10 aspects of the future development of the road wake up from the media



what I want to say today is how the media will develop next,


1, since the media actually not new things, early personal blog and forum, after all, from the media, but this time is the point of WeChat, more efficient, easier to spread, as long as the content of material, timely updates, establish influence more easily, so in the blog era, many super writers, more like a duck, in this wave trend such as hecaitou, such as pregnant peak, in the blog era to hearsay, Luo Zhenyu, will be popular.

2, last year a lot of phenomenon is the traditional media people have to go into business from the media, professional writing skills, so that they can get very moist, there have been many years since the media revenue has been a million, some people have even shouted out from the media is to subvert the media, but this is clearly is too overvalued since the power of the media. A person’s thinking, content and collection ability is limited after all, and the radiation range of charismatic personality is limited. Therefore, the commercialization of the media is not optimistic.

The premise of

3, commercialization is that there are standardized and replicable products, and the personal characteristics of the media naturally determine its products are non-standard, the output is limited. Many of the recent media investment, but I believe that investors do not value the media from the limited value of the media, but hope to use its media value, into the industry to form products and services.

4, even the self – media famous for its thinking, is still in the middle of the experiment. Social business is a good idea, but the reason why it should be social business is because the media has no product, and its product is the person behind the media. Roman thinking has been a very successful benchmark, most of the community operators, and finally will operate Cheng Fengjie, run into Furong sister.

5, Ma Jiajia is very fire, but her product is her own, another rising grassroots star just.

6, from the media development to this stage, the media is concerned, it is probably the high point of the next step, if you can not help the media influence, the establishment of floor products and services, the future is just like this. So, as people from the media, don’t be a force dazzled, I really thought I can turn on the tears streaming a hundred responses to a single call, the enthusiasm of the fans, think the mobile Internet really can easily do the old guys, think you can rewrite the rules of business. Before long, you will find that commercial or commercial power, or power, the mobile Internet window period is very short, you quickly only products and services based in this limited window period in the barrier, only the next chance of continued life.

7, Internet thinking is just for traditional lines

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