These are the 25 rarest PS3 trophies

first_imgEvery gamer has an achievement/trophy that he or she is particularly proud of. After pulling off a difficult technique or hunting down that last collectible there’s a certain satisfaction to seeing a notification that confirms your hard work was recorded for the world to see. But have you ever wondered which trophies are the most rare, across all the games out there?, a third-party site that imports data from PSN accounts, has a list of every trophy they track, sortable by rarity. PSNProfiles doesn’t have every PSN username in its database, so the figures may not be 100% accurate, but with more than 800,000 tracked profiles it has a decent sample size to work with. Scanning through the 25 rarest trophies provides an interesting look at what makes certain accolades more uncommon than others.(Note: PSNProfiles calculates rarity as number of players who earned a trophy/total players for that game. Unearned trophies are excluded, which is why there aren’t more gold and platinum ones in the top 25.)Nearly half the entries on the list are from pinball games (like Zen Pinball 1&2 and The Pinball Arcade), and almost all of those are silver-level. So in terms of rarity, it helps that pinball is a niche genre without a lot of players, but enough pinball fans are getting bronze trophies in those games seems to keep them out of the top 25. Almost all of DC Universe Online’s seven trophies on the list are bronze, however, no doubt because it’s free-to-play status means that many gamers try it but quit before getting very far.Tougher gold trophies appear on the list for Fight Night Champions, Burn Zombie Burn, and Blacklight: Tango Down — all well known titles, but not wildly popular. Only three hard-won platinum trophies show up in the top 25, for Major League Baseball 2k10, Time Crisis, and (once again) Fight Night Champions.Here is the full list from PSNprofiles:Fight Night Champions – Platinum Trophy Unlock all other trophies – 6 of 27,309 PlayersDC Universe Online – Bottle Opener Complete 250 Battle for Earth Duos – 22 of 96,742 PlayersDCUO – Let’s Get a Rally Going! Rally 50 iconic allies in Assault: Headquarters arena matches – 18 of 96,742 PlayersDCUO – Putting the Safe Back in Safehouse Win 100 Assault: City Safehouses arena matches – 20 of 96,742 PlayersZen Pinball – Leader of the resistance – Collect all 10 medals! – 14 of 41,927 PlayersDCUO – Not Even a Scratch Defeat Ra’s al Ghul in the Unpaid Dues operation without allowing Felix Faust to take any damage – 26 of 96,742 PlayersDCUO – How to Train Your Wizard – Unlock the Doctor Fate and Felix Faust Legend Battle Avatars – 32 of 96,742 PlayersZen Pinball 2 – God of Death – Complete the Final Mission and defeat the evil deity amid the stellar cataclism on the Moon Knight table – 1 of 3,008 PlayersZen Pinball 2 – Brimstone Biker – Beat all of the villains including the final boss on the Ghost Rider table! – 1 of 3,008 PlayersZen Pinball 2 – Maximum tuning – Fully upgrade one of the parts! – 1 of 3,008 PlayersZen Pinball 2 – Bison is finished – Defeat the evil crime boss! – 1 of 3,008 PlayersZen Pinball 2 – Pinball General – Collect all 10 medals! – 1 of 3,008 PlayersZen Pinball – Lost Civilization – Discover the Lost Civilization by completing the final mission! – 15 of 41,927 PlayersFight Night Champions – Squat Thrusting – Obtain boxer level 60 in OWC – 12 of 27,309 PlayersDCUO – Organic Gardening – Defeat Swamp Thing in the Seeds of Rot operation without destroying any Children of Nature seed pods – 39 of 96,742 PlayersMLB 2K10 – A Job Well Done – Unlock all Trophies – 1 of 1,880 PlayersBurn Zombie Burn – Friend of d6 – All Developer medals – 27 of 39,830 PlayersZen Pinball – Genshin defeated – Complete the last Chapter of the Story Mode. – 31 of 41,927 PlayersBlacklight Tango Down – Gearhead – Unlock all gear and weapons! – 3 of 4,413 PlayersDCUO – This House is Clean – Complete the feats: My Life as a Robot, Hostage Negotiator, and Spacial Delivery – 64 of 96,742 PlayersZen Pinball 2 – Supremacy – Complete each mission from Cap and Red Skull, find at least one Howler, defeat Red Skull in the Final Clash on the Captain America table – 2 of 3,008 PlayersZen Pinball 2 – Pyramid – Neutralize the defense system of the Pyramid! – 2 of 3,008 PlayersGhost Recon Future Soldier – Takeover Domination- Be part of a squad match where your team wins by more than 500 points – 21 of 27,509 PlayersTime Crisis – Storm Razer – Earn all trophies – 10 of 12,995 PlayersPinball Arcade – Medieval Wizard – Complete the Wizard Goals on Medieval Madness – 2 of 2,449 PlayersSo what should developers take away from this list? Pinball games are probably too hard, don’t make a trophy that you only get if you earn all the other trophies, and don’t sign up for the sequel to DC Universe Online.last_img read more