How to view the operation of nternet products

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recently watched Chinese education channel to" post to post, some girls want to apply for an Internet related industry specialist, then there is a Master teacher once criticized the job seekers who have not done that programmers who can’t do the operation of the internet. Then, the job girl believes that the operation of Internet products mainly refers to the planning of Internet products. For the operation of Internet products, there are many different views, in fact, whether it is job seekers or people up to the teacher, the Internet operators are more one-sided understanding.

When it comes to

operations, we will first think of the strategies of an idiom -. In many people’s minds, with the operation ability of the wise, perhaps we should like Zhu Geliang, although the high lying long, but the heart of the country boat, hold time. That is to say, the operation should be able to do "strategist, winning thousands of miles away". With this cozy mindset to look at Internet products, we may have more inspiration.

"When it comes to operations, we have to pay attention to the word ‘service’," says

". In the Internet environment, products are basically provided in the form of services to users, almost 24 hours online, dynamic and timely very prominent. A good product requires a lot of running. As a hotel with excellent design, although the function of the hotel is very convenient, the hotel taste is also very elegant, but the hotel management team can not match, the hotel’s service is very bad, will lead to a failed operation; and almost no outstanding design style of the hotel, because there is an operational excellence the team can rely on their own services to attract customers, prompt service quality in continuous improvement, also can get more customer recognition.

in the same way, this applies to Internet products as well. An excellent product that lacks operational planning may be run out of business; an ordinary product of operational specifications can also be successful through continual improvement. From this comparison, we can see that the operation of products under the Internet is dynamic and agile. Among them, the dynamic comes from the scalability of the service and the ability to adjust and adapt to the user’s needs. The timeliness is reflected in the quick response of service and the rapid delivery of the value of the user. In essence, the operation is to provide better service to users.

we might as well make it easier to understand that the purpose of the operation is very simple, and all the services we offer are ultimately designed to achieve a specific business purpose and find a profit point. Profit is the most basic motive force of enterprise development. Profit point is the product or service that the enterprise can gain, and the operation is constantly looking for these profit points. A good profit point, on the one hand, should clear the customer’s clear demand preference; on the other hand, it will create value for the customers who make up the profit source; in addition, it will also create value for the enterprise. For example, Tencent QQ interface more and more cool, Sina News updates more frequently, the grand literature content > and