Key elements of a micro shop find the right platform

has some understanding of the micro store, and many people can’t wait to open a micro store of their own. In fact, the micro shop opened easily, however, believe that many friends want to micro shop entrepreneurship have to consider such a question: now the market has a lot of micro shop APP, in the end I choose a micro shop APP

application software?

working, living, or starting a business, we all know what’s best for us. In order to combine their own characteristics, to find the most suitable micro shop platform, you must first have a clear understanding of these micro shop platform and understanding.

1. WeChat store

May 29, 2014, WeChat released a social networking platform that an official: "WeChat public platform today launched WeChat store, WeChat store based on WeChat payment, including adding merchandise, merchandise management, order management, shelf management, human rights and other functions……" This news marks the birth of the micro shop platform, followed by a variety of micro store platform came into being.

WeChat store, relying on WeChat, a broad social platform based on users, can easily bring a lot of popularity to the store. However, WeChat store also has some limitations, is the question of payment, users can only use WeChat to pay, but can not use Alipay, credit card, and WeChat need to store WeChat certified and open service number, or even need to pay a deposit, causing it to the threshold is raised. However, due to the current hot WeChat platform applications, WeChat store application business continues to increase, and attention has been high.

2. micro shop network

micro shop network application mode is the biggest advantage of solving the problem of supply difficult. At present, the application group micro shop network mainly includes suppliers and micro shopkeepers. Suppliers will supply, logistics and after-sales service to you micro shop owner, and stores only need to be responsible for promotional work can be. Whoever, as long as the micro shop online registered micro shop account, it has all the vendors in the micro shop network sales rights of all products. And micro shop network is divided into web version and mobile version of two versions, more convenient for people’s trading behavior, very worthy of application. However, there are also some disadvantages of the micro shop network platform, that is, can not control the supply of goods well, can not guarantee the product quality rate.

3. ZTE micro products will be

and other micro store platform compared to ZTE micro products will appear some niche. By ZTE ZTE micro products will be able to sell any product, of course, you can also add according to their own will to choose their favorite products, for customer service delivery, service and other issues, ZTE micro products will also help you solve. Product added method is very simple, ZTE micro products will list all the goods, the store owner to determine their ready to sell goods, as long as easy to add, the goods can appear in the micro shop.

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