Do the guest site three months of experience and experience sharing

this is what I do some of the guest site in three months and experience sharing, I mainly from the following aspects to talk about some experience of the past few months I:

one, keyword optimization:

for a guest website promotion, traffic is very important, but the high quality and high conversion rate of flow is more important. Blind choice of high flow keywords, not only can not increase the business income of the website, but increased the optimization difficulty or advertising cost of keywords. Therefore, the choice of key words with the product and the relevance of the site, go.

two, Baidu know stick, promotion

every day I will know to Baidu and Post Bar to see, you will find that there are many clothing to find where to buy, which website goods, goods for help where wholesale, you can find your customers here, maybe there is a large single. The method is very simple, send it directly, and say that the goods are so good.

three, Ali Wangwang, QQ, mass

here is the main flow after high treasurer can find Taobao persuaded to let him go, advertising on your website, he cast advertising links don’t forget to take the Commission promotion link:), do not use his shop link, then take a commission, earn advertising fees too, you say is not.

four, Forum blog promotion

good commodity related forums can greatly improve the transaction of your website commodity, go to find a good forum.

put your goods on the blog, maybe you will have unexpected harvest, remember that a business put up the commodity must be charming, who captured the hearts of the best.. ): put goods at the same time, don’t forget to put on your station. In this way, the flow came, the transaction also has, and no more than one way.

I just do some experience and methods since the guest site, welcome everyone to share together in the Wangzhuan road common progress. Welcome to my station to visit shopping, my website address:, but also welcome to make me a friendship connection: Taobao women’s clothing.