeifer at RPM Speedway and Thomas County Speedway and in the Kansas Thunder Series; Brandon Pruitt at Stuart Speedway; Jeremy Pundt at Lee County Speedway; Kevin Roberts at Sunset Speedway; Mich Ross at Bethany Speedway; Chad Schroeder at Arlington Raceway; Jay Schmidt at Benton County Speedway; Bryan Schutte at Monarch Motor Speedway and Southern Oklahoma Speedway; David Smith at Buena Vista Raceway; Donavon Smith at Clay County Fair Speedway; Jake Smith at Wild Bill’s Raceway; Aa­ron Spangler at Aztec Speedway and Fairgrounds Speedway; Johnny Spaw at CJ Speedway; Matt Speckman at Redwood Speedway; Shane Stutzman at Junction Motor Speedway; Ricky Thornton Jr. in the Kupper Chevrolet Dakota Classic Tour; Tyler Tipton at Sherman County Speed­way; Duane Toyne at Cotton Bowl Speedway; Travis Van Straten at Shawano Speedway; Rob VanMil at Norman County Raceway and Red River Valley Speedway; Jarod Weepie at Independ­ence Motor Speedway; Cary White at Cardinal Speedway; and Gary Williams in the Red River Tour; and Casey Woken at Lincoln County Raceway. National champions feted included Jordan Grabouski, IMCA Modified and IMCA Sunoco Stock Car; Matt Ryan, IMCA Late Model; Cory Dumpert, IMCA Late Model; Kenneth Duke Jr., IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car; Jeff Ware, IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock; Tyler Soppe, Karl Kustoms North­ern SportMod; James Hanusch, Smiley’s Racing Products Southern SportMod; and Alex Dostal, Mach-1 Sport Compact. Racing to regional rookie of the year titles were Reynolds in the Hobby Stock Northern and Na­than DeRagon in the Hobby Stock Southern. LINCOLN, Neb. (Nov. 30) – The stars of the IMCA dirt track racing world walked the red carpet Saturday night at the national awards banquet. And Dirt Works East Region, track champions were Brenten DeYoung at I-96 Speedway; Steve Fairbanks at Thunderbird Raceway; Josh Goodwin at Northwest Florida Speedway and Southern Raceway; Brandon Smith at Outlaw Speedway; Matt Szecsodi at Silver Bullet Speedway and Tri-City Motor Speedway; Tyler Stoddard at Afton Motorsports Park, Skyline Raceway and Thunder Mountain Speedway; and Austin Wonch at Crystal Motor Speedway. Regional Modified champions were Bricen James in the Shaw Race Cars Western; Tom Berry Jr. in the Side Biter Chassis North Central; Grabouski in the Jet Racing Central; William Gould in the Razor Chassis South Central; and Matt Szecsodi in the Dirt Works Eastern. Southern SportMod speedster Taylor Florio led point standings for female driver to earn Lady Ea­gle honors.center_img More than 600 people attended the formal extravaganza, held in Lincoln for the 13th consecutive year. Nearly 500 toured the Smith Collection Museum of American Speed, located on the Speed­way Motors campus, on Friday night. Receiving 25-year sponsorship plaques were Bassett Racing Wheels and Intercomp. Andy Eckrich was champion of the Deery Brothers Summer Series while Dalton Simonsen earned top rookie honors in the IMCA Late Model tour. IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals champions receiving rings and bonuses during the even­ing were Ethan Dotson, Modified; Devin Smith, Stock Car; Dylan Nelson, Hobby Stock; and Johnathon Logue, Northern SportMod. RaceSaver Nationals king Jason Martin was recognized as well. E3 Spark Plugs State champions included Eric Barnes in Illinois, Johnson in Minnesota, Long in Wisconsin, Moore in South Dakota, Shryock in Iowa and Marcus Tomlinson in North Dakota. Earning E3 Spark Plugs State titles were Ryan in Illinois, Dalton Simonsen in Iowa and Dumpert in Nebraska. Razor Chassis South Central Region track and series champions were Mark Adams at 281 Speed­way; Jamie Campbell at I-37 Speedway; Cory Davis in the Red River Tour; Neal Flowers at Car­dinal Speedway; John Gober at Boyd Raceway; David Goode Jr. at Cotton Bowl Speedway; William Gould at Grayson County Speedway and Southern Oklahoma Speedway; Kevin Green at Heart O’ Texas Speedway; Jerad Herring at Golden Triangle Raceway Park; Glen Hibbard at Kenne­dale Speedway Park; Rory Jordan at Texana Raceway Park; and Josh McGaha at Abilene Speedway. Grabouski also ruled the EQ Cylinder Heads Northern Region for Stock Cars while Westin Abbey paced the EQ Cylinder Heads Southern Region. E3 Spark Plugs State champions in the winged class included Blurton in Kansas, Brown in Louisi­ana, Champlin in California, Dieva in New Jersey, Duke in Pennsylvania, Tim Fricke in South Da­kota, Jerald Harris in Virginia, Anton Hernandez in Indiana, Houseman in Iowa, Johnson in Minne­sota, Karklin in North Carolina, Lutz in Maryland, Michael Oliver in Texas, Kenny Potter in Missouri, Stuart Snyder in Nebraska, Alison Slaton in Oklahoma and Jacob Stickle in Ohio. E3 Spark Plugs State champions were Taylor Florio in Texas, Hill in Oklahoma, Ihnen in Colo­rado, Kaup in Kansas, Robnett in Arkansas and Christopher Stewart in New Mexico. State champions were Goodwin in Florida, Mitchell Hunt in Michigan and Smith in New York. Fifteen-year plaques went to Dynatech Headers, Chevrolet Performance, Landrum Springs and Smiley’s Racing Products. Ten-year plaques were presented to Allstar Performance, Bert Transmis­sion, Integra Shocks, PRO Shocks, Summit Racing Equipment and Sweet Manufactur­ing. The E3 Spark Plugs State champions were Andrews in Colorado, Jason Batt in Texas, Boyce in North Dakota, Brauner in Nebraska, Center in Arizona, Zachary Foesch in Minnesota, Gentry in Oregon, Harris in South Dakota, Henderson in Wyoming, Johnson in California, Jason Josselyn in New Mexico, Peeler in Missouri, Mike Petersilie in Kansas, Schmidt in Iowa, Schutte in Okla­homa, Smith in Utah and Rod Snellenberger in Wisconsin. Big Daddy Race Cars Northern and Southern Region Hobby Stock track and special series champi­ons crowned were Tim Anderson at Williston Basin Speedway; Zach Ankrum at Park Jeffer­son Speedway; Roy Armstrong at Beatrice Speedway; Layne Bellm at El Paso County Race­way; Brady Bencken at RPM Speedway and Thomas County Speedway; Andrew Bertsch at McLean County Speedway; Tanner Clough at Lincoln County Raceway; Joshua Cordova at Co­copah Speedway; Austin Davis at Phillips County Raceway; Jason Duggins at Fairgrounds Speed­way; Jason Fusselman at Crawford County Speedway and Shelby County Speedway; Adam Goff at Buffalo River Race Park; Tim Gonska at North Central Speedway; Chad Heater at Junction Motor Speedway; Don Holman at Gillette Thunder Speedway; Timothy Huseby at Red­wood Speedway; Klayson Jager at Black Hills Speedway; Dave Johnson at Princeton Speedway; Brad King at Nodak Speedway; Dylan Lister at Millard County Raceway; Justin Luinenburg at Fairmont Raceway and Murray County Speedway; Marc Minutolo at Outlaw Speedway; Cody Nielsen at Buena Vista Raceway and Kossuth County Speedway; Tyler Ollendieck at Independ­ence Motor Speedway; Zach Olmstead in the Kansas Thunder Series; Matt Olson at Red River Valley Speedway; Brad Orvedahl at Norman County Raceway; Stacee Payne at Honor Speed­way; Joe Peterson at Canyon Speedway Park; Cory Probst at Arlington Raceway, Clay County Fair Speedway and Hancock County Speedway; Austin Rhoades at I-76 Speedway; Dalton Ronnebaum at Thunder Hill Speedway; Jason Ruby at Thunder Mountain Speedway in North Dakota; Aaron Rudolph at Boone Speedway; Leevi Runge at Estevan Motor Speedway; Reagan Sellard at Dodge City Raceway Park; Aaron Shearn at Raceway Park; Kyle Shutte at Stuart Race­way; Tony Slothower at Salina Speedway; Bryce Sommerfeld at Sports Park Raceway; Ger­ald Spalding Jr. at Cardinal Speedway; Dennis Spencer at Aztec Speedway; Dave Taylor at Cas­per Speedway; Kile Vohringer at Maquoketa Speedway; Justin Wacha at Benton County Speed­way; Jeff Ware at Boone County Raceway, Dawson County Raceway, Eagle Raceway and U.S. 30 Speedway; John Watson at Stuart Speedway; Daniel Wauters at Dubuque Speedway; Cam­eron Wilkinson at Off Road Speedway; Cody Williams at Sherman County Speedway; and Leah Wroten at Marshalltown Speedway. 2019 IMCA national champions, pictured with Speedway Motors President Clay Smith at left and IMCA Presi­dent Brett Root at right, were, in front, Jordan Grabouski, Modified and Stock Car. Second row, Cory Dumpert, Late Model, and Matt Ryan, Late Model. Third row, Alex Dostal, Sport Compact; Ken Duke Jr., Sprint Car; and James Hanusch, Southern SportMod. Back row, Tyler Soppe, Northern SportMod; and Jeff Ware, Hobby Stock. (Photo by Bruce Badgley, Motorsports Photography) Drivers winning Karl Kustoms Northern SportMod track and special series titles were Tyler Andre­asen at Dawson County Raceway; Adam Armstrong at Beatrice Speedway; Jason Bahrs at Quad City Speedway; Jordan Bartz at Shawano Speedway; Brett Berry at RPM Speedway and in the Kansas Thunder Series; Jeremy Birch at Wild Bill’s Raceway; Adam Birck at Quincy Raceway; Jorddon Braaten at Southern Oregon Speedway; Ben Chapman at Davenport Speedway; Steve Clancy at US 36 Raceway; Scott Clay at El Paso County Raceway; Danny Concelman at Sweetwa­ter Speedway; Todd Cooper at Marysville Raceway; Bill Edler at 141 Speedway; Vince Engebregtsen at Luxemburg Speedway; Daniel Fellows at Lee County Speedway; Thomas Frog­gatt at American Valley Speedway; Jacob Hagemann at North Central Speedway and Princeton Speedway; Cole Hanshew at Thunder Mountain Speedway; Mark Harrison at Central Arizona Speedway; Rex Higgins at Fairgrounds Speedway and in the Wild West Tour; Jim Horejsi at Red­wood Speedway; Tyler Inman at Stuart Speedway; Kevin Johnson at Santa Maria Raceway; Luke Johnson at Red River Valley Speedway; Michael Johnson at Bakersfield Speedway; Phillip Keller at Williston Basin Speedway; Jamey Kennicutt at Lincoln County Raceway; Ethan Killingsworth at Sis­kiyou Golden Speedway; Michael Kramer at Raceway Park; Eric Larson at Arlington Raceway; Erik Laudenschlager at Nodak Speedway; Richard Longacre at Diamond Mountain Speedway in California; Hunter Longnecker at Sports Park Raceway; Matt Looft at Fairmont Raceway and Mur­ray County Speedway; Jake McBirnie at Boone Speedway and Marshalltown Speedway, and in the Arizona SportMod Tour; Cody Malcom at Idaho Falls Raceway; Darren Medler at Estevan Motor Speedway; Cameron Meyer at Off Road Speedway; Matt Micheli at Silver Dollar Speed­way; Adam Morris at Sherman County Speedway; Miles Morris at Cocopah Speedway; Jarrod Mounce at Ocean Speedway; Thomas Nelson Jr. at I-76 Speedway; George Nordman at Han­cock County Speedway and Kossuth County Speedway; Zecheriah Norgaard at Clay County Fair Speedway; Cody Olsen at Crawford County Speedway and Shelby County Speedway; Kyle Ol­son at Benton County Speedway; Eric Paul at Southwest Speedway; Gunnar Pike at Eagle Race­way; Max Quint at Phillips County Raceway; Robby Rosselli at McLean County Speedway; Chase Rudolf at Arizona Speedway and Canyon Speedway Park; Fred Ryland at Merced Speed­way; Jared Schaller at Honor Speedway; David Schmidt at Cottage Grove Speedway; Jayden Schmidt at Outagamie Speedway; Eric Sloan at Stuart Raceway; Nate Smith at Independence Motor Speedway; Tyler Soppe at Dubuque Speedway, Maquoketa Speedway; Camron Spangler at Aztec Speedway; Luke Stallbaumer at Salina Speedway and Thunder Hill Speedway; Justin Svoboda at Junction Motor Speedway; Robbie Thome at Boone County Raceway; Cody Thomp­son at Buena Vista Raceway, Park Jefferson Speedway and U.S. 30 Speedway; Chris VanMil at Buffalo River Race Park; Andy Wagner at Norman County Raceway; Adam Weber at Thomas County Speedway; Andy Welch at Fernley 95A Speedway; Don West at Sunset Speedway; Sky­ler Winebarger at Willamette Speedway; Brian Wortman at Millard County Raceway; Chris Wright at Bethany Speedway.Jason Wright at Diamond Mountain Speedway in Utah; and Sean Wyett at 34 Raceway. Crew chief of the year award recipients included Bryson Fralin, Modified; Jake Fier, Late Model; Kevin Safranek, Late Model; Ken Duke Sr., Sprint Car; Eric Ebeling, Stock Car; Mark O’Brien, Hobby Stock; Dalton Soppe, Northern SportMod; David Hanusch, Southern SportMod; and Rick Dostal, Sport Compact. E3 Spark Plugs State champions included Davis in New Mexico, Gould in Oklahoma and Goode in Texas. Murty led the way in Stock Car Northern Region rookie points while Sam Spadaro set the bar in the Southern Region. Late Model track champions were Cory Dumpert at Boone County Raceway and Junction Motor Speedway; Tommy Elston at Lee County Speedway; Curtis Glover at Benton County Speedway; Jeremiah Hurst at Dubuque Speedway and Marshalltown Speedway; Matt Ryan at 34 Raceway, Davenport Speedway and Quad City Speedway; Curt Martin at Independence Motor Speedway; Andy Nezworski at Maquoketa Speedway; Robert Osborne at Off Road Speedway; and Tad Po­spisil at U.S. 30 Speedway. E3 Spark Plugs state champions included Abbott in Illinois, Bevills in Texas, Cody in New Mexico, Dostal in Minnesota, Frank in Colorado, John Gill in Iowa, Braydee Hanson in North Dakota, Par­meley in Arizona, Schulte in Wisconsin, Schutte in Kansas, Tritt in Nebraska and VanderVeen in South Dakota.last_img read more

Andrelton Simmons returns to Angels’ lineup quicker than expected

first_imgThe Angels were without Simmons for just over a month, a relatively quick return from an injury that the Angels believed might cause him to miss as much as eight weeks.“I was trying to fight with the trainers a little bit about that,” Simmons said. “They tried telling me how much it normally takes. … I don’t care about anybody else. I just tried to make progress as fast as possible. I’m just happy I’m back now.”Luís Rengifo, who came up after Simmons got hurt, remained on the roster. The Angels will rotate him around at second, third and shortstop, giving days off to Simmons, Tommy La Stella and David Fletcher. On Thursday, Rengifo started at second and Fletcher had the day off.Related Articles Angels offense breaks out to split doubleheader with Astros Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Jose Suarez’s rocky start sinks Angels in loss to Astros Angels’ Mike Trout working on his defense, thanks to Twitter center_img Angels’ poor pitching spoils an Albert Pujols milestone Angels’ Shohei Ohtani spending downtime working in outfield ANAHEIM — The Angels’ lineup is finally complete.Shortstop Andrelton Simmons was activated before Thursday’s game and slotted into the No. 7 spot in the batting order, joining Justin Upton and Shohei Ohtani in the lineup for the first time all season.“I thought I was going to be playing the most games out of everybody, and unfortunately that thing happened,” said Simmons, who suffered a Grade 3 left ankle sprain on May 21. “I’m glad everybody’s back. J-Up looks good out there. Ohtani’s swinging the bat good. (Mike Trout) is doing what he normally does. It’s going to be exciting times.”Ohtani missed the first five weeks of the season rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, and Upton missed about two and a half months because of a sprained toe. They are the Angels’ No. 3 and 4 hitters.last_img read more

Sidewalk Receives Grant from Thurston County Realtors Association

first_imgFacebook128Tweet0Pin0Submitted by SideWalkSideWalk is pleased to announce it has received a $16,500 Housing Opportunity Grant from the Thurston County Realtors Association (TCRA) and National Association of Realtors (NAR). These funds will support SideWalk’s Rapid Rehousing program, which provides short-term rental assistance to people in our community who are experiencing homelessness.“This grant and partnership will allow us to continue our efforts to end homelessness in Thurston County by the end of the decade. For an average of just $1,200, we can get someone off the streets and into permanent, private market housing. Thanks to TCRA and NAR funds, we have the potential to make a difference in the lives of at least a dozen people,” shares Anna Robinson, Development Director for SideWalk.SideWalk is a local organization on a mission to end homelessness in Thurston County. We combine volunteerism and intensive community engagement with data-driven, evidence based methods to accomplish our mission. SideWalk has housed over 500 people in less than three years. To learn more about how you can donate, volunteer, or support, please visit read more