How do choose the topic for my first stop

saw a post on how to select a topic on the A5. One of them was very good: doing the website according to the current requirements and providing enough and accurate information for the demanders. Last week to learn the image acquisition, station has not started, the direction is to do a hip-hop website, I took a look at these hip hop station are similar, that something similar, not love, I can’t stand the first station buried in the sea, at least some female webmaster features.

because now I mainly do not stand, is responsible for the promotion of the "Xinhua Dictionary", so he also said the station did a year also never mind, I have to think about the theme of the station, not the individual owners, at present also did not want to make money on this station (of course, a little heart is making money the better), so you can only do you love others to love the station to keep.

wants to say that the whole style of the station is a girl’s work, and it’s full of youth and vitality (or a little girl), so it should be a bit of Style! I just don’t know if it will work out as I expected! Then if the man said to be really love station, to provide adequate and accurate information, or have a surface, the two do not want to. How content, accurate, updated fast, and can do as far as possible not to collect, and that really have to start well, I’m not a good use of the head, and learn more.