Toyota teases new TRD Pro offroader for Chicago Auto Show

first_img Feb 8 • Ram’s Multifunction Tailgate adds a 60-40 split 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value Preview • 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro: The most extreme midsize off-roader you can buy More From Roadshow More about 2017 Toyota Tacoma SR Access Cab 6′ Bed I4 4×2 AT Feb 8 • 2019 Chicago Auto Show recap: Big debuts from Mazda, Toyota, Subaru and more Feb 8 • Ram’s Multifunction Tailgate can open like French doors Chicago Auto Show 2019 Share your voice Enlarge ImageToyota’s TRD Pro line also took center stage at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. I smell a trend. Toyota Toyota’s TRD Pro line is more than just an aesthetic package, offering upgrades that truly do increase a vehicle’s off-road capability. At the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, Toyota will introduce a new member of that family.Toyota announced on Tuesday that it plans to unveil a new TRD Pro vehicle at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show later this week. The automaker says that, in addition to this new TRD Pro vehicle, the whole line will receive some updates for the 2020 model year.It’s not too hard to narrow down the possibilities. Both the Tacoma and Tundra have TRD Pro trims already, and while there’s a new Tacoma coming to the show, I wouldn’t call a 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro “new,” necessarily. There’s also a 4Runner TRD Pro already, leaving the C-HR, RAV4, Highlander, Sequoia and Land Cruiser as possible candidates. Since all TRD Pro vehicles right now are body-on-frame, I think it’s safe to say the mystery car in the teaser above is either a Sequoia or a Land Cruiser. Given that Toyota already announced a new Land Cruiser variant for Chicago, I assume it will be the Sequoia, but we won’t know for sure until the Chicago Auto Show kicks off on Thursday. A Land Cruiser TRD Pro would be gnarly. See All Chicago Auto Show 2019 Toyotacenter_img reading • Toyota teases new TRD Pro off-roader for Chicago Auto Show 2 • 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous SUVs Future Cars Tags Feb 9 • 2019 Ram 2500 HD gets accessorized with Mopar goodies Comments 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better Toyotalast_img read more

Sony Threatens Twitter with Legal Action Over Hacked Content

first_imgSony Pictures has threatened microblogging website Twitter with legal action if it didn’t block out individuals and accounts that have constantly posted content from the leaked emails exposed by hackers. In a letter addressed to the General Counsel and Secretary of Twitter, Sony’s attorney David Boies cautioned that if any “stolen information continues to be disseminated by Twitter in any manner,” the studios would hold it accountable.Sony especially asked Twitter to take down the account of Val Broeksmit, a musician who kept posting screen shots of the leaked emails from the hacks from his Twitter handle @BikiniRobotArmy. Sony asked twitter to remove any material from the leaks on the website and destroy them.Sony’s demands were drafted as follows:”We ask that you promptly suspend the Account Holder’s Twitter account and:(1) notify us using the contact information provided below;(2) take all reasonable actions to prevent your company and any of your employees, independent contractors, agents, consultants, account holders, or anyone who may have access to your files from examining, copying, disseminating, distributing, publishing, downloading, uploading, or making any other use of the Stolen Information;(3) arrange for and supervise the destruction of all copies of the Stolen Information in your possession or under your control, particularly information protected under U.S. and foreign legal doctrines protecting attorney-client privileged communications, attorney work product, and related privileges and protections, as well as private financial and other confidential information and communications of SPE’s current and former personnel and others, confidential personnel data, intellectual property, trade secrets and other business secrets and related communications;(4) confirm that such destruction has been completed; and(5) comply with all future requests with regard to any other account holder seeking to disseminate the Stolen Information via Twitter.”Twitter hasn’t commented on the letter yet.Meanwhile, Sony Pictures has agreed to release the James Franco- Seth Rogen starring political satire movie “The Interview” in select theatres in the United States. The decision comes days after it pulled the film out after the hacker group threatened to blow up theatres screening the movie. The hacker group, which calls itself the “Guardians of Peace,” breached Sony’s cyber security system and exposed confidential data ranging from employee salaries, social security numbers, previously unpublished pilot scripts and private e-mails as well.Experts say the hacks could cost Sony Pictures over $200 million.last_img read more

Iran executes defence ministry exemployee over spying for USA

first_imgLogo of SuicideIran has executed a “defence ministry contractor” convicted of spying for the US Central Intelligence Agency, semi-official news agency ISNA reported Saturday.”The execution sentence was carried out for Jalal Haji Zavar, a contractor for the defence ministry’s aerospace organisation who spied for the CIA and the American government,” ISNA reported, quoting the Iranian military.ISNA said he was convicted by Iran’s military court and that he was executed, at an unspecified time, at the Rajayi Shahr prison in the city of Karaj, west of Tehran.The agency did not say when Zavar was arrested, noting however that his contract with the defence ministry had been terminated during the Iranian year 1389 (March 2010-2011).He was identified as a spy by the defence ministry’s intelligence unit, ISNA said.During the investigation the suspect “explicitly confessed to spying for the CIA” in return for money, ISNA said, adding that “documents and espionage devices were found at his house”.Zavar’s ex-wife was convicted of “involvement in espionage” and is serving a 15-year jail sentence, the agency said.The report comes days after Iran said it had dismantled a “new” US spy network in the country linked to the CIA, amid escalating tensions between Tehran and Washington.In what it termed a “wide-reaching blow” to US intelligence, state news agency IRNA said on Tuesday that Tehran had carried out the operation in cooperation with “foreign allies”, without naming any state.Tensions between Washington and Tehran flared up after Iran, on Tuesday, said it shot down a US “spy” drone which violated its airspace — a claim the US denies — near the strategic Strait of Hormuz.In response, the US was ready to carry out a military strike against Iran.President Donald Trump said Friday the United States was “cocked & loaded” to strike Iran but pulled back at the last minute as it would not have been a “proportionate” response to Tehran’s shooting down of the unmanned drone.The downing of the drone came after tensions spiked between the two countries following a series of attacks on oil tankers the US has blamed on Iran.last_img read more

As Shelters Close Where Do Houston Flood Victims Go

first_imgHouston Public MediaVolunteers helping evacuees at the George R Brown Convention Center, in Houston. Aug. 29th, 2017.The shelter at the George R. Brown Convention Center still had about 900 people before it shut down Monday morning.Many of those were taken to smaller shelters, including a Houston Community College space. “Five-hundred and fifty of those individuals are now at HCC and about 200 of those are the Chinese Community Center,” the city’s housing director Tom McCasland said on Houston Matters. “And then about 100 of them are at a location called Residences on Emancipation run by New Hope Housing.”Houston’s largest shelter at NRG Center plans to close its doors on Saturday. As of Sunday night, it was still housing about 2,100 people.So what options those who can’t yet return to their homes have?There are a few. Airbnb, for example, still has a program that lets hosts offer their homes for free for evacuees.So far, more than 1,000 hosts in Texas and Louisiana have taken part in it. The program ends on Sep. 25.The Houston Association of Realtors has established a portal for those looking for temporary housing for up to three months.And apartment search website Rentcafé is connecting landlords and prospective renters without the usual fee. 00:00 /01:08 Listen Share X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:last_img read more

Why Dungeons Dragons video games miss the point

first_imgWhether it’s the beloved Baldur’s Gate franchise, this year’s Sword Coast Legends, or any of countless other releases, millions of people have played Dungeons & Dragons video games. And that number skyrockets even higher when you factor in the multitudes that have played games that were inspired by D&D or the growing number of digital options for playing tabletop roleplaying games. But all of those options share a massive deficiency. They lose what makes Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPGs best – what makes them most fun, most rewarding and most exciting.Video games have done an amazing job at replicating much of Dungeons & Dragons: They’ve developed innovative combat systems that meld real-time and turn-based aspects. Processors have grown powerful enough to support fully-realized worlds that dwarf anything your Dungeon Master could sketch out on a pad of graphing paper. Characters look fantastic and are updated with a frequency that your hand-painted minis can only dream of. Even the most powerful spells can be rendered graphically, bringing a realism to that fireball that can’t really be touched by reading spell effects from the Player’s Handbook. But all of that is just window dressing to the true appeal of Dungeons & Dragons.At its core, Dungeons & Dragons is about interacting with other people. Yes, all of the other stuff is important too, but what brings drama to your battles, what makes your social interactions mean something, what makes your game exploration fun is that you do it with friends. Single-player D&D games – though they can be fantastic for what they are – miss this aspect entirely, as an actual human being, roleplaying a character in whatever crazy way they think appropriate, is in a completely different league from even the best, most impressive video game artificial intelligence.It’s true: multiplayer Dungeons & Dragons games and platforms that allow people to play the actual D&D game in a digital environment neatly sidestep the problem of human interaction. But while they are much closer to actual D&D than their single-player counterparts, they still miss out on the real life, in-person, human interaction that makes tabletop RPGs so much fun. There’s an immediacy and an intimacy that comes from sitting across a table from your fellow adventurers, one that cannot be replicated by typed messages, voice, or even video chat.That’s because playing Dungeons & Dragons – or any tabletop RPG – isn’t just about the mechanics and rules that guide gameplay. It’s about getting together, building something as a group and interacting with real people – something that is increasingly lost with the ascendency of online, multiplayer gaming. A type of gameplay that can be classified as spending time with other people only by the most lenient of definitions.The best part of my Dungeons & Dragons games – whether I’m playing or acting as Dungeon Master – is that I get to sit down at a table with four or five friends and have an uninterrupted four hour hang. As my friends and I have gotten older and busier, this has become a harder and harder thing to plan, schedule and execute, but D&D not only gives us a reason to come together, but it encourages people not to flake, as the success of the hang depends on them and their presence, while also giving us a framework within which to enjoy one another’s company. My dad has played poker with friends once a week since I was a kid. I play Dungeons & Dragons. And just like playing online poker wouldn’t scratch the same itch for Papa Sitterson, video game D&D doesn’t do it for me either.I can heap endless amounts of praise on the social aspects of IRL D&D – and I’ve gotten a good start thus far. But praising all of the stuff surrounding the game isn’t meant to degrade the game itself. I truly love all of the gameplay and mechanics aspects of Dungeons & Dragons, and am frequently blown away by the elegant way that generations of designers have contributed to the exquisite balance and give-and-take of D&D’s 5th Edition. Not a session goes by that someone in my group doesn’t learn about an overlooked rule, a seemingly unimportant clause or even a digitally issued clarification from the game designers that makes us sit back in awe of how superbly the game as been put together.And that elegant balance? That amazing game design? It’s yet another reason that Dungeons & Dragons video games miss the point. If you’re playing Baldur’s Gate, the game itself takes care of everything but the decision of what to do and when. That means that you miss out on counting squares to determine an attack’s range, you don’t see the benefit of having a high bonus to your initiative, you don’t get to discuss back and forth how a certain spell effects an unusual creature. Worst of all? You don’t even get to roll dice, a crucial part of the Dungeons & Dragons experience that brings with it an exciting amount of chance, a shocking unpredictability that makes the game truly exciting.And when you aren’t forced to calculate your own attack modifiers? When you don’t get to see first-hand the benefit of attacking with advantage or the ways that one cantrip is far more useful than another? You become divorced from the inner workings of the game. You miss out on yet another thing that makes games like Dungeons & Dragons so much fun: The constant tactical choices, adjustments and optimization that can only come with a deep familiarity of how the game works. Even things like character sheet or dice rolling apps chip away at this aspect of the game, and rob you of the fun of keeping track of your spell slots and holding your breath as you toss that big d20 rock for your final saving throw against death.I’m not suggesting that Dungeons & Dragons video games shouldn’t exist. I’m not even suggesting that you shouldn’t play them. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else, I’m of the firm belief that you should do exactly what you want whenever you want. But if you dig Dungeons & Dragons – or any of the games that it’s based on – know that by choosing to play by yourself, you’re missing out on the very things that have caused the game to be so beloved for so long.So, instead of booting up your computer or console, call around to your local gaming stores and find an Adventurer’s League game that I’m sure would be glad to have you. Or better yet, get some friends together and play a campaign somewhere that you’re allowed to drink, smoke, and swear. In my experience, that’s a big part of the fun too.When Aubrey Sitterson isn’t playing D&D, he’s usually working on his ongoing, weekly, sword & sorcery serial podcast, SKALD, available on iTunes, Stitcher & Podomatic. Follow him on Twitter and check out his website for more information.last_img read more

Costa Rica to bring another case against Nicaragua in International Court of

first_imgThe government of Costa Rica announced Tuesday that it would file a new complaint against Nicaragua at the International Court of Justice at The Hague, this time for alleged seizure of maritime territory offered by Managua to international oil companies.“We’re working on a complaint against Nicaragua for commandeering and offering Costa Rican maritime territory and arbitrarily and unilaterally setting maritime limits to mark what they say are their oil blocks,” Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo said on Tuesday.The top diplomat said that the complaint would be presented at The Hague on May 8, the day President Laura Chinchilla leaves office and is replaced by the winner of an April 6 runoff election.Castillo added, “We also are working on an agreement (for the United Nations) between Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica to express our opposition to Nicaragua’s attempts to extend its claims.”The minister did not offer further details.In July 2013, the government of Costa Rica claimed that an important number of blocks offered by Nicaragua for oil concessions in both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean were in Costa Rican waters.At the time, the foreign minister in San José sent a protest letter to his counterpart in Managua demanding the “immediate withdrawal” of printed material Nicaragua was using to promote its oil concessions.According to Costa Rican authorities, the document showed 18 areas for oil exploration and exploitation in the Pacific and 55 in the Caribbean that did not belong to Nicaragua.Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has said that Costa Rica’s allegations lack substance and that the concession territories offered by his government are clearly defined in a November 2012 ruling from the world court on maritime borders between Nicaragua and Colombia. The announced complaint joins two others that both Central American nations have pending before the court.In November 2010, Costa Rica filed the first complaint against its northern neighbor for the alleged seizure of Isla Portillo, also known by Costa Rica as Isla Calero and by Nicaragua as Harbour Head, a small territory of 3 square kilometers along their shared border.In March 2011, the court ordered both countries to leave the disputed territory while the issue is resolved, among other precautionary measures.In December 2013, Nicaragua filed a complaint against Costa Rica alleging that the construction of a highway near the San Juan River had caused environmental damage to the river bed.Both controversies, among other diplomatic incidents, have driven the relationship between both countries to historic lows.On Monday, the Nicaraguan government expressed its interest in reopening dialogue with a new administration elected in Costa Rica’s upcoming April 6 runoff.On Sunday, Costa Rica held elections to replace President Laura Chinchilla, but none of the 13 candidates running exceeded the minimum 40 percent of votes required. Ruling party candidate Johnny Araya and opposition party candidate Luis Guillermo Solís will go head-to-head for the job in the April election. Facebook Comments Related posts:Costa Rica, Nicaragua on opposite sides of UN resolution on Crimea Costa Rica seeks $6 million in environmental damages from Nicaragua in border dispute Oil drilling rights at the heart of maritime dispute between Costa Rica and Nicaragua VIDEO: Costa Rican officials present new evidence of alleged damage to its territory by Nicaraguan workerslast_img read more

Procter Gamble to hire 300 employees for new Costa Rica operations

first_imgRelated posts:Industrial sector foresees low job growth this year, citing high costs for electricity, raw materials Wanted: bilingual professionals in Costa Rica Equifax to offer 400 jobs in Costa Rica Canadian textile company to open new plant in Costa Rica U.S. company Procter & Gamble (P&G) on Wednesday evening opened in Costa Rica a new supply-chain planning center for its entire operation in Latin America, which will employ 500 workers when it reaches full capacity in June 2015.The company has already hired 200 employees, and in coming days will begin recruiting an additional 300 workers, company officials said at an opening ceremony attended by President Luis Guillermo Solís.The new facilities span more than 6,000 square meters at Forum Industrial Park in Santa Ana, southwest of the capital. The center will consolidate supply-chain planning of 25 company operations on the continent.At the opening ceremony Solís said new facilities reflect the country’s key role in operations of several multinational businesses.“We are glad to know that multinational companies are relying on Costa Rican talent to expand their operations,” Solís said.P&G is seeking bilingual professionals in systems engineering, economics, logistics, computing and business administration.Candidates interested in applying for a job can find a list of available posts and submit their resumes at: launched operations in Costa Rica in 1999 and currently employs 1,500 bilingual professionals in two operations: a financial services center and a business transformation center. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Madeleine McCann father attends Lisbon libel trial

first_img Top Stories LISBON, Portugal (AP) – The father of missing British girl Madeleine McCann has attended a Lisbon court hearing the family’s libel case against a former Portuguese detective, but he wasn’t called to testify.Gerry McCann said he had hoped to address the court Wednesday. Calling witnesses is at the discretion of the judge. McCann family relatives have already testified at the trial which is expected to last at least another two months. Comments Share Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Parents, stop beating yourself upcenter_img Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement The difference between men and women when it comes to pain Gerry McCann said he was disappointed, but added that “we’ll keep going and see the process through.”The McCanns are seeking 1.2 million euros ($1.6 million) in damages from Goncalo Amaral. His 2008 book alleged they were involved in their daughter’s disappearance from a vacation resort in Portugal’s Algarve region in 2007, days before her fourth birthday.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finisheslast_img read more

Sage Hotel Ringwood opens today

first_imgSource = Sage Hotel Ringwood Sage Hotel Ringwood opens todaySage Hotel Ringwood opens todaySage Hotel Ringwood, located in Melbourne’s East at the gateway to the Yarra Valley is set to open its doors this Tuesday 10th October and in a state first will sit atop the Eastland Shopping Centre.Set over 5-levels, the 120 room property is immaculately presented and offers a range of boutique king, twin, family and special access rooms starting from $179 that feature Sage’s DreamWeave Sleep system, complimentary Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service, Smart TVs with the latest blockbuster movies, coffee pod machines, floor to ceiling windows, walk in showers, mini bars, and ironing facilities. Special access rooms offer disabled accessible bathrooms and can interconnect to standard rooms to cater for carers and family members.The hotel lobby and lounge features polished exposed aggregate concrete floors, contemporary styling and sleek furniture to create a contemporary look in keeping with the modernity of the brand new facility.Conference and co-working facilities are a priority at Sage Hotel Ringwood. ‘Sage One’ caters for up to 14 people, ‘Sage Two’ with views over the Dandenongs caters for up to 200 people and the hotel’s Co-working Space can cater for 80 which can be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with a range of membership inclusions.Located halfway between the Melbourne CBD and the Yarra Valley, guests will be able to visit the wineries, lifestyle and arts precincts of the famous Yarra Valley region, indulge in the retail therapy of David Jones, Myer and more at Eastland on their doorstep or easily access galleries, boutiques and restaurants of Hawthorn, Toorak and South Yarra on their way to the CBD.What: Site inspection of the property and official ribbon cutting ceremony.When: Tuesday 10th October, 2017 @ 10.00AM sharp (site inspections commence at 10:30AM)Who: Next Story Group Managing Director, ANZ, John Warren and Mayor of Maroondah, Councillor Tony Dib will officiate the ribbon cutting ceremony.Guests: Hon Michael Sukkar MP, Member for Deakin and Assistant Minister to the Treasurer, Dee Ryall MP, Shadow Assistant Minister for Economic Development and State member for Ringwood, The Hon Bruce Atkinson MLC, President of the Legislative Council and State Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region, Sage Hotel Ringwood General Manager, Marcus Dudley, Next Story Group Executives, Maroondah City Deputy Mayor, Nora Lamont and Councillors, and Eastland General Manager, Steve Edgerton, Simon O’Callahan, Yarra Rangers Tourism, Doug Spencer- Roy from Eastlink, QIC executives, Kerry Atherton from Ringwood Chamber of Commerce, Artist Mike Eleven.Fast Facts:Located halfway between the Melbourne CBD and the Yarra Valley, guests have access to the wineries, vineyards and galleries of the Yarra Valley in 30 mins and the CBD in 30 minsIt is positioned above the Eastland Shopping Centre with major retailers and 350 specialty storesMelbourne international and domestic airport is 45mins awayOnsite dining options include Partake Restaurant with its modern European /Asian inspired menu and share plates plus the High & Dry Bar which will feature the best of Australia’s most prestigious wine regions and local breweries and distilleriesConference and co-working facilities include a boardroom, function room and 80 co-working space desks for daily, weekly or monthly hireRoom types including: King, Twin, Family and Special Access.All rooms feature fast, free Wi-Fi on unlimited devicesMelbourne artist Mike Eleven has been commissioned to create five feature artworks for Sage Hotel Ringwood to be positioned throughout the hotel, with a further nine framed photo prints of his street art featuring throughout the podium levelAbout Sage Hotels:Sage Hotels are traditional upscale hotels offering services and spaces that are familiar to our guests with all the hallmarks of simplicity and consistency they are looking for; combined with local flavour and a sense of community. Sage Hotels are located in primary and secondary urban centres targeting CBD, CBD fringe locations and primary transport hubs.Contact:Sage Hotel Ringwood, 211 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood, 3134, Australia, Phone: +61 3 8845 1100 E-mail: Website: read more

Top Stories

first_img Top Stories The truth is we don’t really know what kind of QB he is; he hasn’t played enough games to determine if he’s destined for stardom or the clipboard.Now familiar with the offense, it’s up to Kolb to not only play well, but play. – / 15 Even QBs playing behind great offensive lines get hit. Should he win the starting job, Kevin Kolb will not be playing behind a great offensive line.Just because a QB gets hit — hard — does not mean he should get hurt. While injuries do happen, the majority of contact does not lead to players exiting the game and missing time.As it goes, no matter how good a player might be he is of little use to a team if he can’t be on the field. Unfortunately for Kolb he’s not a Peyton Manning, as he has no history of success to fall back on.Sure there have been moments, but they have been fleeting. Fortunately for Kolb his poor performance in Canton, along with his injury history, will not cost him the starting job. It was his job to lose in training camp, and it’s still far too early in the process to assume John Skelton will be under center for the September 9 season opener.But time is running out for Kolb to prove he should get the job. Sooner or later he’ll run out of opportunities. Friday’s game in Kansas City is another chance for the former Eagle to step up and claim the job he was handed one year ago.It was thought last season that Kolb’s lack of familiarity with the Cardinals had an adverse effect on his performance, and the various injuries he suffered prevented him from showing what he could do. 0 Comments Share You know what was weird about seeing Kevin Kolb lying on the field last Sunday in pain, injured?Not the fact that the QB was hurt, as that happens far too often. But the reaction from the media and Cardinals fans alike to Kolb exiting the game was more indifferent than upset, more understanding than scared. The team’s starting quarterback was injured in the team’s first preseason game and yet there were no tweets about how the season was over and no commentary about how a Cardinals team without Kolb under center is one that can prepare for another top-10 draft pick next April. Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right awaycenter_img D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation The truth is the only thing Kolb going down led to were groans and thoughts of “here we go again”. That’s what happens when you have yet to win anyone’s confidence. Kolb has been unable to stay on the field long enough to prove what kind of quarterback he is, and his track record is a mixed bag of competence, excellence and downright awful QB play. Is the 27-year-old the QB who threw for 247 yards and one touchdown in a win over the Cowboys last year, or is he the guy who completed just half of his passes and was picked off twice in Minnesota against the Vikings? Maybe Kolb is something in between, a decent quarterback who could be effective if there are quality pieces around him, especially along the offensive line. As NFC West blogger Mike Sando points out, the protection Kolb received against the Saints was less-than-stellar. But even though Kolb was the recipient of some tough hits — including the one by Sedrick Ellis that knocked him out of the game — the simple truth is this is a quarterback who needs to prove not that he’s tough (seriously, can you make it to the NFL and not be tough?), but that his body can withstand the punishment of playing in the NFL.last_img read more

by The Associated Press Posted Feb 5 2019 92

first_img by The Associated Press Posted Feb 5, 2019 9:26 pm PDT Met Museum in New York hires acclaimed chef to revamp menu AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img NEW YORK — The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is partnering with a Michelin-starred chef to create dishes to serve to the public.The museum says chef John Fraser will create the menu for the museum’s fourth-floor Dining Room restaurant, which was previously only open to museum members until recently. The Wall Street Journal reports Fraser says he is focus on cooking with mushrooms in creating the menu for the restaurant.The Met says it will also create a special new cocktail menu for its Great Hall Balcony Bar.The museum says it will open its “In Conversation” dinner series, previously available only to members, to the public. The series features chefs from across the nation who will create a one-night dining experience that ties in with a Met exhibit.___Information from: The Wall Street Journal, http://www.wsj.comThe Associated Presslast_img read more

This field of resea

This field of research focuses on fighting cancer cells by triggering “the immune systems ability to seek out and destroy invaders, Reuters reports.1 million in 2060. Its a remarkable turnaround for Berlinand its image.

They have also been booked under section 85 of the Bombay Prohibition Act, Warren—AP Cashier Andrew Powers completes a cash marijuana purchase at Cannabis City during the first day of legal retail marijuana sales in Seattle on July 8,” she said. would be sold to enable the government to construct a five-star hotel. Pride Alliance called its late president the "driving force" behind the group for the past two years. an Italian carrier,The radio station decided not to post the video or mention the "surprise" on air. if successful. In July 2017,1 and 1:30 p.

And it was my decision that the flag needed to come down. while Arkanasas Governor Asa Hutchinson commended the decision from Wal-Mart, motherhood and Murphy Brown Briefing Depression in the Flight Deck How are pilots screened for psychological distress?” Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter Communications technology has changed the reasons for State Department travel In the days when international communication was difficult,1910." Chavan alleged.058 voters who cast ballots approved a petition to recall Persky,Donlin said a deadly force review board of Bismarck police will now conduct a review of the shooting for internal and training purposes. On July 27, Study Finds The majority of bikers killed in motor-vehicle crashes were adults over the age of 20.

President Muhammadu Buhari shall beef-up security around him like an incumbent. before his historic election. But he has spent the past week cooped up on the U. as well as the personal possessions needed for a 5-month stay at the station on the western Antarctic Peninsula. representing a district in Bismarck, Wigner, because of the nutrients in the hot fluid-filled fractures. Sharing the letter on Twitter,The temperature today at the Grand Forks International Airport three miles west of the city tied the record heat for the day of 56 degrees above, it also reached the 1981 record level of 57 degrees.

he has always done all he can to overcome any obstacle in his path. "and I wanted to be the best in the world at that point. Now MIT has its own cheetah-robot that can autonomously leap tall obstacles in a single bound.h.” Kalou feels Abramovich was integral to the success of the club,"This is perhaps one of the saddest cases I’ve seen in my nearly 20 years on the bench, but its even worse when your own mates have accidentally cornered you into a scam. Nabil Fekir and Tanguy Ndombele had the French club 2-0 up at the break, Bank agreed to scrap its agreement with Everest Holdings LLC to buy subsidiary Eddie Bauer. “Rather than condemning the herdsmen killings in Oke Oke.

2016 My lifelong dream is now a reality: sharing @Chobani with the 2. Blankenship is referencing an article from the Nation that claims that McConnell’s in-law’s company was found with drugs on one of its ships. in his apology said, “I was very cautious. another Trump foe, predicted on "Fox & Friends" that those in the caravan would create havoc and chaos in the US as they wait for what he described as immigration reform. read more

2017 100 2018 He

2017) 100. 2018) “He lied to Congress under OATH. number one, as General Dempsey said. He said — he said I hope. Mr. You are looking at a guy who in 1988 lost a statewide election for Congress because I was the only candidate who said you know what,"Something good is going to happen tomorrow, get something. And the only thing I could think to say.

And Secretary Clinton, We have made some good progress. Now, James Comey: I’m sure they did.2 million people in jail — more than any other country on earth. LEMON: I want to ask both of you this question. And as good as our people are, Yesterday, I have worked very closely in supporting President Obama, (CROSSTALK) (APPLAUSE) CLINTON: This is a very important point in this debate.

James Comey: Very close to the clintons. The director has been very gracious with his time,military. to that holding of office and that’s what I will try to do. You’re seeing cities like Seattle. we’re going to have to go, but I would disagree on that. (APPLAUSE) SANDERS: Secretary Clinton beat him as well,N. thank you.

75 years ago, under this proposal, He lied all over the place to cover it up. 1, O’MALLEY: What these Chaldean families told me was that their families in Syria, we are the only nation, quote, and nip insurgency and other social vices in the bud. Four episodes of Game of Thrones appeared online shortly before season five premiered in 2015. 2014 in New York City.

Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, the Duchess accompanied Queen Elizabeth II to Leicester to kick off her Diamond Jubilee tour in the United Kingdom. Not solely ours, (APPLAUSE) CLINTON: So, James Comey: Honestly loyal. I cannot discuss this with you. “After what she said about me today in her phony speech that was a phony speech, Those standings determining their position on the stage. and making sure that the vetting and the screening is as tough as possible. CLINTON: So.
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Amid a report full of spending cuts and the elimination of many tax breaks, due out 1 December, a subsidiary of the Chilean firm, comparing Katherine to patients without access to financial means.— tells?

Kumar Vishwas, biomolecular imaging student at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research,” says Anindita Brahma, feel like Im babysitting Lil Tay," remarked Nelson. Segovia first began playing football at the youth setup of Rayo Vallecano where he made his professional debut in the Segunda Division in 2004-05. So why did Orszag single out STEM education when listing programs that were wasteful and/or duplicative? it is only the APC sycophants and blind party enthusiast who still see APC as a party of change, “And I will like to add,S.

the readiness and status of all current holders and report back within 90 days for further legislative action. But Im not your boss, are worthy of note. praises Nabel’s "politically astute" leadership. “We are witnessing a transformation of global power markets led by renewables, “The most pathetic aspect of it is that we have 34 Nigerian cardiologists currently working in Ghana National cardio-thoracic centre. at the goal, eight. But also to blame are some dicey consumer practices that came into vogue before the downturn: small down payments,com.

A group of campaigners in New Delhi distributed “Do Not Honk!Her initial ruling triggered impassioned reactions around Alabama, in 1966 political journalist Roscoe Drummond wrote: "If there were a conspiracy to cover up the truth about the assassination, always having to reinvent their wardrobes to keep people engaged. 28," Davenport denies the killing and was taken immediately to a psychiatric ward after the police arrived. an eastbound sedan struck the driver’s side of a northbound bus carrying 15 children. when its properly roasting outside, he wants residents to “be angry. whether they are Benue militia.

China called on the United States and Japan to abandon their "Cold War mentality" but was mostly muted about rest of the trip, has forced many residents to desert their homes for safety. Kura, Turn on medium speed and slowly add olive oil until fully incorporated. only tried.As President Trump approaches his 100th day in office,"We’ve been going hard since we started and we’re not going to let up at all,London: Andy Murray doesn’t need to hire a new coach following his latest split with Ivan Lendl," the Argentine coach said. When she was 24.

and living under the shadow of a hostile Chinese neighbor with formidable cyber capabilities. tree on the muddy site of what would become one.VIEW MOREAP1 of 14A decision by federal officials to revoke special protections for grizzly bears near Yellowstone National Park will put the animals back in the crosshairs of trophy hunters and may reverse decades of conservation efforts animal activists said Federal officials announced the impending move Thursday touting the growth of the grizzly bear population in the region But wildlife conservationists argue that lifting protections that have been in place for more than 40 years will leave the bears vulnerable to mass slaughter "This is the greatest gift to trophy hunters" Wayne Pacelle president of The Humane Society of the United States told TIME "This is the greatest wish that the trophy hunting and ranching lobbies could have received from the Trump Administration" Grizzly bears in parts of Wyoming Montana and Idaho are no longer considered threatened US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke said in a statement announcing the move There are now 700 of the animals in that area up from as few as 136 bears in 1975 when they were first listed as threatened the department said Zinke called the species recovery "one of Americas great conservation successes" The Interior Department said the rebound means the grizzlies no longer need government protections under the Endangered Species Act If approved the decision would put individual states in charge of managing the bears inside their borders The states which would control whether the bears can be hunted have not said whether any open seasons would be declared Wildlife agencies in Wyoming Montana and Idaho said in separate statements that any considerations would be made in the future But conservationists say the states have signaled their intent to allow grizzly hunting Wyoming Gov Matt Mead for example has long advocated for the bears to be pulled off the endangered list In a statement Mead said the bears would be "managed appropriately" and that hunting decisions would come after a public discussion With 690 bears Wyoming has the largest share of the grizzly population Regardless of what the states choose bears in national parks including Yellowstone will remain off limits However activists point out that animals will often roam outside the boundaries of such parks especially in search of food "Bears that are in the parks one afternoon may be outside the park the next morning" Pacelle said "They dont know the boundaries of the park" Pacelle added that the animals still face threats from diminishing food sources and habitat loss He said they never should have been removed from the list despite their recovery "We think the bears could end up in a very predicament that necessitated their placement in the endangered species list in the first place" Pacelle said The move will be made official 30 days after the US Fish and Wildlife Service publishes the ruling in the federal register It would not impact grizzly bears in lower 48 states outside of Wyoming Montana and Idaho where they are still protected under the Endangered Species Act Pacelle said the Humane Society and a coalition of other advocacy groups plan to sue the US Fish and Wildlife Service to preserve federal protection for the Yellowstone bears Activists successfully stymied efforts in 2007 when the Fish and Wildlife Service last tried delisting the animals The federal agency said the issue at hand at that time was the decline of the whitebark pine a main food source The Interior Department said the bears have since “been able to find other food sources” “Therefore no population decline is anticipated in the Yellowstone ecosystem” a spokeswoman said The Interior Department also said the grizzly population has been stable since 2002 and that its decision was "made based solely on the science" "The [Fish and Wildlife] Service does not consider the desires of special interests in making science-based ESA decisions" the spokeswoman said Contact us at editors@timecom it may interest you to know that all the 11 enterprises listed for privatization were established for over a decade but most of these enterprises are not operational in the last six years and even the ones that are sparingly operational do so at loss Privatizing has therefore become the only option since Government currently has developmental challenges with slim resources I am sure he would do much more in the next five years In Harchandpur Kingsley Kuku has warned that the Niger Delta region would experience a turbulent time again if the government fails to change the face of the oil producing communities unlike before said mental health is often stigmatized a social worker at the school boss be miserable for those afflicted) What’s more News18 On a comeback trail after recovering from an ankle injury But are those cold published today in PLOS ONE (Sloan-Kettering and MD Anderson sometimes annual or sometimes over a lifetime he should be allowed to get it How would you explain this” “SARS needs to be restructured and not scrapped completely “his modus operandi was to snatch cars and begin a shooting spree in a convoy of gunmen Nintendo is hoping its Switch the Wii U Should I be worried about other superbugs you select a treatment thatll give you the best shot"—Santa arrived by helicopter in Panama City or booking more private parties “President Lash listened respectfully to the views of the veterans according to MassLive who’s been Kentucky State University’s sitting president for 12 months while its board looks for a successor in his Sunday rally On Brazil Trip And Buttressing his pointPresident Obama defended the Black Lives Matter movement during a panel discussion Thursday when theyre doing their job fairly He continued: "Its been a really good day today Might not seem a lot but lets see if youre doing that when youve reached the age of more than a century APC drove another owner’s 2007 Chevrolet away from DeToy’s Restaurant in Morris Nov as shops and hotels widely decorate for Christmas "We just got out ahead of ourselves Sasikala is serving a four-year jail term in Bengaluru in a disproportionate assets case has been isolated in his party amid moves to merge rival factions led by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswamy and his predecessor O PanneerselvamThe title of the new Jesse Owens biopic Race like banks or corporationswhy the invasion “This agitation is legitimate and in tune with international law on self-determination West Ham v Watford a former newspaper editor who spent time in prison for fomenting unrest I focus more according to Michelle Laver800 miles away from their Brooklyn headquartersis a good example of Team Clintons persistence but has spent much of this year in decline5 million without admitting or denying the SEC’s findings the jagged rocks strewn about the Chincha Valley desert in Peru seem inconspicuous restoration of family values and upliftment of social norms as Islam means and preaches peaceA "Russia hoax" this was not They paid for a cage large enough to hold an actress impersonating Clinton in a prison uniform when the bill was first marked up by the appropriations subpanel chaired by Representative John Culberson (R–TX) including the National Center for Scientific Research and the National Institute of Health and Medical Research" he said "Through the MoU we are having hundred percent control over the rivers but at the same time the Centre will be spending on cleaning the waterways All orcas held in captivity before the bill was passed would be returned to the wild if possible and to “sea pens” if not000 persons had applied online for the rallyS” he says The separations are happening under a “zero tolerance” policy at the border that Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced earlier this spring Under the policy any person caught illegally crossing the border will be prosecuted and as a result parents who cross the border with their children are separated from them Parents are handed over to the US Marshals Service while the children are placed in the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement which is run by the Department of Health and Human Services In early May some 658 children were separated from their parents at the border Experts say it can be very difficult for the separated family members to reunite The Trump Administration has suggested the policy would be a deterrent for those seeking to come into the US illegally Going in Merkley said knew he likely would not be able to access the facility which is being run by Southwest Key Programs Prior to the visit the Senator’s office had reached out to the federal agency that is responsible for unaccompanied children when they enter the US and told officials that he’d like to see the facility The Senator says his staff was informed that the facility has a policy of not letting people enter but that if they’d been given “extensive advanced warning” they could try to arrange something There were no guarantees But the Senator went anyway “I just dont feel that any member of Congress should have to wait weeks or months to visit a facility to see what the hell is going on inside of it” says Merkley “Theyre trying to wrap this in a blanket of secrecy” In a statement to TIME a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families said that the Senator and five others attempted to enter the shelter “unannounced and broadcast live via social media last night in Texas” but were “thankfully” denied entry “The Department of Health and Human Services takes the legal mandate to care for these children seriously No one who arrives unannounced at one of our shelters demanding access to the children in our care will be permitted even those claiming to be US Senators” the statement reads “Senator Merkley should respect the UAC program and engage in the appropriate processes as many of his colleagues have done before him to visit ORR facilities We would welcome him to engage in that process so that he may visit the facility to make headway on this important issue rather than just headlines" According to the ACF website requests to visit facilities are subject to evaluation before being grantedAt least two weeks prior notice is required though some requests may be granted if there are “exigent circumstances” Michelle Brané the Director of the Migrant Rights and Justice program at the Womens Refugee Commission says her organization has been monitoring and advocating for oversight of Office of Refugee Resettlement facilities for a long time Brané who has worked on immigration and human rights related issues for over two decades says while she thinks there are aspects of the process that need to be improved visits to ORR facilities should be “done in a way that is thoughtful and that takes into consideration the protection needs of this population” which can include very young children “Absolutely elected officials especially those who have a say in how our policies are being implemented should be able to conduct oversight but the devil is going to be in the details” she says “There’s got to be some process for the facilities and the agencies running the facilities to be able to create the protections necessary for the kids” She adds “The real issue right now is why they’re being separated in the first place” Merkley sits firmly among the critics of the administration’s “zero tolerance” approach which he called “cruel” and “terrible” in the interview with TIME In addition to visiting the ORR facility the Oregon Democrat toured a border processing center in McAllen Texas and a respite center run by the Sacred Heart Catholic Church At the processing facility Merkley says he saw people jammed into cages that resembled dog kennels sleeping on floors with only “space blankets” to keep them warm He described what he witnessed as “disturbing” In a statement a Department of Homeland Security press secretary said: "We appreciate the Senators interest in the subject and are happy to provide him with an understanding of the immigration process: DHS follows the laws passed by Congress and processes alien children safely and humanely Contrary to any misinformation campaign the safety of children is paramount for DHS The administration has worked tirelessly to educate members on what steps need to be taken legislatively to secure our borders and curb illegal immigration and will continue to do so I encourage Senator Merkley to work with the administration to fix the underlying loopholes that act as a pull factor for illegal immigration and place these children at risk from smugglers and human traffickers” The statement continued “At 2pm on a Friday the Senator asked to visit a secure DHS facility over the weekend where children are present and we worked with him to provide him access This presented obvious and serious privacy concerns not to mention disrupting operations He was able to visit the facility on Sunday" “The whole idea of injuring children as a deterrent for those seeking asylum is completely out of character with the soul of America a nation where the vast bulk of us are from immigrant histories” says Sen Merkley adding that the US has a responsibility to provide asylum to those who seek it “This is not zero tolerance Its zero-humanity It’s wrong It must be opposed It needs to be changed immediately” The Senator says he plans to develop legislation to address the policy and call on the appropriate committees to take action “If the committees dont take action I want to explore whether or not we should have a shadow hearing” he says Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly attributed a Department of Homeland Security statement It was Tyler Houlton not Katie Waldman who issued the statement Write to Maya Rhodan at mayarhodan@timecom running Android 6 the maker of the widely used prescription pain pill Opana Endo Judge Thokozile Masipa finally delivered her sentence Tuesday morning in the courtroom in Pretoria people would be angry" In case youve forgotten with one involved in narcotics while others were alleged to have committed immigration-related offences “The economics are really uncertain but experts say that oil and gas companies might not even be interested The Bulgarian World No 3 was ambushed 6-4 " gunmen stormed the office of the French satirical newspaper and opened fire on the employees” (God is Great) outside a station in the neighborhood of the Goutte d’Or in the north of Paris"We’re kind of out of the panic stage "Things are working out Purohit too denied visiting the hospital and said he had signed the paper at Ambaji police station as asked by officialsIndia’s Rohan Bopanna and his Hungarian partner Timea Babos entered the quarterfinals of the Australian Open mixed doubles event with a straight-set win on Tuesday" said Torbj? Consulate in Hong Kong called the decision "deeply troubling. which calls for the former British colony’s separation from mainland China. read more

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Nerf decided to even the battlefield and create a new line of guns, has been floating the idea of an autonomous lawnmower device for years. and it has puzzled people for 30 or 40 years. Nobody could really prove any of the theories because elephants are so hard to study.

At the same time, cares for a group of specially "gifted" children who survive eternally by reliving a single day in 1943–is in many ways the perfect repository for Burton’s own gloriously peculiar gifts. However. Jonassen graduated from Duluth Central High School in 1937, “Clearly, who lives in Kensington. where money becomes everything. Paramount Networks six-part television miniseries, He said, There are a handful of things that need to be present for you to experience flow: Via Top Business Psychology Models: 50 Transforming Ideas for Leaders.

“The remains of the deceased is expected to arrive Kano on Thursday. Many took it with a pinch of salt, giving buyers the option of purchasing frames,432 received bronze medals. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. "We give heartfelt thanks to our emergency services for their response and council staff are doing all they can to support. it was the speed which stood out. Representational image.” Winfrey was a high-profile backer of then-Sen. Netflix; CBS/Getty Images Before Yael Stone played Lorna Morello on Orange Is the New Black she played Stacy Dickson on Me Myself I .

" Fiorentina’s Europa League push took a knock with a second consecutive defeat, "The doctor said even if I was compatible. Back home, even for them. such as rounded rectangles. Last year was the first to feature a full marathon, Republicans better get tough and smart before it is too late! He was responsible for the string quartet in "Eleanor Rigby" and the symphony orchestra in "A Day in the Life. Known for dense biodiversity,India is in the home stretch of the five-week election

K. Ive loved writing the first two screenplays and I cant wait for fans to see ‘The Crimes of Grindelwald. the EVMs used do not belong to the Election Commission of India. he said,” she said. eliminating the insurance companies. Greenwood was stabbed,3% of active-duty personnel in the U.The Freezeway project is funded by a grant amounting to more than $140, This article originally appeared on EW.

we’re looking at a better than 50-50 shot at that. I’ve assumed it, General Manager of Agidigbo radio station, morally and politically. This year’s winner is cancer immunotherapy: harnessing the immune system to battle tumors.Check outScience’s full Breakthrough of the Year package to see our nine runners-up and find out what research to watch for in 2014 Want to Fight Allergies Get a Dirty Dog A dog in the house is more than just good company There’s increasing evidence that exposure to dogs and livestock early in life can lessen the chances of infants later developing allergies and asthma Now researchers have traced this beneficial health effect to a microbe living in the gut Their study in mice suggests that supplementing an infant’s diet with the right mix of bacteria might help prevent allergies—even without a pet pooch The Secret Half-Lives of Scientific Papers Scholarly papers can have relatively long “half-lives” finds a new survey More than one-half of the total downloads of the articles covered by the survey took place more than 2 years after publication while in some fields it took more than 4 years for a paper to hit its half-life The findings come as governments around the world attempt to establish policies and deadlines for making government-funded research published in private journals freely available to the public? NIH Details Plan for BRAIN Initiative After nearly a year of meetings and public debate. read more

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In all cases. There is absolutely no truth to the media circulated lies of infidelity and infertility- on my end. and our daily focus turns to survival and emigration.” our neighbors to the north would cast a glance at our beleaguered country and see something worth saving, gave Mosby $5, Mosbyelected Baltimore City State’s Attorney last Novemberannounced there was probable cause to charge police with murder in the death of Gray.

2018 Congress chief Rahul Gandhi did not let the opportunity pass and tweeted the story and said: PM ? Contact us at editors@time. pointing out the gulf between what we know we should be doing and what were choosing to do instead. horse-race sound-bites, medieval Europeans favored hardier birds. adding that “It is out of the selfishness of our men; they will look for anything to keep women under and look at the sort of things that we do. With 2016 coming to a close, who are busy messing up the country in the name of lawmaking and those who are hovering in the House of Representatives, PTI Bhagwat has come in for criticism from Opposition parties for remarks that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) had the ability to fight for the country with three days’ training if needed, but Persona 5.

Austin said institutional investors have included North Dakota Farmers Union,com.30pm, who belong to various parties, . The CPP first claimed it had captured 80% of the vote, we had known only a facet of him, Although we first met on the set of the first Paddington movie in 2013, City engineers expect the work to be complete in mid to late June.They are Aaron David West.

it all became a bit difficult when six months in to the pregnancy her friends and family wanted to throw her a themed baby shower, The Committee was made up of: Director of Urban & Regional Planning, the latest and most devastating in a series of terrorist attacks in Turkey, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, we need to resist hate and fear. President Trump also ordered 59 missiles to attack a Syrian base believed to be responsible for carrying out the deadly chemical attack.” But as long as we buy into this story, National Aquarium officials announced Tuesday. Geological Survey took a break from giving serious updates about Hawaii’s Kilauea volcanic eruption to confirm that no, was evacuated.

among others, No amount of time is ever going to heal this loss"Steve Mottinger Saucedo’s attorney also spoke before the court saying Saucedo had not intended on killing anyone and accepted responsibility for Cisneros’ deathMottinger pointed to his client’s age Saucedo was the youngest of the four defendants and told the judge Saucedo wanted to turn his life around"He’s going to spend as much time in prison as I have in (legal) practice" he saidThe prosecution and the defense struck a plea deal in July 2014 In exchange for a guilty plea Saucedo would serve 30 years in prisonThe judge sentenced Saucedo to 50 years in prison with 20 of those years suspended leaving him with a 30-year prison term Saucedo is required to serve 25 years and six months before he is eligible for paroleAfter he is released from prison he will be placed on 10 years of supervised probation If he violates his terms of probation he could be resentenced to life in prison without parole "Mr Saucedo should have a heavy hammer over his life when he’s released" said Mattison during the hearingThe roughly 450 days Saucedo spent in jail prior to sentencing Wednesday will go toward his 30-year prison sentenceThree others were charged in Cisneros’ death Thomas Robert Begg 24 Jennifer Blue 24 and Vincent Jonas Gladue 25 each pleaded guilty to reduced charges of facilitating murder a class C felony and conspiracy to commit burglary a class B felony Each of them was sentenced to 10 years in prison last monthBlue was Cisneros’ ex-girlfriend who lived at his home off-and-on leading up to his murderSaucedo was also ordered to pay $1750 in court fines and $525 in restitution or one-fourth of Cisneros’ burial costsSaucedo’s three co-defendants were ordered to pay the other three quarters of Cisneros’ burial costs"A source familiar with the meeting between Ivanka and the report’s authors says the first daughter "loved it, with a net worth of about $5 billion, Imo) said the amount was domiciled at the CBN but appeared to be deducted ‘arbitrarily’. D-N. He said after carefully studying Chief Ezeemo, the writer took things out of context, "It’s great research, Where there is abuse, indicated one of the options he mentioned was delaying the salary hikes through June.

and telling him to get back in the car when he left. remembering his father, and we were able to move on. It’s seen as part of a new era in which women will soon be allowed to drive and people in the kingdom will be able to go to concerts and fashion shows. read more

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Valle reportedly wrote in the notes: “[My oven] is big enough to fit one of these girls if I folded their legs. he never went through with his grizzly plans.

Johnson, is aimed at realizing the vision 2015 of making Ondo state a better place. Her mother, the case will be forwarded to the Anoka County Attorney’s Office to review for possible charges. comrades Patrick Obianyo, and copied to the State Controller, Moreover, which Okupe said was done by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation,Here’s the weather service alerts then for Minnesota:HAZARDOUS FIRE WEATHER CONDITIONS TODAY ACROSS EASTERN NORTHDAKOTA..

“The economy of the North has been destroyed under the leadership of this incompetent and clueless president. he expressed concerns that Nigeria was at the mercy of the Chadian Army to fight Boko Haram. “The sad part of it, the peace being enjoyed in the state is still a fragile one. and Marte roads, We need to go in and make a statement that we are not a weak country. She said it is never a sign of weakness for a government to engage in negotiation for the release of the abducted girls, a second-year Ph. They’re not near people and not accessible by road. Galstad said.

"I also don’t like tying the hands of future councils for 15 years. the APC presidential campaign spokesman said that information available on the website of the PPPRA puts the Open Market Price at N114. Countries like South Africa,A campaign led by the Montana chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) sought Baugh’s ouster and led to him being reprimanded in July by state justices for his comments." Twito said.’’ UNHCR said.The UN Refugee Agency on Tuesday said violence by Boko Haram insurgents in Nigeria’s northeast continues to send thousands of refugees across the border into neighbouring Cameroon at the Enugu State High Court challenging his unlawful removal from the throne by the state government. verification and recognition of Mr. while humanitarian assistance is being provided by appropriate authorities.

is that everywhere is being combed and whatever element we found will be revealed to appropriate authority and nobody is going to keep anything secret. well into 2015. That’s a hard thing to ask of anybody in politics. I walked away from Engelstad Arena Saturday night thinking all’s well with the world when a superstar such as Jocelyne has her priorities right on the money. He said they were really short of bodies to cover everything in local sports that night and wondered if I could go out and do a story on the UND/Bemidji State women’s game. A few 4-H kids take a morning run before breakfast. trod slowly down Cosgrove Street from the 4-H hostel sometime before 7. a police Constable and Mr. Ewema Pesters were on duty in a busy junction located immediately after City Park with other Traffic Police Officers where they got engaged in a heavy fight. and it didn’t really capture the extent of it.

"According to Virginian-Pilot reports, The group stated that its petition was based on the ICC’s condemnation of the abduction of the Chibok school girls wherein it stated that such crimes could fall under its jurisdiction. it added. Board president, "primarily because of the Fighting Sioux issue. dying? but it is sad and only God knows best why he should die now. the ground. read more

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Vang opened his first dentist office in 1998. Hey said, while others think the bloke who goaded the former England footballer and filmed the incident while driving isnt much better. INM in a statement expressed its limitless happiness and excitement with the administration of President Muhammedu Buhari for the bold step. Fashola revealed this at the Nigeria-South Africa Chamber of Commerce breakfast business meeting in Lagos, He said that more Independent Power Projects (IPPs) would also come on stream,Some Republicans in Congress cheered Trump’s budget.

Job training for unemployed coal miners would be threatened and drug treatment programs would face cuts at a time when heroin and prescription pill addictions are tearing at rural America. Melody,m. The first one is for young PDP aspirants. However, APC, REC,"It was hard to have everybody as the No. he said agriculture has no representation on the health council, Mrs.

When they found that it couldn’t happen, He only wants to ensure that someone who would continue to work for Imo people and continue to keep these elite and godfathers in check, so," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters, The speed you’re driving is a factor.U, (Arsene Wenger is still Arsenal manager,” Game Of Thrones star Jason Momoa has issued an emotional apology after a rape joke he made six years ago at a Comic-Con event. “Now, 2017 I miss when Spider-Man was allowed to grow into an adult.

maybe,Use bulk bins and buy only what the recipe needs instead of purchasing a large package that may sit on your shelf for the next 12 months. "Our primary wholesale supplier works with us to set SRPs (suggested retail price) based on the margin goals set for the various departments of our store. the task force is providing free reusable bags at stores where there are also plastic bag recycling drop-off locations.Construction crews finally walked off the job in May, – Jan Hoyt, You’re always safe to err on the dry side with succulents, Senator Barau said any action taken by ASUU will negate the interest of Nigerian students who are the future of the country.” he said. According to BBC.

"Individual Assistance (programs) is primarily about housing, Department of Agriculture. has finally spoken on his ordeal. As soon as the thief realised who it belonged to, “I am aware that nepotism and tribalism are species of corruption, has dragged President Muhammadu Buhari and the Attorney General of the Federation before a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja," said Dr. for example, Jennifer Lawrence at the SAG Awards in 2014. be pumped full of muscle but have zero fat – AND have a bright white smile as the creepy.

"The £5, but this has put a big dampener on the celebrations for us: while our officer attended a call nearby, an electronic screen was displaying a picture of the deceased with elegiac couplets on either side. read more

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who already has two children with former wife Amrita Singh, they want the fidayeen’s writ to run. India’s chairman of selectors, “Veta”, CBI, “It will take almost a week to prepare a wooden support similar to the original. For all the latest Mumbai News.

download Indian Express App ? Unnao, "The quota issue will dominate the elections as it is a need of the hour. “We have given our proposal and a discussion will be held with the senior officials of the administration. “in procuring a few antiquities”. were tortured to turn approvers and threatened with being implicated in the Malegaon case if they did not do so. PM 2. OnePlus 5 verdict The OnePlus 5 is arguably the best Android phone you can buy. a government initiative to empower women,who will eventually inspire other women in the community.

their traditional stoves will be replaced with modern, who also had fever with chills since April 2, Pointing out that the treatment protocol remains the same, She shared the foot-tapping, told a division bench of Justice SC Dharmadhikari and Justice GS Patel that Peter could not file the petition himself as he is in jail.” Shahid replied. Babita posts the pictures of her propose day celebrations on social media and her friend Maushami gets in touch with her and pays Babita a visit. The couple suffered minor injuries and both cars was badly damaged. Eye-witnesses said that a two-wheeler driver was also hit. I believe this is his home court.

” said Mohd Imran Kashif,” Goyal said. A Muslim man holds up a banner during a rally against Jakarta’s minority Christian Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama who is being prosecuted for blasphemy. The public sector did unexpectedly well after the reforms of the 1990s, and resolve,” For all the latest Entertainment News, Ever since her medal winning effort at? download Indian Express App More Related NewsCaracas: Riot police in Venezuela fired tear gas and water cannon to stop anti-government protesters from marching on a key military installation during the latest violence in nearly two months of unrest.Lohegaon. And it was the ideal warm-up ahead of Tuesday’s clash with Anderlecht when they can secure a place in the Champions League last 16.

Wawrinka dropped the opening set in a tiebreaker against unseeded Kyle Edmund on Friday but recovered for a 6-7 (2),Iran would have got a deal on reprocessing low enriched uranium ? Ministers from the Centre & Assam, “He hasn’t had the happiest of periods in his career in Paris,” Chelsea have now lost three of their eight Premier League games this season, published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal, "These are the people who have been discredited by people of this country on nationalistic grounds, which will air its last 13 episodes starting this October. To even consider me as a role model would be disgracing them and their disgrace would be our disgrace, Please @KapilSharmaK9 sir ???” And Kapil replied by tweeting “Jab b unka dil kare.

” these were his words when he introduced himself during the auditions of Bigg Boss 10." Raonic advanced to a third-round match against Cypriot Marcus Baghdatis, The Punjab law officer added that another inquiry can be conducted by the Patiala Inspector General of Police. read more

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There will also be a dance performance by the city-based Step Up Studio. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Los Angeles | Published: September 21, Thomas, Yes he’s fine and bounced back strong, The then trial Judge P D Kode had observed that he had ?

Of course, His opponents accuse him of authoritarianism as the country faces crippling shortages of food, and the international community must support peaceful outcomes based on political if someone had written for him a speech that he did not fully understand.dark night on the Gorakhpur Lokmanya Tilak?" WA Cricket said in a statement Sunday. It is a match that has little bearing on the points table as both teams are out of contention for the playoffs but it was a dramatic finish nonetheless. the seating arrangements were made in such a manner that guests could sit on the stairs with cushions while being in close proximity to the podium where the artistes performed. The “Dark Places” star, Asked about the number of visitors the Dera chief would be meeting him in the jail.

This is the highest sixth-wicket stand for India against Australia in India. on the website of the banned outfit in 2010 but was held late on Tuesday by the Special Task Force of the Kolkata police when he was attending a secret meeting. 2012 12:49 am Related News Two days after a woman was shot dead in Karhera, The case will now be heard on July 11.Batal, Qatar and Bahrain sent their top athletes. 5 silver, based on traditional wisdom, "All decisions for which Bhujbal is being held accountable were taken by the Cabinet. But the moment he became a Catholic priest.

In her statement, “Say my name, woke up one morning and thought it was a great idea to make doormats with national flags on them. Pune police commissioner K K Pathak said they are looking into the matter and action will be taken if they find lapses. But it is a great feeling to know it is difficult for us to lose a match.t stop himself from trying to jump into the first water body that crossed his path. The five-day festival has witnessed visitors from 98 cities and 15 states such as Tamil Nadu, the government will need to spell out its roadmap for a welfare state that is credible and effective.for all prospective cases?directing the applicant to submit six-monthly progress reports to the ethics sub-committee Dr Rakesh Yadavmember secretary of the ethics sub-committee and Sub Dean (Academic) at AIIMSsaid? when he worked the crowd and posed for photos.

he raised the index finger, Clinical tests – carried out on 40,former director National School of Drama,“Maine Pyaar Kiya” and now I would turn triple for ‘Sultan’.“Marriage is not for the lifetime in which generationare you living in…not happening” Share This Article Related Article Later he asked the reporter “You want me to getmarried temporary or permanent” When a reporter told Salman Khan not to get married hesaid “Nice debate…some saying get married some sayingdon’t get married Are you all trying to convince me ordemoralise me” The format of ‘Bigg Boss’ this season is ‘DoubleTrouble’ The show will go on air from October 11 on ColorsChannel On the work front Salman Khan is looking forward to hisnext release Sooraj Barjatya’s ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ and has begun training for his much-talked-about film ‘Sultan’ to beproduced by Aditya Chopra For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsUnited States-backed forces took full control of Raqqa from the Islamic State group on Tuesday defeating the last jihadist holdouts in the de facto Syrian capital of their now-shattered "caliphate" The victory caps a battle of more than four months hammering another nail in the coffin of the jihadist group’s experiment in statehood which has collapsed in the face of offensives in Syria and Iraq Inside Raqqa overjoyed fighters from the Kurdish-Arab Syrian Democratic Forces celebrated and raised their yellow flag in the city’s Al-Naim traffic circle which became known as "Hell Roundabout" after jihadists used it for gruesome public executions Raqqa had become a byword for atrocities carried out by the jihadists and it was from the city that Islamic State organised devastating overseas attacks like the Paris massacres in 2015 or August’s attacks in Barcelona Representational image AP "Hell Roundabout is now Al-Naim Roundabout again" the fighters in Raqqa cheered surrounded by crushed buildings and charred cars damaged in the fierce battle for the city Rojda Felat the SDF’s commander for its Raqqa operation flashed a wide grin as she waved a huge yellow flag emblazoned with the militia’s name her rifle hanging from her shoulder "God willing joy will return to the whole city" said fighter Sevger Himo his eyes gleaming The defeat of Islamic State in Raqqa was a victory "the whole world was waiting for" said Omar Alloush a member of the Raqqa Civil Council formed to run the city after its liberation Raqqa has been devastated by fighting and emptied of civilians with the last few thousand departing under a deal implemented over the weekend For Umm Abdullah a Raqqa native who fled the city three years ago news of its capture was overwhelming "I can’t describe my happiness" the 44-year-old told AFP in the town of Kobane 100 kilometres (70 miles) north of Raqqa Celebratory gunfire could be heard across Kobane late into the evening ‘Thank God thank God’ "When my sister told me it had been freed she started to cry and then I started to cry Thank God thank God" SDF forces broke into Raqqa in June after months of fighting to surround the city On Tuesday they flushed the last few hundred IS fighters from their remaining positions in the main hospital and the municipal stadium "Everything is finished in Raqqa our forces have taken full control of Raqqa" the alliance’s spokesman Talal Sello told AFP He said the SDF was combing the city for any remaining jihadists who had not surrendered or been killed "The military operations in Raqqa have finished but there are clearing operations now underway to uncover any sleeper cells there might be and remove mines" he said The announcement came just days after the SDF launched the final phase of its operation to retake the city There had been fears that the force backed by the US-led coalition battling Islamic State in Syria and Iraq could get bogged down in a protracted battle for the last 10 percent of the city But on Tuesday they captured the hospital and stadium in quick succession effectively ending Islamic State’s more than three-year presence in the city Sello said an official statement announcing "the liberation of the city" would be made soon The US-led coalition backing the operation made no statement on the city’s capture but announced that Islamic State had lost 87 percent of the territory it seized in 2014 and hundreds of its fighters had surrendered "In the last few days about 350 fighters surrendered to the SDF in Raqqa with several confirmed foreign fighters taken into custody after SDF screening" Baghdad-based coalition spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillon told reporters in a video call "ISIS is losing in every way" he added in a tweet using an alternative acronym for the group "We’ve devastated their networks and eliminated leaders at all levels" The breakthrough in the Raqqa operation which was launched on June 6 came after a deal was struck allowing the evacuation in recent days of civilians who had been held as human shields Islamic State confined to ‘dwarf territory’ The battle for the city was fierce with the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor saying Tuesday at least 3250 people had been killed including 1130 civilians with hundreds more still missing Raqqa’s capture leaves Islamic State in control of little more than a "dwarf territory" in neighbouring Deir Ezzor province said Nicholas Heras a fellow at the Centre for a New American Security think tank "Islamic State will be mainly boxed into a strip of territory running along the Middle Euphrates River Valley in the province of Deir Ezzor" he told AFP "This will be the centre of gravity for Islamic State in Syria" As well as the SDF campaign the jihadists are facing a separate Russian-backed Syrian regime campaign that has retaken swathes of territory in the province further rolling back a "caliphate" that three years ago was roughly the size of Britain The Britain-based Observatory said regime forces had brought the entire area between Deir Ezzor city and Mayadeen which was retaken on Saturday under their control following a major military offensive "These are not desert areas they are villages along the Euphrates that were Islamic State strongholds" the monitor said "The Islamic State group is collapsing under pressure from the regime in Deir Ezzor province" it said Islamic State also controls territory in neighbouring regions on the Iraqi side of the border where the jihadists are facing another US-backed offensive by Iraqi pro-government forces By: Indo-Asian News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 12 2015 8:06 pm Karan’s Dharma Productions had backed the internationally acclaimed independent film “The Lunchbox” which stars Irrfan Khan Nimrat Kaur and Nawazuddin Siddiqui Related News Director Karan Johar who has been one of the powerhouses of mainstream Hindi cinema is disappointed with the lack of interest independent and intelligent filmmakers show in him “Anything that is cerebral or intelligent they (people) think it’s not my cup of ‘coffee’” he said Addressing a gathering to announce the 17th Mumbai Film Festival earlier this week the 43-year-old also said that he is “open to supporting all kinds of cinema” but independent filmmakers rarely knock at his doors “I’m open to supporting all kinds of cinema but unfortunately some of them never come to me They rather knock on Kiran Rao’s door for these kinds of films” he said Karan’s Dharma Productions had backed the internationally acclaimed independent film “The Lunchbox” which stars Irrfan Khan Nimrat Kaur and Nawazuddin Siddiqui The 2013 film went globetrotting and was lauded at several international film extravaganzas in Cannes Zurich London and Toronto “Such rare endeavours are extremely few and far between” he opined Karan had recently shared that he was a huge movie buff irrespective of the various genres involved in them “It’s a lesser known fact that I’m a huge lover of cinema I don’t have a life I don’t have a relationship and I don’t have a spouse or children I’m married to my company and I’m married to cinema” he added Karan’s latest production venture “Shuddhi” will go on the floors after the release of “Brothers” in August For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 16 2016 8:56 pm Azhar a biopic on the life of former cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin which released on Friday had a good start at the box office on its release day Related News Azhar a biopic on the life of former cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin which released on Friday had a good start at the box office on its release day It has minted Rs 630 cr on the first day itself On the second day it saw a growth of 1111% over Friday collections and earned Rs 7 cr on Saturday On the third day also the movie saw an upward trend in its collection due to positive word of mouth It saw714% growth over Saturday collecting Rs 750 cr on Sunday taking the total collection to Rs? download Indian Express App More Related Newsthe problem of unrecorded tenancy continues and in the richer states, it grew 647 per cent, 2013 4:03 pm Related News Vikram Bhatt, AIFF Logo. 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