How should SEO blogs operate

studied his blog carefully and found some problems, hoping to provide some references for all SEOER on the SEO blog. I would like to talk to you first about what issues should you pay attention to in the early days of your independent blog:


1. Domain name selection

If you are a

SEO practitioners, and you are going to set up an independent blog that you own, when choosing a domain name, Lao Feng still suggest that you use your name spelling. If your name is taken by someone else, then you’d better start a domain name that is related to SEO. I suggest you have a short and well remembered domain name in the domain name selection.

two, the choice of space,

regrets that I chose another space for garbage. It’s the same as most people’s mistakes. The result is that it takes 2 seconds to open a home page, and if the speed is bad, it may take longer. So to the long-term operation of their own blog, personal brand image building of the people, or bite, choose a good space, I don’t like Lao Feng cheap, finally, suffer their own.

three, blog template selection,

for the blog program selection, I personally feel indifferent, whether you choose ZBOLG or WordPress, are good blog program, and I choose is wordpress. What’s important is the choice of blog templates. When building your own blog, do not pursue luxury, multi-functional. In fact, the most important thing is that blog content and content are valuable to attract readers and attract search engines. Even if your blog function more, the style is beautiful, the interface is beautiful, there is no good content, still can not grow up.

four, blog positioning,

pro, for SEO blog positioning must be clear, is fine differentiation or more industry?. When I chose the column, it was because of the positioning problem, because it is a personal blog, there is not a lot of original content to enrich, and the results of the column positioning itself into industry. And collect it, in the blog before the weight did not come up, it is like taking chronic poison, one day will attack. Especially for the present Baidu. Therefore, we suggest that when planning columns, or fine differentiation is better, the early stage is also very conducive to optimization. The title can also choose a subject index of 100-200 + a long tail word, so early is very easy to obtain the weight and ranking.

above is Lao Feng simple to want to do independent SEO blog some of the SEOER some suggestions, this is my walk through some detours, I hope we can play a little help. Now I’m going to talk a little bit about how an independent SEO blog should run:

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