Saddened, disappointed with unlawful behaviour of Govt

first_imgDear Editor,As a patriotic citizen of this wonderful country, I am extremely saddened, disappointed and utterly disgusted with the unlawful behaviour of this Government to date. Over and over, they are totally and blatantly disobeying the rule of law and our Constitution which is the backbone of any democratic country. The bald-faced lies that the President and his Ministers are telling in interviews and in the news media are insults to the citizens of this country and they should be ashamed of themselves.The final cold realisation that the House-to-House Registration process was a plan to “de-register” the voting populace of Guyana is a criminal act of the highest nature. This cold pre-meditated plan by the Government should be challenged by not only the Opposition but the citizens of this country whose constitutional rights to vote were almost taken away from them. We would have been the victims here if it were not for the brave acts and the tenaciousness of the few people who truly have this country at heart. And also the integrity that still exists in the Judiciary to deliver fair judgments.Mr Bharrat Jagdeo and his team should be honoured for the great service that they have provided to this nation in exposing and stopping this particular illegal and criminal practice orchestrated by the Government. Also, in bringing to light multiple other infidelities by this Government. The Chief Justice and Judiciary should also be praised for the fair judgments that the court has provided so far, as should all of the other participants who have boldly and fearlessly stood for the rule of law in these desperately needed times. Guyana is very grateful!On the other hand, Mr Granger and his Ministers should be charged in court for this criminal act of deliberately and soberly plotting to disenfranchise the good citizens of their constitutional right to vote – in particular. These Government officials should all be impeached and have their party’s names taken off the ballot. They are not eligible to rule or be considered as fit and proper to vie for the presidency of this great country ever again.Sincerely,Shane Lindielast_img read more