Li Xinrong analysis of communication skills in network sales

with the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce has also accelerated the pace of development. In the online consumer groups growing, see e-commerce prospects for the development of many people, however, intends to do poineering work on the Internet is also a small number of friends. From the e-commerce platform point of view, at present the largest, the largest number of users, but also Taobao and Alibaba. In fact, no matter which we are using the platform, as long as the use of IM (instant communication software) to communicate with customers, we should know how to communicate with customers through the network is a very important problem, because the sales network is divided into two steps:

, the first step: marketing, promotion,

marketing and promotion of a lot of friends will be confusing, actually promotion work and the purpose is to try to make people understand that most of our activities or information, regardless of the final volume, as long as the coverage rate of some belong to finish the work. And the purpose of marketing is to promote and enhance the visibility of the premise, to achieve a certain amount of sales or sales is the ultimate goal of marketing. Here we do not consider the promotion and marketing methods and techniques, to view relevant information, please search "Li Xinrong" or log on Li Xinrong official blog.

second step: communicate with customers

through the first step of hard work, the next job is to sell customer service and customer conversation process. Although this may be a very simple dialogue or consultation, these simple conversations or advice often play a decisive role in sales. Through the network sales of products, and customer communication is a very skilled work, the following to introduce some skills and methods:

1, communication in the use of exclamations

usually when we talk with friends or customers face to face, we can understand each other’s psychological changes through smile, movement, tone and so on. It is easy to know whether the other person is angry, happy or joking. But in the process of network communication, because we cannot see each other’s expression and action, can only rely on the word, if we still follow the usual way of speaking in the online conversation, may get some unexpected results. Here’s a simple example:

customer: Hello, is this dress red,


customer service: no

customer: can you tell me if this dress is cheaper,


customer service: This is the lowest price, it can not be cheaper.

on top of a short dialogue, if encounter mood or do not care about customers at heart not what feeling, may be reluctant because the price is relatively low, especially love this product because of "forced" decided to purchase the goods, but such communication can not complete the two sales on the contrary, many; if you encounter some bad mood, the language more dedicated to the customer will feel uncomfortable, because this answer and service will give people a "stiff"

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