Apple buys HPs Cupertino campus

first_imgWith the success of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Apple is growing fast and the company’s main Cupertino campus is bursting at the seams with staff. So when HP chose to sell its 19091 Pruneridge Avenue campus, Apple decided on a buy.The exact figure paid for HP’s old campus is unknown, but is thought to be around $300 million. Apple already owns 50 acres adjacent to HP’s campus, which is 98 acres itself. Compare this to 1 Infinite Loop which is only around 35 acres.AdChoices广告Apple spokesman Steve Dowling made it clear Apple now intends to expand to the new site out of necessity:We now occupy 57 buildings in Cupertino and our campus is bursting at the seams. These offices will give us more space for our employees as we continue to grow. Even though the cost of land in Cupertino is high compared to other available sites, Steve Jobs seems determined to stay there. He approached the City Council in 2006 stating that even though the cost was high he wanted Apple to, “stay in the area that we like the best.”Read more at, via All Things DigitalMatthew’s OpinionEven though the cost of staying in Cupertino is high, the convenience of having a second large campus nearby can’t be overlooked. Apple can now expand into pre-built facilities already used to having a tech company in them. And staff can easily travel between the two sites throughout the day.I doubt Apple will rush to fill the new facility, instead taking the same approach as the release of it’s gadgets. A slow, iterative release of staff to the new campus, with the facilities getting better with each move. Eventually, the campus will be seen as one of the best to work at with engineers around the world intent on gaining a position there.last_img read more

Apple event Coverage of the iPad 3 annoucement

first_imgIt’s March 7th, which means Apple’s next event, which kicks off at 1pm EST, is just minutes away. If the rumors are correct today we’ll meet the iPad 3, iPad HD, Apple TV, iOS 6, and/or any number of other products from Apple. Regardless of what actually happens it’s a big day for anyone interested in tablets, mobile computing, Apple, and technology at large.We’ll be updating this page throughout Apple’s event, so check back early and often. Some of the sources we’ll be following include PCMag, Technologizer, GDGT, The Verge, and Ars.And Apple’s online store is down for maintenance, so we know something is on the way.It’s 1pm and the event is underway. Tim Cook is on stage. He is running through the preliminaries… Post-PC devices made up 76% of Apple’s Q4 2011 revenue and the Post-PC devices/era play to Apple’s core strengths. The company now has 362 retail locations, including news ones in Amsterdam and NYC’s Grand Central Station. There are over 100M people on iCloud and 25B apps have been downloaded.Today, Siri is moving to Japan. It’s actually part of iOS 5.1, which is available today and rolling out over Japan over the course of the next few weeks.And first up for the big announcements… there is a new Apple TV. It’s 1080p and has an iOS-like interface according to Apple’s Eddy Cue. It will be able to access iCloud, watch movies, watch TV and so on. It’ll be $99 and available March 16th. So yes, iCloud supports movies.And it’s iPad time… The iPad has been a huge, huge success — Apple shipped 15.4M units in Q4 2011. It’s great at playing games and has over 200K dedicated apps.Phil Schiller is on… and what’s that? A new iPad. It has a retina display, as expected, and still uses a 9.7-inch display. The resolution is 2048 x 1536, 4x that of the iPad 2, just as predicted. That makes for 264 ppi and a very nice image quality.They are still calling it “the new iPad”. Phil – we need a name.Before that though: the new iPad will have an A5X SoC. The X part? That means it has quad-core graphics… and 4x the performance apparently.The camera has been updated as well. It’s now 5MP with backside illumination and a 5 element lens. It has autofocus, auto white balance, and face detection too. It’ll record video at 1080p — perfect for the retina display.And, here’s the big one: 4G LTE. This connectivity will make for up to 72Mbps, well over the iPad 2’s 42Mbps. Sample videos show that 4G LTE (as we already knew) is much faster and has much lower latency than 3G. It’ll land on AT&T and Verizon in the US. There will be two different LTE models, both of which will be 3G compatible. The new iPad has the most radio bands of any mobile device apparently. On 4G the battery life is 9 hours, normal battery life is 10 hours (just like before).The new iPad will start at $499, will be 9.4mm thick, and 1.5 pounds. Prices will be at $ 499, $599, and $699 for 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. If you want 4G they will be $629, $729, and $829.Pre-orders start today! (The store is still down though, so keep reading.)Hey, uh, Phil, what’s this thing called?[It’s demo time, so you’ll have to watch the video of the event later on to see what’s happening right now. The presenters include Namco, Autodesk, and Epic Games.]According to Schiller, the new iPad “has more memory and higher screen resolution than an Xbox 360 or PS3.”On to software… iWork has been updated for the Retina display and Garage Band is getting an update. iMovie has been updated as well, so prepare your downloads.Next: iPhoto for iPad. It’ll handle photo editing, beaming photos from device to device, and also photo journals. There will be multi-touch editing, smart browsing, and more. It’ll work with images up to 19MP (Sorry prospective D800 buyers.) It’ll even fo multi-image comparisons. Sounds pretty snazzy.[iPhoto demo is going on. According to Twitter, it’s quite awesome.]Oh, and the iPad 2? It’s dropping to $399 for the 16GB model. It will be $529 for the 3G model.It’s looking like it will just be called the iPad, just like the iPod touch is just the touch (x generation).And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed the event as much as we enjoyed writing about it.Read more about… iPhoto for iPad, LTE on the new iPad, the Retina display, and Apple TV.last_img read more