Working in Clark County Daniel Culley certified water damage technician

first_imgDaniel Culley, his brother, and two colleagues at DryTime Restoration have all undergone the experience of water damage to their homes, so the business partners know firsthand the headache and frustration of cleanup and restoration.“If we’re showing up to your home, it’s for a reason you’d rather not deal with,” Culley says. “Although water damage is a huge pain, I’m glad every single one of us has experienced it. It allows us to truly empathize with our customers. Water damage is typically unexpected and routinely occurs at the worst possible time for the homeowner. I try very hard to provide each homeowner with the same level of care that I would hope for if I were in their shoes.”Age: 31.Residence neighborhood: First Place.Business name: DryTime Restoration LLC, 844-693-7946. www.drytimerestoration.comEducational/professional background: Over the years I’ve worked in construction, as well as customer service. In early 2013, I finished my courses and received my certifications through the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) for water damage restoration, and began my career as a water damage technician. Over the past five years and hundreds of water damage mitigation jobs, I’ve learned something new with each project that has improved my skill set, work quality and efficiency, and customer service.How and when the business started: After successfully operating for years as essentially a one-man show, I partnered with three other like-minded guys to grow into something a bit bigger. My brother, Ben Culley, is the developer of the group. He and I have been working together restoring homes for years, so joining together on this new venture was something of a natural evolution in both of our paths. Billy Marlowe is the networker who helps drive the creative and marketing sides of DryTime. Like Ben and myself, he’s also a certified water damage technician, and is never shy about rolling up his sleeves and jumping into the field when extra help is needed. Benjamin Fredricks is our numbers guy, handling logistics and legalities as they relate to the business, and helps us set and achieve goals.Together we formed DryTime Restoration this past winter. We each have our own unique set of skills we bring to the table.As for myself, DryTime Restoration is my passion. As the project manager, I’m out with my employee technicians in the field, and face-to-face with customers in their homes. I make sure that our technicians are equipped and trained well, and that we deliver the best quality work, and keep our customers happy.last_img read more