Training is fundamental to military service – President

first_imgOver 50 new ranks attached to the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) were administered their oath and presented with Instruments of Commission in the presence of their Commander in Chief, President David Granger on Thursday.President David Granger and senior ranks of the GDF pose for a photo with new ranks from the Standard Officers Course 50The newly inducted ranks promised to uphold true faith and allegiance to the State in the presence of senior security officials.This year, 28 officers successfully completed the Standard Officers Course 50, three of which were members of the Belize Defence Force and one from the Guyana Prison Service. In addition, 27 individuals, including six females, completed the Reserve Officers Course 16.They were promoted to Second Lieutenants, while three overseas-trained personnel were also recognized as Lieutenants.A simple ceremony at the Baridi Benab, State House, Main Street, Georgetown saw the new Second Lieutenants and Lieutenants being charged by the Head of State. During his remarks, the President remembered some instances where the Force successfully defended Guyana’s territory. This he said, is due to the competence of the GDF in its entirety.“The suppression of the Rupununi Rebellion and the defence of the New River Zone fifty years ago in 1969 exemplified the Guyana Defence Force’s military proficiency. Today, we celebrate the Force’s operational capabilities, which were based on supreme courage, superior organisation and superb training,” the Head of State expressed.He added, “Guyana remains a unitary and indivisible state because of the courage, competence and commitment of the Guyana Defence Force in these operations. These operations involved intelligent planning, intense training and innovative tactics”.The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces noted that such operations were carried out by highly skilled officers and these were built through training. At that time, Granger underscored the importance of training, as it maintains a standard of discipline and behaviour.“Training is the foundation of a professional and proficient force. It is essential for ensuring the success of military missions, for enhancing operational effectiveness, and for developing physical endurance. Training is fundamental to military service and that is why your military service begins with a training course here at the Colonel Ulric Pilgrim Officer Cadet School. Should training be neglected, standards would fall, troops’ morale would decline, and deviant behaviour would corrupt the Force’s members and corrode the competence of the Force.”The Force has managed to instil values of duty, identity and loyalty among fellow cadets and officers. Training would have started some 50 years ago, after which the Colonel Ulric Pilgrim Officer Cadet School (CUPOCS) was established in 1981. Over this time, cadets were welcomed from Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize and St Kitts and Nevis.“The Standard Officers’ Course (SOC) aims at inculcating the Force’s values and standards in cadets and to develop their power of command and leadership and their service to the country. The SOC has been improved continuously and now includes an enhanced academic programme and intensified jungle, paratrooper and equitation training,” Granger acknowledged.He then mentioned, “The Reserve Officers’ Course has been reintroduced after a hiatus of a decade. Members of the Guyana People’s Militia are active and receiving training in all ten administrative Regions, so that they could respond effectively to the need for assistance, including in the disaster relief.”Presently, the technical corps are being improved. It was indicated that a light reconnaissance aircraft and inshore patrol vessels have amplified the competency of the Coast Guard and Air Corps. Adding to that, the intelligence and signal corps are engaged to improve their surveillance and intelligence capabilities.“Defence cooperation is being pursued with a number of friendly countries and is unlocking training opportunities for all ranks. The rewards of these investments and partnerships are evident – the Force is improving its capacity to deter aggression, defend national sovereignty and ensure a safe, secure and strong state,” the President noted.last_img read more