Discussion on the optimization of the five points of the user experience

site layout design is particularly important, if your site is connected between the layout of the complex, messy, when the user enters your website also takes a few minutes to find what he needs, he will come second times? So, the layout of the site should be simple and clear, allowing users to find his more

Popular industry bosses lack Internet thinking

Shanghai dragon Er people know popular keywords and many popular keywords in the rankings and promotion gap, hot competition is very big, want to promote must go beyond peer slowly, slowly to related industries expand enterprise brand, such as scissors, scissors to cut everything everything, to paper that line, cloth, all inclusive. In the promotion more

Internet thinking, do you haveNo technology, how to make money through the Internet

2012, Lei Jun began to frequent mention a related vocabulary — Thinking of the Internet, in addition to many Rice noodles very respected, and did not cause other people including the media follow up. with the successful operation of the JJ game, online chess game is also gradually emerging. In particular, the real money landlords more

From homelessness to top angel investors, how did he do itLiu Erchuang 7 a small personal Wangzhuan

> ? , just a few months ago, I had just left my native country, Iran, and came to California, the United States, with only $700. At that time, I didn’t speak English, and I didn’t know some friends in California. But then I firmly believe that the United States is a symbol of opportunity, more