The importance of Shanghai dragon content quality

pageSince if the original content is actually relatively small it can be appropriate to reduce the other duplicate content that page. At the bottom of the information, such as navigation, some less appropriate, can also achieve high difference each other. and its most important site in Shanghai Longfeng aspects should be: keywords, content, link three, more

CNNIC81% net civil vertical search main search video news music

users to enter search engine in a variety of ways, in addition to the above two, site navigation, browser search box, chat tools are important Internet users to enter the entrance of the search engine, using the ratio reached 34.2%, 31.4%, 28.1%. December 20th, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) today announced the "2011 China more

To strengthen cooperation between websites, it is necessary to begin with the accumulation of networ

often hears some webmaster complain that they can’t find the link, because there is no better way and skill to cooperate with each other. Fight a lone battle in the present network environment, always difficult, how to integrate resources and win-win cooperation, is the key to development. November 11th Admin5 Thursday edition chat activity, Internet more

Let the user feel the product of emotion, design inspiration for Internet products

  it’s important that the product has good functionality; it’s important to make the product easy to learn; but more importantly, the product will make people feel good." American cognitive psychologist Donald Norman in 2002 proposed the product design "emotional" concept, with "experience economy era," emotional "has become one of the main trends of Internet more