Pokemon Gray domain name has been registered

first_imgThe 3DS did not have a great launch, and if the latest peripheral is anything to go by, it seems as if Nintendo forgot to include a second thumbstick as standard on the device. But such oversights and mistakes can be forgiven if the games everyone wants are available to play.Nintendo has been slow in bringing those games to the 3DS, but that is changing. We’ve already got Star Fox 64 3D and The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time 3D to play, and next month sees the release of Super Mario 3D Land followed by Mario Kart 7 in December. There’s one huge title still missing though: Pokemon.While a Pokemon game does arrive in a few days, it is Pokemon Rumble Blast 3DS. What everyone wants is the follow up to Pokemon Black/White, and Nintendo may have just tipped its hat to that next game being in development.When Pokemon Black/White were in development, Nintendo used Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services to register the associated domain. Now that same registrar has just been used to claim PokemonGray.com. Is it someone grabbing the domain hoping to make some quick cash? Possibly, but it probably is Nintendo getting ready for the Pokemon Gray 3DS game launch that is sure to sell millions of copies.The name Pokemon Gray also fits because of previous title color selections. Yellow followed Red and Blue, and Crystal followed Silver and Gold. Gray would therefore follow Black and White.The only piece of information that brings this registration and game development into question is developer Gamefreak who earlier this year said that Gray wasn’t being developed. That was back in February though, and a lot can change in 7 months.via Nintendo Buzz and VG24/7last_img read more