Part of the scientific community has yet to be convinced that Macron is really interested in science A

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La République En Marche! won 308 of the 577 seats in the National Assembly yesterday Almost half of his delegates are women; most have never been active in politics What the upset will mean for French science is unclear Macron has promised to raise the country’s research spending from 22% of gross domestic product to 3% and give universities more autonomy He aims to make France a world leader in climate and environmental science and has promised 30 million to help attract foreign scientists using a website named “Make Our Planet Great Again” Most French scientists were relieved that Macron defeated far-right candidate Marine Le Pen last month but reforms in science and higher education are likely to meet resistance from leftist groups Science talked to one of En Marche’s new National Assembly members mathematician and Fields medalist Cédric Villani 43 who won 69% of the vote in a constituency south of Paris Villani who heads the Henri Poincaré Institute in the capital has won a book prize from the American Mathematical Society in 2014 and joined the prestigious Pontifical Academy of Sciences last year Frequent media appearances over the past decade—and his trademark silk ascot and spider brooch—have made him one of France’s best-known scientists (He also gave a TED talk explaining what’s so sexy about math) Questions and answers have been edited for clarity and brevity Q: Why did you run and why with Macron A: I never recognized myself in any national political movement But Macron’s party is enthusiastically pro-European which has become very rare among national parties in France It also went very much against the old political tradition of systematically attacking opponents during the presidential election; instead it promoted benevolence pragmatism and progress And the party welcomed nonpoliticians with professional expertise Q: What do you hope to achieve in the National Assembly—in general and for science A: I hope to participate in making France feel confident again—in its government in its own abilities and in the future As to science that’s a complex ecosystem and the issues in France are well known The efficiency of the competitive research funding agencies is one issue How to reward researchers with significant achievements is another How to organize the governance of universities University entrance selection The ratio of public and private investment in R&D Patenting scientific discoveries and bringing products to market And so on There isn’t one particular topic I want to be associated with; I intend to push for the improvement of the science system as a whole Q: Do you have concrete measures in mind A: There is no simple solution I would advocate better scientific steering of the National Research Agency I’m in favor of awarding some researchers a special status based on international evaluations that comes with a reduced teaching load On university governance I favor relaxing the laws and making them less complicated And universities should do a better job of informing students on the career outcomes of the degrees they offer But in doing this my goal isn’t just to serve science My goal is to serve society with scientific expertise as a tool Currently scientific knowledge within French political circles is close to zero It’s important that some scientific expertise is present in the National Assembly I hope to participate in making France feel confident again—in its government in its own abilities and in the future Cédric Villani Henri Poincaré Institute Q: Part of the scientific community has yet to be convinced that Macron is really interested in science A: We will see He sent a strong first signal by according science policy its own ministry by nominating a very competent minister Frédérique Vidal and giving her a broad mandate Her nomination was welcomed by everybody including the most radical faction of the scientific community Macron’s welcome to foreign climate scientists was important as well He is a president who believes science is part of global politics It is important that scientists step in and become part of the political process Now if there is enough money in the system a good balance between basic and applied research and good governance—in other words if the system works—chances are that the scientific community will be happy Q: Is this the end of your career in mathematics A: My research essentially stopped when I became institute director in 2009 and started to get more involved with the media Now I will leave the directorship Often in life when you want to gain a new experience you need to put something aside But the current political situation in France is so unique and extraordinary that it is more than worth it" That said, In a sign of how tough it is to determine that something doesn’t cause cancer, The review unit we had came with a 22mm leather strap, The Skagen Jorn is one of the most discreet smart watches around and given that it does a good job of keeping track of steps and calories, Welcome, Salman was welcomed on the website by veteran actor Shammi Kapoor and Riteish Deshkmukh.Melanie Chisolm (Baby Spice), published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, There are three main forms of cataract; 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