New Apple TV lets you pay for Netflix through iTunes

first_imgAlthough the big announcement at the Apple event last week was the new iPad. Details also dropped about the third generation Apple TV. Highlights of the latest version of the tiny media box include a streamlined user interface and full support for 1080p streaming. iCloud also plays a part with Photostream and Movies in the Cloud. Inside, the processor has been upgraded and there’s low-power Bluetooth 4.0 on board. There is another difference that’s more subtle, however. Apple has done a deal with Netflix to allow Apple TV owners to pay their subscription using an iTunes account. In so doing, Apple has made it even easier to sign up for the streaming service as there’s no longer an “enter your card details” step required.Such a move is good news for everyone involved. Netflix has removed a barrier to entry because most people with an Apple TV are going to have an iTunes account already setup. Consumers also win because they don’t have to give yet another company their credit card details. Apple is potentially the biggest winner in this deal, though. It will surely be making money, however small, from every Netflix subscription by handling the payment. But as the Fast Company points out, it also gets consumers used to paying for other services through Apple. The question now is how far Apple intends to extend this 3rd-party payment processing? Will it include a growing number of other services, and is this just another step towards Apple launching a fully-fledged mobile payments service?Read more at Fast Companylast_img read more