A novice Adsense site experience

used in ADMIN5 read many articles, others post motionless for months IP, thousands of tens of thousands, but for me this new webmaster, 5 months is really very hard, but IP is only less than 1000, say a lot of people will laugh at me, it is a a free movie station, that nearly 1000 of the IP is to post the feeble force. Actually, it’s really hard. Is it really so easy to stand,


bought space in March, set up a station of their own, to see their friends to build the station is thousands of IP, feeling will be like them, but when you really get started, but encounter many difficulties. Take one to say it, just completed the movie station, publicity out, what did not come to see, now 5 months later, IP is still less than 1000, but I’m very pleased, he worked hard for 5 months, there are also more than 800 IP every day for me is not small the harvest, but a lot of new people and ADMIN5 compared to yourself or not what, just started doing stand, like Google, Baidu, YAHOO, Google and YAHOO application included, is soon included, Google included the more than 1000, feel is very good, although everybody says Google is what station are included, as long as you submit, but Baidu has not been included in the website, recently included the more than 100 page of the search page, every GOOGLE keyword only came up to more than 100 IP, the other IP can be said to be his own hard-earned.

            many ADMIN5 articles are said to site more easily, more convenient, faster than IP, but I tried, it was discovered that in fact all rely on their own efforts, in heaven there is no white pie, maybe for some old webmaster, they up to thousands of IP a new.1 months, but for newcomers, really hard too, every day to the boring movie updated every day at the IP stays at one point, not to talk about the sad, this is a webmaster, a true novice webmaster. Lu, I do is the movie station, also have a lot of experience, to the new owners like me are still stuck in the IP share, in fact more things or to their own efforts, their struggle will succeed, 5 months passed, I do not know the next movie station How the road goes, what will it be, I don’t know, but try my best,.

exposure here to a space, the way to warn people, I use the Xin’an IDC host, the host is a host to buy profiteers, write IIS unlimited, are false and deceptive, found with a probe check, each site only to 40 IIS points, and he called on the home page of 1G, 2G, flat-share what flat-share VIP host what, all.