Discuss 2010 industry website rank promotion and link construction a few views

I think that any website (either QQ or the local industry Station Station) get a good search engine rankings are needed to control the speed of link building, and the original article keyword density of the points in the method of ranking! I love especially when using the control related degree of these points of the


first said my situation, I do have about two years, done a lot of QQ website (now finally figured out, want to change the industry information website), started to seriously make stand as a career to do, the target is a two thousand or three thousand dollars to do a month is enough. Can not go to work nine to five kind of robot like life, always have a lot of time with friends to chat, chipping. But the reality is cruel! I still have a nine to five work life, and the site is still hovering in the half-dead state, the monthly average income of less than 500RMB, what may have been the kind of free occupation life? But two years here, but I slowly accustomed to work life, perhaps this is the real me! No change in the world, the world changed me! But even so, I still did not give up the original dream, still watching this heartbreaking Internet, and have their own opinion or experience is


said not to, but still want to share to everyone! I think the search engine development so far, there are many factors that affect the ranking, we are all not impossible to do it, I think that as long as some do it! Say! Long before a struggling every day looking for a variety of and their related Links, see PR, site, see included, see each other have a few days out their links, add daily articles, live very tired. But we have not found, you do so use more and more small? Or ranking up before long it is rather baffling fall! I am! Baidu is estimated to modify Links evaluation rules, sometimes Links more but counterproductive, suddenly give you a 11! Or just right down the back rather baffling, don’t go! I think it is safer not to spend so much time looking for Links this two-way link. There are two ways to compare security, to build and own links related one-way links, to build and their website theme related articles!


on the one-way link building and station related practices: for example, when we decided to do a couple of underwear website, we will go to register some similar Alibaba, Baidu space, Sina blog, blog bus, Sina blog this blog to publish articles, add anchor text links in the article. These articles you publish must be highly relevant to the subject of the website. For example, you can publish something about a couple of underwear, men’s underwear, women’s underwear article, once the article is included in your anti chain quality is very high! Or to some included fast forum to send such soft Wen, was afraid to delete the words do not add links, wait until the evening.

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