Let me talk about the development of the second hand car website Market

in the eyes of others, I am a worthless person, every day to keep the computer before, for a small day. In fact, I also know, but no way, I am a little webmaster, but I have not much confidence to develop your career, for your own website and let someone else say,


1, used car websites are an industry that has not yet been saturated.

you can search in the Baidu search engine on a Chinese second-hand car and your local second-hand car (such as: Tianjin second-hand car), analyze, you will see a total national NB second-hand vehicle website 5, which some of the types of second-hand car website covering all the second-hand car market. To municipalities, to our county, he has a separate page.


may have a friend said, you said is not saturated? Yes! Although he coverage is very broad, but the recognition rate is very low, in the development of national websites, is restricted by many reasons, such as the location of the zg2sc, his information basically rely on local information release issued by personnel. The flow of small, localized users publish information on the Internet restrictions. So he can’t capture the whole market.

second-hand car site in the end there is no market? Yes, or go to market nets have begun to develop,


2, accurate positioning of their own used car portal

look at the second-hand car market localization, such as the development of the Tianjin second-hand car, in the Baidu search Tianjin second-hand car, you will rely on the development of the substation is basically a few national second-hand car, second-hand car website not localized basically, it is difficult to actively mobilize the enthusiasm of local users to publish trading vehicle information. So my location is Tianjin used car portal.

I am a little webmaster, but also a poor webmaster, I have no money to put into publicity, how to do? Can only survive in the cracks? No, I conducted a survey, localization of second-hand vehicle website has a unique affinity on the Internet, we love localization, local website, they will say this that is their website. Of course, let us admit that there is a prerequisite, your website close, natural, we use very convenient, or very happy, did not feel in the above to find the feeling.

3, determined to develop a local used car site

a, in Baidu, you can clearly understand that you have no local second-hand vehicle website or the development of them, if not or if you have a firm belief of his potential development to the maximum, then I suggest you start doing. If you have a local model of a used car site, then I suggest you don’t do it unless you have enough financial publicity to run the other team off.

B, in the Baidu index index.baidu.com understand the local second-hand car website market specific strength, comprehensive analysis, and then make up your mind to do or not to do!

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