Create your own Nexus 4 using an LG Optimus G

first_imgAt the core of Android fandom, the Nexus brand is king. The recent Nexus 4 drought around the world has caused emotions ranging from sadness to raw internet rage, with little to comfort the bruised egos of those who have yet to put their hands on the next source of pure Android. So, what do you do when you have LG’s more powerful, more capable Optimus G, but you really wanted a Nexus 4? If you’re a member of XDA, the obvious answer is that you cripple the phone and make yourself a Nexus 4.On the inside, there’s not a huge difference between the parts used in the Optimus G and the Nexus 4. LG’s flagship phone is a little larger, comes with LTE for AT&T, and has 16GB of internal storage instead of 8, but otherwise the differences are scant. Since they were manufactured and released a few weeks apart, this isn’t totally surprising. The functional difference between the two phones is software. Google’s latest version of pure Android runs on the Nexus 4, while the Optimus G is destined to always be one full version behind and themed with LG’s personal vision for the OS. This is, of course, to say nothing of AT&T’s bloatware on the Optimus G.So, if you find yourself desperately wanting that stock experience, and the extra $300 for the Optimus G Best Price at Amazon is somehow worth it to you, there’s a fairly ugly hack that can turn your smartphone into a Nexus 4.If you’ve ever flashed a ROM on an Android phone before, you’ve probably noticed that the software is still perfectly aware of what phone you are using. In order to trick your phone into thinking it is another phone entirely, there’s some pretty deep changes that need to happen. Sometimes, as was the case when XDA developer Adam Outler turned the Samsung Captivate into a Nexus S two years ago, hardware modifications are required.Fortunately, tricking your Optimus G into thinking it is a Nexus 4 doesn’t require cracking your phone open. The instructions for this hack, whose steps include crossing your fingers and praying, flash over the bootloader as well as the phone partitions. If and when your phone reboots, it will come back as a Nexus 4.If you’re interested in this hack, it’s probably a good idea to just keep an eye on it for a little while instead of jumpting right in. The team responsible for most of the bugfixes is hoping to allow you access to things like LTE and a functioning SD card as development on the project continues. However, if you’ve got yourself a spare Optimus G and you’ve been craving that Nexus 4 goodness, you need only point your browser to XDA.last_img read more