Aviation experts question security passenger safety after woman left on plane

first_imgAviation experts are raising security and passenger safety concerns after a woman was left sleeping on a parked Air Canada aircraft with the lights turned off and crew gone.A friend recounted Tiffani Adams’s ordeal in a Facebook post, saying she fell asleep during a roughly 90 minute flight from Quebec City to Toronto and woke up a few hours after landing on an empty, dark plane.Adams eventually unbolted a door and was rescued by a baggage cart operator.Ross Aimer, CEO of Aero Consulting Experts and a former airline captain, says he’s never heard of such an incident in his roughly four decades of aviation service, and that multiple errors would have to be made to overlook a passenger during disembarking.He says while a cleaning, catering or flight crew would have discovered Adams in the morning had she not been so proactive, it’s possible someone with malicious intent could hide on a plane in this manner and attempt to hijack it.The airline has confirmed the incident happened, but did not immediately respond to a request for additional comment. — With files from The Associated Press Companies in this story: (TSX:AC)The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Prime Minister Trudeau to take in Canadian 911 inspired musical Come From

first_imgAdvertisement The prime minister says he’s looking forward “to showing New Yorkers Canada at its best.”The production debuted on The Great White Way in New York City last month after generating critical buzz at earlier showcases in La Jolla, Calif., Washington, D.C., Seattle and Toronto.Trudeau say he and his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, will attend the show on March 15. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is heading to Manhattan this month to check out Canada’s latest Broadway hit, “Come From Away.”Trudeau tweeted Saturday that he has two tickets to see the musical set in a remote East Coast town in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks.Created by Canadian husband-and-wife duo Irene Sankoff and David Hein, the play is centred on Gander, N.L., where residents provided refuge to passengers and crew on 38 planes that were diverted when U.S. air space was following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Login/Register With: Twitter Facebook Advertisementlast_img read more

Escrow tops NHL players list of concerns ahead of CBA talks

Jonathan Toews says he just wants his contract to be worth what it says on paper.Right now, it’s not that simple.Under terms of the collective bargaining agreement, NHL owners and players divide hockey-related revenue 50/50, and if player salaries exceed that split a certain percentage is withheld in escrow to make it even. The Chicago Blackhawks captain and fellow players have lost upward of 10% of their pay to escrow over the past seven seasons, which is why 25 of 31 NHL Players’ Association representatives surveyed by The Associated Press and Canadian Press named escrow as the biggest bargaining issue with September deadlines looming to terminate the current CBA effective the fall of 2020.“A. escrow and B. escrow,” Toews said when asked the two biggest issues in labour talks.Olympic participation, the definition of hockey-related revenue, post-career health care, concerns about youth squeezing out older players because of the salary cap and money were the other topics player reps pointed to as important to them.Escrow, though, is a point of contention in locker rooms around the league. It is expected to be a significant topic in talks ahead of the owners’ Sept. 1 and players’ Sept. 15 deadline to opt out of this CBA and set the clock ticking toward another potential work stoppage.“I think we, as players, are really educating ourselves on the economics of the game and how it works and why escrow is the way it is,” New Jersey Devils player rep Cory Schneider said. “There are a lot of things that go into it, and we understand from the owners’ side how it works. But for us that’s definitely something that, it fluctuates quarter to quarter, year to year, so you never really know what it’s going to be and it’s hard to really understand what you’re earning or what your worth is when you’re getting a big chunk of it taken back.“I don’t know if we’re going to eliminate it. Obviously we’ll figure that part out. But at least some way to mitigate it or control it better for us just to know what to expect.”The CBA sets aside some part of a player’s salary in a bank account throughout the year. After the season, total revenue is calculated and if the league is not at its 50% share, it gets the escrow money to make up the difference.NHLPA executive director Don Fehr said escrow has been discussed in talks with Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and expects more to come. But there’s no quick fix to reduce or eliminate escrow without changing substantial things about the economics of the league.“Obviously it’s an irritant to players and from time to time it can be a big one,” Fehr said. “But the question is how you do it. I mean, you can fix escrow by cutting salaries. I don’t think players are interested in doing that. So it has to become something that you address in a manner which makes sense for the players and addresses their concerns.”A handful of players voiced their concern that revenues aren’t growing enough to compensate for the natural growth of salaries — and the cap — over time. Because seven of 31 teams are based in Canada, the fluctuation of the Canadian dollar affects everything, and players would like to find a solution to the entire financial picture, including a look at what counts as hockey-related revenue.“There’s definitely a concern and always an emphasis on the revenues and us growing the game,” Toronto Maple Leafs player rep John Tavares said. “That’s a top priority because I think when we see growth, we’re obviously going to see it on the business side. When you feel the hit of escrow on top of whatever taxes we have to pay, it’s definitely something that guys notice and something you don’t enjoy seeing. It’s important to us, but in saying that the bigger picture is the growth of the game. When that happens, when we do those things right, that’ll lead to more revenues that will hopefully lead to some adjustments.”Commissioner Gary Bettman calls escrow “a function of the cap” and said it’s going to be higher when that upper limit on salaries is higher.“There are things you can do, either immediately or over time (where) you can manage the cap differently, which would manage the escrow, and those are things that obviously we need to be talking about,” Bettman said.It’s not the only thing. Many players have expressed their desire to guarantee Olympic participation, though it seems impossible to collectively bargain because the International Ice Hockey Federation and International Olympic Committee are also involved. Countless business and political factors will go into whether the NHL sends its players to the Beijing Games in 2022.One issue mentioned by players that can be bargained is how players are taken care of after they retire. Vancouver Canucks player rep Bo Horvat said medical coverage, treatment for concussion issues and other things matter.He’s not alone in prioritizing that with talks ongoing and some optimism of maintaining labour peace because the issues are at least more straightforward than the last round of talks in 2012-13.“Post-career stuff, health care stuff, lots of little things like that that are important to players as far as livelihood going forward,” Minnesota Wild player rep Devan Dubnyk said. “The good news is there’s not anything major, but certainly some things we’re going to want to be talked about.”___Follow AP Hockey Writer Stephen Whyno on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SWhyno___More AP NHL: https://apnews.com/NHL and https://twitter.com/AP_SportsStephen Whyno, The Associated Press read more

Italy Ban voices sorrow over deadly earthquake UN stands ready to assist

According to media reports, the 6.3-magnitude quake has claimed more than 100 lives.Mr. Ban is “saddened by the heavy loss of life and destruction of property,” his spokesperson Michele Montas told reporters, adding that he sends his condolences to the families and friends of those killed.Today’s tremors, which struck the town of Aquila, nearly 100 kilometres north-east of Rome, serve as a stark reminder that Europe is not immune from powerful earthquakes, the UN agency tasked with minimizing the threat posed by natural disasters said today.The intensity of the Italian earthquake matched that of the May 2006 tremors in the Indonesian island of Java, which killed over 5,000 people in the city of Yogyakarta, the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) pointed out.The agency underscored that buildings are the main killers when earthquakes strike, which is why constructing resilient structures in quake-prone zones is essential.The deadly earthquake today stemmed from a fault line stretching from the north to the south of Italy, where tremors have wreaked over €20 billion in direct damage over the past four decades, ISDR said.“The cost of investing in structural resilience and proper site selection from the start is minimal compared to the necessary reconstruction when earthquakes have happened – not to mention the devastation of human life cut short,” said Helena Molin-Valdes, the agency’s Deputy Director. “Investment in disaster risk reduction is a must if we want to save more lives and more dollars – and diminish long-term disruption – as more people are now living in cities prone to earthquakes.”For its part, the Rome-based UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) extended its sympathy to the victims of today’s earthquake.“This is a terrible tragedy and the thoughts of FAO staff are with the people who are suffering as a result of this cruel catastrophe, especially those who have lost loved ones or who still do not know the fate of someone close to them,” said the agency’s Director General, Jacques Diouf. 6 April 2009Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed his sadness over the heavy loss of life in this morning’s earthquake in central Italy, with the United Nations having alerted the European nation’s Government that it is prepared to provide disaster response support. read more

8×8 Beefs Up Integrations Speech Analytics Reporting

integration_arrows.png 5 Ways Cloud UCC Changed the Workforce Mark Roberts September 16, 2019 The UCC digital renaissance has come and stayed. Now, enterprises are fine tuning their networks to better engage employees and customers. 5 Steps for A Seamless Contact Center Cloud Migration Elizabeth Magill September 09, 2019 Ensuring that IT and business teams are on the same page before, during, and after the process is key to a successful migration. In addition, 8×8 wants to do more than support the standard integrations required by most enterprises, added Meghan Keough, VP of product & solutions marketing at 8×8. Its intent with the revamped integration platform is to also enable developers, including those within the enterprise, to use its APIs to “really embed communications into their end-to-end business processes in a way that works for their organizations.” (For more on the role of developers in the contact center in particular, tune in to our latest episode of our No Jitter On Air podcast: “Crafting the Contact Center,” with guest Jeff Thompson, of ProdAdvisory.) And 8×8 doesn’t intend for its speech analytics capabilities to be limited to contact center conversations, Keough noted. In a heads-up to some of what 8×8 has planned for our Enterprise Connect conference and expo, coming the week of March 18 in Orlando, Fla., she said it will be announcing speech analytics for UC, too, broadening the scope of data available for providing customer insight. (You’ll find 8×8 on the expo floor at booth 506.) “It’s not just a support team or a customer service team of folks sitting in a cubicle somewhere that are engaging with your customers. … Now organizations will really be able to tap into all their customer interactions. Speech analytics won’t be constrained to one small team because of cost or scale issues of on-premises solutions,” she said. With a trio of enhancements, 8×8 continues to bulk up its cloud-based blended UC and contact center platform, the X Series, introduced last March and since upgraded with a team messaging capability. With the enhanced offering, businesses can get real-time insights through predefined categories, topics, and hundreds of words and phrases. Speech Analytics on Steroids8x8 also has changed up its approach to speech analytics, in part to meet customer demands for closer to real-time call transcription, Deklich said. To address that requirement, 8×8 has moved speech analytics into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to take advantage of its “fancy new” GPUs for processing such compute-intensive workloads, he said. With that in mind, the 8×8 Integration Framework now offers integrations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM; Bullhorn, a CRM system for recruiters; and team messaging app, Slack — with plenty more on the way, Deklich added. Dedicated vs. Shared Cloud Voice Services Darin Ward October 03, 2019 When moving voice to the cloud, many service providers tout their dedicated solutions. But is “dedicated” all that it’s cracked up to be? As an added benefit of now running the speech analytics load in the public cloud, 8×8 will be able to “play the clouds against one another,” thereby gaining cost efficiencies for the end customers, Deklich added. This is about democratizing speech analytics, extending the opportunity beyond large enterprises and the big on-premises horsepower required for setting up and training models, Keough said. By placing the compute in the cloud, 8×8 can now offer speech analytics for much smaller customers, too — like that 50-seat contact center that might be small but still would like to automate workloads — up and running in a month or so, she added. “The one thing you care about now in the enterprise and midmarket essentially is how do you quickly reduce complexity for users; how do you get better, faster, and cleaner ROI; and how do you actually connect your product to everything else,” Deklich said. “The goal is to be able to do that as quickly as humanly possible,” while also offering external engineering teams and customers a simple way to work with the APIs, too, he added. Contact Center DashboardsLastly, 8×8 has beefed up its real-time dashboards for contact centers, making them more customizable, shareable, and displayable as wallboards. These new dashboard capabilities start to show the value of unified analytics across all products, Deklich said. While 8×8 has long supported such integrations, “the old framework didn’t do that as well as it should have,” Deklich frankly stated. Integration OverhaulTo start, 8×8 has completed a “soup to nuts” rebuild of its integration platform and announced three new integrations on top of it, said Dejan Deklich, EVP and chief product officer at 8×8, in a No Jitter briefing. Tags:News & Views8x8integrationX Seriesspeech analyticscontact center dashboardreal-time reportingCloud CommunicationsAPIs & Embedded CommunicationsCCaaSContact Center & Customer ExperienceSpeech TechnologiesUCaaS Articles You Might Like Hyping Up Hybrid: Making the Case Ryan Daily September 05, 2019 With the race to the cloud heating up, some enterprises aren’t dashing to the finish line with the same intensity – opting instead for a “hybrid” pace. Log in or register to post comments As 8×8 has learned through customers, “when you give agents insight into what is the current status and current state of their call center and support team, they self-regulate and shift their behavior to optimize the customer experience,” Keough noted. For example, when agents see real-time queue status displayed on a wallboard, they might hold off on taking a break until a less busy time, she said. See All in Cloud Communications » Are We Heading for Cloud in a Box? Tom Nolle September 26, 2019 As the cloud craze continues, enterprises are looking for simplified “in a box” cloud solutions to address their communication and collaboration needs. “They self-monitor.” To address its goal, 8×8 rebuilt its integration platform on a microservices architecture and industry-standard APIs, all the while keeping its blended goal front and center. “I don’t want to build an integration just for UC or just for contact center,” Deklich said. “I want to build one integration that then works for everybody else.” read more

HSBC says John Flint out as CEO after 18 months

LONDON — HSBC has announced the surprise departure of CEO John Flint after 18 months in the job, saying the bank needs new leadership.HSBC Holdings PLC said Monday that Flint stepped down because “a change is needed” to meet challenges.Flint spent almost 30 years at HSBC before being named CEO last year.A statement by HSBC chairman Mark Tucker said, “the board believes a change is needed to meet the challenges that we face and to capture the very significant opportunities before us.”The bank said its chief executive of global commercial banking, Noel Quinn, will serve temporarily as CEO while HSBC looks for a permanent replacement.The Associated Press read more

Urgent visit to Uzbekistan requested by UN expert on arbitrary executions

In a statement issued in Geneva, Philip Alston, the UN Commission of Human Rights’ Special Rapporteur dealing with extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions made the urgent request to assess the situation, indicating that he was “gravely concerned about reports that hundreds of people, including women and children, were killed on 13 May when Government troops fired indiscriminately to disperse a demonstration in Andijan.”The New York University law professor also stated that he was particularly troubled by reports that the measures had been connected to efforts to eliminate terrorists.“Quite apart from the need to distinguish political opponents from terrorists, the point is that governments are clearly obligated to address any such situations within a framework clearly governed by human rights law,” he said.Mr. Alston echoed the call of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour for the Government to establish an independent commission of inquiry into the incidents, but he noted that his visit was also an essential part of an effective and comprehensive response by the Government.The statement said that a visit to Uzbekistan would enable the Special Rapporteur to speak with all those involved in the recent events and to formulate positive recommendations to support efforts to end impunity for human rights violators in accordance with international standards.Ms. Arbour’s spokesman said indications were that the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, would not welcome an international investigation at this time. He said the High Commissioner hoped that Mr. Karimov could be persuaded to see the interest that the people of Uzbekistan and the international community have in setting the record straight on the recent events in that country. read more

UN environmental arm launches plan to help Côte dIvoire clean up toxic

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today launched an international mission to help Côte d’Ivoire finalize and fund a plan to clean up and rehabilitate sites contaminated by deadly toxic waste that was illegally dumped in and around the commercial capital, Abidjan, in August.UNEP said it was offering its support because the Ivorian Government has been struggling to cope with the cost – estimated by national authorities at up to $30 million – of collecting and dispatching the waste to France for de-contamination.Achim Steiner, Executive Director of UNEP, said it was unacceptable that a country where so many inhabitants live on less than $1 a day had to make choices about paying for the clean-up or the wages of hospital staff. The mission will work in cooperation with existing international fund-raising efforts.“UNEP’s mission… will aim to have the finalized waste plan in place in the shortest possible time so as to address the current concerns,” said Mr. Steiner, who is also setting up a trust fund to provide a fast-track mechanism so that other nations can give financial support immediately.The dumping of the toxic waste, which killed at least 12 people and led more than 100,000 others to seek medical care, began when a ship unloaded 500 tons of petrochemical waste into trucks which then dumped it in at least 15 sites around Abidjan. The waste contained a mixture of petroleum distillates, hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, phenolic compounds and sodium hydroxide.Under the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal, which UNEP administers, any nation exporting hazardous waste must obtain prior written permission from the importing country, as well as a permit detailing the contents and destination of the waste. read more

Football Barrett and Watson have walked different paths but hope to obtain

OSU redshirt junior quarterback J.T. Barrett (16) runs into the endzone for a touchdown during the first overtime of the Buckeyes’ 30-27 win over Michigan on Nov. 26. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorOhio State and Clemson fans have known how dynamic the starting quarterback for their favorite teams has been since they first suited up. On Dec. 31, the nation will get to watch the playmaking ability of both OSU redshirt junior J.T. Barrett and Clemson junior Deshaun Watson.Both players have a similar skill set behind them. While Barrett and Watson have the ability to tuck it and run when the pocket collapses or carry an offense with their arms, each has their own background and past that drives them forward.Barrett was a young Longhorns fan, who had aspirations of one day playing under then-Texas coach Mack Brown in the burnt orange uniforms beloved by Austin natives. Watson, hailing from Gainesville, Georgia, is a former five-star recruit who drew interest from the likes of Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Clemson and even Ohio State.Barrett was thrust into the starting role during his redshirt freshman year with the Buckeyes after then-quarterback Braxton Miller injured his shoulder before the start of the 2014 season. Watson, on the other hand, received playing time in his freshman season and was named the starter late in September 2014. Both have been discussed as possible Heisman Trophy winners in the past, and even drew some eyes this season as the best player in the nation. While Barrett has seemingly dropped out of the race following a few disappointing performances, Watson is still very much in the running. “I don’t have a vote, but if I had one, it’d be the easiest vote ever,” Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said on Sunday. “He represents everything you could possibly want in a Heisman. He’s made college football better in his three years.”Barrett was a front-runner for the 2014 Heisman Trophy, but broke his ankle against Michigan, which ended his season. He was forced to watch from the sideline, as Cardale Jones and Ezekiel Elliott led OSU to an improbable national championship. Barrett had his chance to finish the game against the Wolverines this season, and capitalized for a 30-27 double overtime win. He ran for 125 yards and a score, and threw for 124 yards and an interception. Although he is just a two years removed from his injury, he said he tries not to dwell on it too often.Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson (4) scrambles in for 4-yard touchdown run during the second half against North Carolina State at Memorial Stadium in Clemson, S.C., on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016. Clemson won, 24-17, in overtime. (Ethan Hyman/Raleigh News & Observer/TNS)“I don’t go back to it often, if at all,” Barrett said prior to the Michigan game. “It’s one of those things, it happened, I grew from it, learned from it, got better from it, mentally more than anything. So I guess I don’t revisit that time.”For both players, their roads to starting in the Fiesta Bowl have been different. However, both have the ultimate goal of bringing home the hardware to their respective school, but each has a different reason for wanting to win.Watson has been the answer for Clemson since Tajh Boyd left for the NFL draft, but the 6-foot-3 signal caller has yet to win it all, or bring home college football’s biggest individual award. Although his long list of achievements is impressive — All-American, Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year, first FBS player with 4,000 yards passing and 1,000 yards rushing in a season — the pressure to win it all still looms for Watson.Barrett, hungry for a chance to finally have his time to shine and lead his team, was asked about his accomplishments on Sunday, including being named first team all-Big Ten and Big Ten Quarterback of the Year, and how they might affect his play against Clemson.The low-voiced quarterback kept his same calm composure he’s known for when he answered, and gave an answer in his trademark blunt style. “I guess I don’t really think about it like that,” he said. “I think my main thing is to go out there and play my best. I think my best is pretty good — puts us in a place to win games.” read more

Wrestling No 6 Ohio State defeats No 7 Nebraska 2112 on senior

No. 1 Myles Martin of Ohio State scores a single leg takedown on Mason Manville of Penn State in the 184-pound bout of the Ohio State-Penn State dual. Martin won the bout by major decision, 18-6. Ohio State lost the dual against Penn State 28-9. Credit: Sal Marandino | For The LanternOhio State senior Myles Martin, the No. 1 wrestler in the country at 184 pounds, remained undefeated with a pivotal win to seal the team victory on senior day for the Buckeyes.The No. 6 Ohio State wrestling team (11-2, 7-2 Big Ten) defeated No. 7 Nebraska (11-5, 5-4 Big Ten) 21-12 on Sunday. In a highly anticipated match, Martin won by decision 12-5 against Nebraska fourth-ranked redshirt sophomore Taylor Venz.Ohio State head coach Tom Ryan was happy with the physicality the team showed against Nebraska.“The biggest [issue] with the [Buckeyes] is grittiness and toughness,” Ryan said. “Overall there was progress.”Ohio State finished the duel with six wins in 10 bouts against the Cornhuskers.Ohio State redshirt junior Kollin Moore, the No. 2 wrestler in the country at 197 pounds, won by sudden victory, improving his record to 15-1. The home crowd went into an uproar as Moore took down Nebraska 11th-ranked redshirt sophomore Eric Schultz, in overtime to win 7-5 giving the Buckeyes a 18-12 lead going into the final bout.Ohio State redshirt senior Micah Jordan, the No. 3 wrestler in the country at 149 pounds, won his last home match in big fashion. Jordan won by technical fall 22-7 over Nebraska redshirt junior Jordan Shearer. Moore said Jordan’s big-time victory was well deserved on senior night in front of a home crowd.“I love watching him wrestle. He just hits some really slick stuff and is always attacking,” Moore said. “To see him win and go out with a good dominant win like that was awesome.”Ohio State redshirt freshman Chase Singletary, the No. 18 wrestler in the country at heavyweight, pulled off the upset against Nebraska seventh-ranked redshirt junior David Jensen, as time expired in the third period to win 7-5.Singletary took contact to the face that resulted in blood time, but he said that gave him what he needed to pull off the upset.“I felt amped, when you are in a tough match and you feel blood it just gets me going a little bit,” Singletary said. “I don’t know why but it was fun.”Ohio State senior Joey McKenna, the No. 3 wrestler in the country at 141 pounds, won his final home match of his career. McKenna won by decision 7-3 over Nebraska redshirt sophomore Chad Red.After the Buckeyes fell to a 3-0 deficit, Ohio State junior Luke Pletcher, the No. 6 wrestler in the country at 133 pounds, put the Buckeyes on the board. Pletcher won by major decision 13-4 over Nebraska true freshman Jevon Parrish.Ohio State true freshman Malik Heinselman, lost by decision 8-5 to Nebraska redshirt sophomore Zeke Moisey, No. 14 wrestler in the country at 125 pounds.Despite Heinselman losing his match Ryan was very impressed with the true freshman.“I was really happy with [Heinselman] overall,” Ryan said. “He really out wrestled [Moisey] most of the match.”Ohio State senior Te’Shan Campbell, lost a hard-fought battle by decision 4-2 to Nebraska junior Isaiah White, No. 6 wrestler in the country at 165 pounds, improving his record to 15-5. Nebraska redshirt senior Tyler Berger, No. 2 wrestler in the country at 157 pounds, improved to 21-2 on the season. Berger won by decision 10-5 over Ohio State eighth-ranked redshirt junior Ke-Shawn Hayes.No. 6 Ohio State will take on No. 9 Cornell at 6:30 p.m. on Friday in Ithaca, New York. read more

EHF CL Round 7 Barcelona held THW Kiel in crisis

Group CChehkovski Medvedi: Valladolid 29:27 (15:11)Pick Szeged : Dinamo Minsk 37:34 (20:18)Kadetten : AaB Handball 34:31 (17:19)1. Čehovski medvedi 7-112. Valladolid 7-103. Pick Szeged 7-84. Kadetten Schaffhausen 6-55. AaB Handbold 7-46. Dinamo Minsk 6-2 Group DConstanta : Flensburg 29:32 (12:17)Zagreb : Bosna Sarajevo 34:15 (16:8)Ciudad Real – St. Petersburg1. Ciudad Real* 6 – 112. Croatia os. Zagreb 7 – 103. Flensburg-Handewitt 7 – 104. Sankt Peterburg 6 – 45. Constanta 7 – 46. Bosna Sarajevo 7 – 1 ← Previous Story World Handball Players of 2010 voting – Bojana Popović finally among the best Next Story → Goran Stojanović a new “Mauer” of Rhein Neckar Lowen Round 7 of Men’s EHF Champions League brought a derby match between F.C Barcelona and THW Kiel in which German team deserved second defeat in a row.FC Barcelona-Borges – THW Kiel 32:29 (13:15)First defeat for Kiel, as Barcelona secure the third place in this close group two points below THW and Rhein Neckar Löwen. Thanks to their more alternatives the Spaniards could keep the speed high and dominated the second part of the second half clearly.Kiel had to replace too many players to stand the powerful and fast match play of Barcelona – the Catalans are back on track after the draw against Celje and the defeat in Chambery.Even as goalkeeper Thierry Omeyer saved 19 shots it was obvious in the second half that Kiel lacked power. Barcelona decided the game after minute 45. Kiel led 23:22, before the host went away to 28:25 and kept this three goals distance until the end.Suprisingly the best THW scorer was young Tobias Reichmann with seven goals, Filip Jicha was blocked by the movable and fast Barca defence with a great Cedric Sorhaindo. Best Barca scorer was Laszlo Nagy with six goals.Kiel was stronger in the beginning, but after the 14:11 for the Germans the host reduced the gap and equalized at the score of 19:19 for the first time.In other matches of group “A”, RNL beat Celje 33:32 and Vive Targi Kielce – Chambery 31:25.1. Kiel 7 – 102. Rhein Neckar Löwen 7-103. Barcelona 7-84. Chambery 7-65. Kielce 7-46. Celje PL 7-4 Group Bsobota:Kolding : Tatran Prešov 28:27 (14:11)Hamburg : Veszprem 27:26 (13:11)Sävehof – Montpellier1. Veszprem* 7-122. Hamburg 7-93. Montpellier 6-84. Kolding 7-85. Sävehof 6-26. Tatran Prešov 7-1 read more

Apple buys HPs Cupertino campus

first_imgWith the success of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Apple is growing fast and the company’s main Cupertino campus is bursting at the seams with staff. So when HP chose to sell its 19091 Pruneridge Avenue campus, Apple decided on a buy.The exact figure paid for HP’s old campus is unknown, but is thought to be around $300 million. Apple already owns 50 acres adjacent to HP’s campus, which is 98 acres itself. Compare this to 1 Infinite Loop which is only around 35 acres.AdChoices广告Apple spokesman Steve Dowling made it clear Apple now intends to expand to the new site out of necessity:We now occupy 57 buildings in Cupertino and our campus is bursting at the seams. These offices will give us more space for our employees as we continue to grow. Even though the cost of land in Cupertino is high compared to other available sites, Steve Jobs seems determined to stay there. He approached the City Council in 2006 stating that even though the cost was high he wanted Apple to, “stay in the area that we like the best.”Read more at MercuryNews.com, via All Things DigitalMatthew’s OpinionEven though the cost of staying in Cupertino is high, the convenience of having a second large campus nearby can’t be overlooked. Apple can now expand into pre-built facilities already used to having a tech company in them. And staff can easily travel between the two sites throughout the day.I doubt Apple will rush to fill the new facility, instead taking the same approach as the release of it’s gadgets. A slow, iterative release of staff to the new campus, with the facilities getting better with each move. Eventually, the campus will be seen as one of the best to work at with engineers around the world intent on gaining a position there.last_img read more

12 dead as ISIS gunmen and suicide bombers storm Irans parliament

first_img Share196 Tweet Email1 Wednesday 7 Jun 2017, 1:17 PM 12 dead as ISIS gunmen and suicide bombers storm Iran’s parliament The tomb of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini was also targeted. Attackers inside the parliament building Source: Fars News Agency, Omid Vahabzadeh via APUpdated 1.17pmGUNMEN AND SUICIDE bombers stormed Iran’s parliament and the shrine of its revolutionary leader today, killing 12 people in the first attacks in the country claimed by the Islamic State group.Dozens of people were wounded in the attacks, which ended after a standoff lasting several hours as the gunmen holed up in parliamentary office buildings.IS released a video of the attackers from inside the building via its Amaq propaganda agency – a rare claim of responsibility while an attack was still going on.Police said all the attackers had been killed by around 3 pm (10.30 GMT), some five hours after it started.The Sunni jihadists of IS consider Shiite Iran to be apostates, and Tehran is deeply involved in fighting the group in both Syria and Iraq.The assaults began mid-morning when four gunmen burst into the parliament complex in the centre of Tehran, killing a security guard and one other person, according to the ISNA news agency.An interior ministry official said they were dressed as women and entered through the visitors’ entrance.At roughly the same time, a team of three or four assailants entered the grounds of the mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who led the 1979 Islamic revolution, killing a gardener and wounding several other people.Iran’s emergency services said a total of 12 people were killed in the two attacks and 39 wounded.Two of the attackers at the shrine, one of them a woman, blew themselves up, while another detonated a suicide vest on the fourth floor of the parliamentary office building.Parliament undeterredA picture on social media showed police helping staff escape through windows.Large crowds gathered around cordons to watch as police struggled to disperse the crowds. Source: Omid Vahabzadeh/AP PhotoParliament was in session as the attacks unfolded and members were keen to show they were undeterred, continuing with regular business.Some posted selfies of themselves looking calm, even as gun battles raged in surrounding office buildings and snipers took position on nearby rooftops.Speaker Ali Larijani dismissed the attacks, saying they were a “trivial matter” and that security forces were dealing with them.An official at Khomeini’s mausoleum in south Tehran said “three or four” people had entered via the western entrance and opened fire, according to the Fars news agency.It published photos showing the suicide bomber blowing herself up outside.The intelligence ministry said there had been a third “terrorist” team that was neutralised before the attacks started.The city was on lockdown, with streets blocked and parts of the metro closed. Journalists were kept away from the shrine by police.Interior Minister Abdolrahman Fazli told ISNA he had convened a special meeting of the country’s security council.Targeted by ISJihadist groups have clashed frequently with security forces along Iran’s borders with Iraq and Afghanistan, but the country has largely escaped attacks within its urban centres.The intelligence ministry said in June 2016 that it had foiled a plot to carry out multiple bomb attacks in Tehran and around the country.IS published a rare video in Persian in March, warning that it “will conquer Iran and restore it to the Sunni Muslim nation as it was before.”Iran, the predominant Shiite power, has been helping both Iraq and President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria to battle IS. Source: Ebrahim Noroozi/AP PhotoThe jihadist group is under increasing pressure in both countries, having lost significant territory in the face of offensives now targeting its last two major urban bastions, Raqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq.Militant groups are also known to operate in Iran’s southeastern Sistan-Baluchistan province, which borders Pakistan and has a large Sunni community.Jaish-ul Adl (Army of Justice), which Tehran accuses of links with Al-Qaeda, has carried out several armed attacks on Iranian soil in recent years.Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Sunday that attacks by IS in Europe and elsewhere showed that Western policies in the Middle East have backfired.“This is a fire that (Western powers) themselves ignited and now has backfired on them,” he told a gathering of senior officials in Tehran.© – AFP, 2017Read: Varadkar to meet with Fianna Fáil, ponders new COBRA intelligence committeeRead: Duterte tells soldiers to ‘crush enemy’ as Islamic State tightens grip on city 37,575 Views Jun 7th 2017, 1:17 PM 93 Comments By AFP Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL https://jrnl.ie/3430445 last_img read more

Reillys sniping score hands McNamaras Ireland memorable Grand Slam win

first_img Share785 Tweet Email1 33,419 Views Wren darts through for Ireland’s first-half try. Source: Ryan Byrne/INPHOReferee Christophe Ridley was asking for further video recourse moments after when French, off a set-piece move, put the head down and pumped the legs — but again the officials agreed that the Ireland centre had planted the ball agonisingly shy of the whitewash before knocking on. But Wren wasn’t to be denied the third time, as Ireland charged for the sheds with a spring in their step, and just three points in arrears despite an off-colour and error-strewn first-half showing. With the wind and momentum at their backs, Ireland seized the scoreboard advantage upon the restart, as Tierney-Martin added to his impressive championship tally in the far corner.The initial TMO review appeared to show the Connacht hooker break off the maul and for the line in an offside position, but Ridley judged that he went to ground of his own accord and was then allowed pick up again and drive for the line.It was a superb piece of play for Tierney-Martin’s fifth Six Nations try, and Healy nailed the touchline conversion for a 14-10 lead.And so it ebbed and flowed. Kernohan was pinged for holding on after collecting the restart but Evans uncharacteristically pushed his penalty wide and then Penny showed his worth on the other side of the ball, winning a huge turnover five metres from his own line.At the other end, Ireland looked to have executed a superb strike move for a third try to create daylight between the sides, but the TMO did well to spot Turner’s pop pass for French was fractionally forward in the build-up. It was a shame because the centre’s audacious offload for Kernohan was a moment of individual brilliance. As it was, Ireland, instead of heading into the final quarter with an insurance score on the board, found themselves under their own sticks and chasing the game and Grand Slam again. Another poor kick downfield gave Evans time and space and replacement winger Ryan Conbeer did the damage with brilliant footwork and scintillating pace to cut through the green shirts and free the supporting Jac Morgan. 17-14, backs against the wall again. But they had the solution. Charlie Ryan and Ed Scragg battle for possession at a lineout. Source: Ryan Byrne/INPHOThe end-game because fast and loose, Ireland were fortunate Evans’ radar had gone awry as he was off-target with another long-range kick and that second row Teddy Williams was the only man in support of Conbeer, after he made another scything break through the heart of the Irish defence.But the moment of the game — the moment of the championship — was still to come, and it was delivered by replacement 9 Reilly, who was not even in the original matchday 23, only to be promoted when Casey withdrew.Out of nothing, he saw a gap where Welsh pillars ought to have been and sniped right of a ruck from 30 metres out, arcing his way around the cover defence with a serious show of gas to sprawl over for a sweet, sweet score. Flannery, having moved into out-half, struck the upright with the conversion but it mattered little.Martin Moloney came up trumps with a big steal and the pack did the rest, showing maturity and composure to land the knockout blow through Clarkson, sparking jubilant scenes in the coaching box and stands. Grand Slam champions. Wales scorers:Tries: Aneurin Owen, Jac Morgan. Conversions: Cai Evans [2 from 2].Penalties: Cai Evans [1 from 3].Ireland scorers:Tries: Jonathan Wren, Dylan Tierney-Martin, Colm Reilly, Tom Clarkson.Conversions: Ben Healy [2 from 2], Jake Flannery [1 from 2].WALES: 15. Cai Evans, 14. Tomi Lewis, 13. Tiaan Thomas-Wheeler, 12. Aneurin Owen, 11. Ioan Davies (Ryan Conbeer 51′), 10. Sam Costelow, 9. Dafydd Buckland; 1. Rhys Davies (Tom Devine 51′), 2. Dewi Lake (captain) (Will Griffiths 51′), 3. Ben Warren, 4. Ed Scragg (Jac Price 51′), 5. Teddy Williams, 6. Ellis Thomas, 7. Jac Morgan, 8. Iestyn Rees. IRELAND: 15. Jake Flannery, 14. Angus Kernohan, 13. Liam Turner, 12. Sean French, 11. Jonathan Wren, 10. Ben Healy (Rob Russell 63′), 9. Cormac Foley (Colm Reilly 63′); 1. Josh Wycherley (Callum Reid 60′), 2. Dylan Tierney-Martin (John McKee 63′), 3. Thomas Clarkson, 4. Charlie Ryan (captain), 5. Niall Murray (Ryan Baird 49′), 6. Martin Moloney, 7. Scott Penny, 8. John Hodnett (David McCann 71′).Referee: Christophe Ridley [England].Bernard Jackman joins Murray Kinsella and Ryan Bailey on The42 Rugby Weekly as Ireland bid to spoil Wales’ Grand Slam party in Cardiff, and the U20s target their own piece of history. Source: The42 Rugby Weekly/SoundCloudSubscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here: Mar 15th 2019, 9:11 PM Subscribe 46 Comments By Ryan Baileycenter_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Reilly’s sniping score hands McNamara’s Ireland memorable Grand Slam win The replacement scrum-half, promoted to the bench just before kick-off, produced a moment of magic for Ireland in north Wales. Wales 17Ireland 26Ryan Bailey reports from Parc Eirias, Colwyn BayCHAMPION SIDES FIND a way to win. Ireland, no matter what, were not going to be denied their crowning moment here, as Noel McNamara’s side dug deep and deeper again to eke out a monumental victory and clinch a famous Grand Slam. With their backs against the wall, and Wales threatening to spoil the party, Ireland showed remarkable resilience to negotiate the final hurdle of the championship, scoring two late tries through replacement Colm Reilly and Tom Clarkson. Ireland celebrate Reilly’s late try. Source: Ryan Byrne/INPHOReilly’s sniping score from 30 yards out, with Ireland trailing by three points and just a handful of minutes left on the clock, will live long in the memory, as will a rollicking campaign that sees McNamara’s young guns emulate the feat of Eric Elwood’s 2007 side. Ireland were not at their best here, their performance pockmarked by a string of frustrating errors. Yet the character, team spirit and unity which has been evident throughout the last eight weeks came to the fore when they needed it most.Even losing Craig Casey and Harry Byrne before kick-off was not going to deter this group, who become just the second Ireland U20s side to complete a Six Nations clean sweep on the back of home wins over England and France and victories on the road against Scotland, Italy and now Wales.The pack were again superb, led by captain Charlie Ryan and Scott Penny, while Dylan Tierney-Martin scored his fifth try of the campaign during a rip-roaring affair on the Welsh coast.Liam Turner and Sean French were excellent again in midfield and when questions were asked of the bench, including Ryan Baird, they duly responded to get Ireland across the line when the big prize had threatened to slip from their grasp in the final quarter.There is no doubt that the withdrawal — however late it may have been — of their influential half-back pairing, Casey and Byrne, was an unwanted distraction ahead of kick-off and it must have been a factor in their jittery performance. That they ticked this final box — while also winning at this venue for the first time — is a testament to the group. It wasn’t all perfect, yet that makes the victory and sense of achievement even sweeter. An overthrown defensive lineout on this near side set the tone as Wales pitched tent under the shadow of the Ireland posts for the opening exchanges, using their controlled maul to good effect when the visitors infringed under stress.After initially withstanding wave-after-wave of Welsh attack, Ryan and John Hodnett making key interventions in defence, it appeared Ireland had relieved the early pressure on their line with a scrum penalty of their own, only for further errors to grant the hosts access. Sean French shoots out of the defensive line. Source: Ryan Byrne/INPHOUsing their lineout maul as a solid attacking base, Wales changed the tempo of their attack, throwing it wide from 40 metres out and when Turner and Wren shot up off the line, Jake Flannery was exposed on the outside.The Ireland fullback was beaten by Tomi Lewis’ hitch-kick, blistering step and turn of pace, before he drew the final two defenders and offloaded inside for Aneurin Owen to surge over untouched.Cai Evans added the extras with a sweet strike, and the fullback showed his accuracy off the tee again just short of the half-hour mark to land a long-range penalty and extend Wales’ lead to 10 points after Josh Wycherley was penalised at the breakdown.Gareth Williams’ men were full value for it, too. It was the poorest half of rugby Ireland had produced in this championship, yet the complexion of the scoreboard changed on the stroke of the interval as Angus Kernohan produced the moment of inspiration his side so desperately craved.Swooping on a loose ball on the far side, the Ulster winger brought Ireland up to the Welsh 10-metre line with a slaloming break from his own half and with the support in tow, the visitors were able to show their clinical edge. Ireland moved it wide with pace and precision, allowed Penny to carry, straighten and fix the red shirt before releasing for Wren to step back inside, wrong-footing three covering defenders for a sensational score which Healy converted from under the sticks. In an instant, Ireland had rediscovered their accuracy in the red zone after it had frustratingly deserted them earlier in the half when two scoring opportunities went begging. Firstly, Penny injected some oomph with a typically abrasive carry off the back of a maul and then thought he had got the ball down at the base of the post after a strong Foley carry, only for the TMO to call it just short. Friday 15 Mar 2019, 9:11 PM Short URL https://the42.ie/4545124 last_img read more

WWE RAW Ratings Viewers down on April 23 Audience continues to drop

first_img Google+ Twitter WhatsApp WWE Draft confirmed to be taking place as a two-night event starting on October 11 Facebook WWE Smackdown Ratings: Viewership stays over 2 million, WWE stays No. 1 on Tuesdaycenter_img Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Pinterest WWE RAW Ratings are in for April 23, 2018.This week’s episode from St. Louis drew an average audience of 3.10 million viewers on Monday night on the USA Network according to a report by Showbuzzdaily.com.This is down from last week’s average of 3.62 million viewers. WWE came in at No. 2, No. 3 and No. 6 for the night on cable (compared to No. 2, No. 4 and No. 5 last week). The first two hours drew the strong audience, while the third hour dipped below three million.Hourly breakdowns were as follows.Hourly breakdowns of the WWE RAW RatingsHour 1: 3.283 (down from 3.634 million viewers last week)Hour 2: 3.210 (down from 3.754 million viewers)Hour 3: 2.819 (down from 3.479 million viewers)RAW, headlined by a 10 woman tag team match featuring Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, and The Riott Squad vs. Bayley, Ember Moon, Natalya, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax, averaged a 1.05 rating among adults 18-49. This is down from last week’s 1.30 rating. Wrestleview Weekly: Predictions for tonight’s Clash of Champions event in Charlotte last_img read more

Whoever tries to mend Article 35A will be burnt to ashes

first_imgSrinagar: Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti warned the Centre on Sunday against the revocation of Article 35A, saying any tinkering with the constitutional provision would be akin to setting a powder keg on fire. Addressing a function here to celebrate the Peoples Democratic Party’s 20th raising day, Mufti asked her party workers to get ready for a big fight for the protection of Article 35A, which gives special rights and privileges to the state’s permanent residents. Also Read – HC declines protection to Shivakumar from arrest Advertise With Us “We want to tell the Central government that tinkering with Article 35A will be akin to setting a powder keg on fire,” the PDP president said. “If any hand tries to touch Article 35A, not only that hand, but that whole body will be burnt to ashes”. Mufti said they would fight till death any attempt to tinker with the state’s special status. The former chief minister said many attempts would be made to harass the PDP and its leaders. She said New Delhi knew the PDP was the “only party” that “stands like a wall” to protect the state’s special status and identity.last_img read more

RAMBLING ROSE Happy Happy Mommys Day

first_imgBy Rosa Pryor, Special to the AFROHello everyone! Happy Mother’s Day to you! To all the mommy’s out there or in the sound of my words, have yourself a wonderful weekend. I am going to help you out a little bit. This is such a special weekend. I want the mothers, grand-mothers, and the great-grand-mothers to go out and have a fantastic time. I would like for the children and grand-children remember this beautiful lady who brought you into the world; the forester-mothers and the grand-mothers who raised you. This is the weekend you want to say thank you by doing something real special for her. Many of you who appreciate such dedication would have done this every week or every month and not wait for a special day.Eric and Nestley Duppins, owners of the Champagne Ballroom, 2701 W. Patapsco Avenue in Baltimore will host their 11th annual Mother’s Day Show on May 12 from 4-8 p.m. Live entertainment featuring the Panama Band and a hot & cold dinner buffet. For more information, call 410- 644-3434.I am going to give you some suggestions, just in case you have not made any plans for this special occasion. Check this out! First check out the pictures on my page with the captures, that will get you started.Time to celebrate these cherished women in our lives by taking them to a “Mother’s Day fabulous feast at the Forum Caterers, 4210 Primrose Avenue. Along with dancing music for your feet, they are serving for your stomach; garden salad, fried chicken, baked chicken, roast beef w/gravy, baked salmon, mashed potatoes, Mac & cheese, sweet-potatoes, green beans, collard greens, desert, beverages and cash bar. Give Nikita a call at 410-358-1101 and reserve your seat.Baltimore/DC One Caribbean will host a Carnival Launch on May 11 9 p.m. at the Montego Bar & Grille, 1818 N. Charles Street in Baltimore. All band leaders and masqueraders are invited to showcase your 2019 contributions. For more information, call 443-691-2006Maryland Beverage Association Community Development Corporation with Dr. Louise Johnson is hosting Baltimore’s Best Beer, Wine and Liquor Expo on May 11 from 3-8 p.m. at the 5th Regiment Armory on Preston & Howard Streets in Baltimore, with free alcohol tasting, cash bar, vendors, food, jewelry and live entertainment by “Septimius the Great”. For more information, call 410-925-4056.You might want to take Mommy to a gospel event. Gospel entertainer, Hezekiah Walker is performing at the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races in Charles Town, W. Virginia on May 10 at 9 p.m. For more information, go to: www.lovefellowship.com/Robert Shahid, radio personality at WEAA 88.9 FM and renowned musician and drummer is the Master of Ceremonies for Moon-Man’s Mother’s Day Show & Dance on May 11 at the Patapsco Arena 3301 Annapolis Road. The concert features the Stylistics Review, Philly Intruders, The Ebony’s, BADD, Ten Karat Gold and much more. Show time 6 p.m.La Fontaine Bleue Banquet Room is celebrating Mother’s Day with a Mother’s Day Dinner in their Lanham location with live jazz entertainment and a wide unbelievable menu on, May 12 from 12:30 -4:30 p.m., call 301-731-4333 or if you are closer to the La Fontaine Bleue in the Glen Burnie location, they are having a Mother’s Day Brunch on May 12th from 1-5 p.m. serving a delicious buffet and cash bar. Call 410-760-4115 to reserve your seat.Race to Preakness Baltimore Celebration takes place May 13-17 starting with “Happy Hours in Center Plaza, Pee Wee Preakness for youngsters, Downtown Lunchtime and Inner Harbor Party with a fireworks finale. The lineup looks like this; Happy Hour at Center Plaza on May 13- May 17th 5-8 p.m. at Center Plaza at 110 W. Fayette Street; May 13 is “Game Night”; May 14 is June Star Americana featuring Hospitality Industry Night; May 15 is Jah Works, Reggae featuring Lexington Market Crab Derby Race; May 16 is DJ Impulse featuring the Night Brunch, Baltimore’s Top Roving Brunch Event. For more information call 410-752-8632 and tell them “Rambling Rose” told you. Ask for Tracy.Eric and Nestley Duppins, owners of the Champagne Ballroom, 2701 W. Patapsco Avenue in Baltimore will host their 11th annual Mother’s Day Show on May 12 from 4-8 p.m. Live entertainment featuring the Panama Band and a hot & cold dinner buffet. For more information, call 410- 644-3434.Well my friends, I got to go. I will spend my Mother’s Day icing my “Boo-Boo” knee from his knee replacement and enjoying every moment of it while eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Enjoy your weekend and remember if no one else loves you “Rambling Rose” loves you. Also remember if you need me, call me at 410-833-9474 or email me at rosepryor@aol.com. UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS.last_img read more

Best Space Documentaries to Stream Before the Apollo 11 Anniversary

first_img As the nation (and the world) prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20, space fans can pre-game with documentaries that relive the nail-biting mission, explore the wonders of space exploration, and honor the people who made (and continue to make) the giant leap for mankind.Here, we round up new and older documentaries, many featuring fascinating archival footage that bring audiences back to the most important moments of the space race.Apollo 11 (2019)If you can only watch one documentary this month, make it this one. Directed by Todd Douglas Miller, Apollo 11 features never-before-seen footage and audio recordings that take you straight into the heart of NASA’s most celebrated mission as astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins embark on a historic trip to the moon. The stunning documentary, which aired on CNN in June, is available for rent on purchase on Amazon. Or you can catch it on CNN, which is airing it again on July 20, the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.Stream it on AmazonLast Man on the MoonThe Last Man on the Moon focuses on astronaut Gene Cernan, the commander of the Apollo 17 mission, and who, on December 14, 1972, became the last person (to date) to set foot on the lunar surface. Cernan’s story is a compelling one, and his NASA career shaped his life and (devastatingly) affected his relationships. In the documentary, Cernan, now in his 80s, serves as a tour guide of sorts to his own life, taking viewers through the heavy personal sacrifices that come with taking on the pioneering treks into space.Stream it on NetflixThe Farthest: Voyager in SpaceNASA’s Voyager mission is one of of humanity’s greatest achievements in exploration. The twin spacecraft —each with less computing power than a cell phone — used slingshot trajectories to visit Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. They captured images and sent back data that revolutionized our understanding of remote planets and their many peculiar moons. The Farthest tells the captivating tales of the people and events behind the Voyager, which, a billion years from now, will probably be the only remaining evidence that humanity ever existed.Stream it on NetflixMercury 13The so-called Mercury 13 was a group of women who trained to become astronauts for America’s first human spaceflight program in the early 1960, but were asked to step aside when only men are selected for spaceflight. Like the movie Hidden Figures, this documentary offers a glimpse of the challenges women faced during the space race, and shines a light on how the commitment of these women paved the way for others who followed.Stream it on NetflixIn the Shadow of the MoonIn the Shadow of the Moon brought together surviving crew members from every single Apollo mission that flew to the Moon to chronicle — in their own words — all the triumphs and disasters of the Apollo space program between 1968 and 1972. Director David Sington used amazing archival footage to revisit the 1960s and an optimistic country still stuck in the shame of the Vietnam war. With no narration, the documentary gives the spotlight to the astronauts (although Neil Armstrong did not participate), who let their humility and humor shine.Stream it on AmazonFight for SpaceHas the U.S. lost its direction in space? Why haven’t we gone back to the Moon in over 45 years? These are some of the questions in the heart of this 2016 documentary, which explains the economic and cultural benefits of human space exploration, and examines the historical political events that have led to the decline of NASA’s budget since 1968, and its struggle to return to the Moon and send humans to Mars.Stream it on AmazonHubble 3DThe Hubble Space Telescope is one of the towering scientific and technological achievements of our age and missions to repair and upgrade it have been some of NASA’s most difficult and important tasks. In this documentary narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, the jaw-dropping photography, which take advantage of 3D technology, is the highlight. The footage was compiled from multiple sources, including IMAX cameras taken into space on Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Missions by the Space Shuttle. This allowed the camera to shoot footage of the satellite close-up and during maintenance. IMAX cameras were taken to the Hubble Space Telescope on STS-61 (Servicing Mission 1 in December 1993) and on STS-125 (Servicing Mission 4 in May 2009) which carried an IMAX 3D camera.Stream it on AmazonMore on Geek.com:Relive Apollo Moon Landing at NASA’s Restored Mission Control CenterApollo 11 Tapes Bought for $218 Could Fetch Millions at AuctionNASA: Share Your Memories of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Stay on target Butter Sculptures Celebrate Apollo 11 AstronautsApollo 11 Tapes Sold For $1.82M at Sotheby’s Auction last_img read more

Activision being sued by family of Angolan rebel leader for 11 million

first_imgCall of Duty: Black Ops II had gameplay which took place in Angola during the late 1980s. As such, the game featured the Angolan civil war, which had been raging for many years. Angolan rebel leader Jonas Savimbi was in the game, and although he was an ally thanks to America aiding the rebels during the war, he was shown to be a merciless man.According to the BBC, this depiction is one that Savimbi’s three children find insulting as, in their words, the game makes him look like a “barbarian.” Because of that, they are suing Activision Blizzard for $1.1 million dollars. Activision claims that the depiction in the game is “rather favorable.”Cheya Savimbi claims that her father would never commit the actions seen in Black Ops II. She is referring to Jonas Savimbi killing and mutilating people, and screaming things like “death to the MPLA.” A laywer for Activision Blizzard said that Savimbi is shown as a “good guy who comes to help the heroes.”A similar lawsuit related to Black Ops II was brought against Activision in 2014 by former Panamanian military dictator, Manuel Noriega. Noriega had been in various prisons for decades due to his involvement in all sorts of nasty things like drug trafficking, money laundering, and murder. He objected not only to his portrayal in the game, but to his likeness being used without permission. Noriega’s lawsuit was dismissed by a US court.Savimbi’s family has taken the French branch of Activision to court in Nanterre. Though it isn’t an American court, it’s possible that this suit will also be dismissed.last_img read more

Heres a sneak peek of Framelines first ten films in its 2018

first_imgGAYSTARNEWS- Here it is, the full line-up at the world’s biggest queer film festivalRecord numbers of international LGBT+ travel industry exhibitors at ITB BerlinIndia’s Kashish queer film festival’s winning poster has been revealedRead the full article on Gaystarnews: :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/heres-a-sneak-peek-of-framelines-first-ten-films-in-its-2018-program/ It’s always exciting when the world’s biggest queer media festival, Frameline, comes around, but thing are a little different this year.The 2018 festival will be the first time new director of exhibition and programming, Paul Struthers, will have a chance to show the world his skill for picking great films. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… With sly wit, Molly Shannon embodies poet Emily Dickinson as a driven writer, a target of obsessive envy, an ardent lover, and a woman who suffered no fools. This delightful account of creative passion and longing tells only the truth but tells it with an ingeniously subversive slant. Following its world premiere at SXSW, Wild Nights with Emily is the latest from Frameline alum Madeleine Olnek (The Foxy Merkins, Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same).Breathe Normally. | Photo: SuppliedLara is a struggling single mom whose life unexpectedly collides with that of a female refugee in this intensely moving drama—a Sundance award winner—from Iceland. As the two women find themselves falling outside society’s safety nets, they turn to one another to find a way out of their predicaments. Winner of the Best Director – World Cinema prize at Sundance.When the Beat Drop. | Photo: SuppliedFamed and prolific choreographer Sims directs this bold, energetic documentary exploring “bucking,” a dance subculture popular within the black LGBTQ community in the South, from its beginnings at historically black colleges and universities, through its evolution at underground clubs, and on to fierce competitions at large venues.Bonding. | Photo: SuppliedStruggling to pay his rent, a shy, aspiring stand-up comedian teams up with his best friend—who moonlights as a dominatrix—in this hysterical, touching, and kinky new episodic. Bonding had its world premiere at the inaugural Cannes International Series Festival in April.High Fantasy. | Photo: SuppliedCaptured by four friends with smartphones, a camping trip deep in the South African wilderness takes a sharp turn toward the weird when they wake to discover they have switched bodies with one another, in this high-energy riff on sexuality, gender, and race.Man in the orange shirt. | Photo: SuppliedProduced by the BBC, two connected love stories, set sixty years apart, explore the evolving challenges of gay life for men in England from the post–World War II era to the present day, in this well-crafted, sophisticated drama which stars Vanessa Redgrave, Julian Morris, Laura Carmichael, and Julian Sands.Mapplethorpe. | Photo: SuppliedStarring Matt Smith, this vibrant biography dramatizes the life and legacy of visionary photographer and sexual outlaw Robert Mapplethorpe. From the early days of his friendship with Patti Smith to his success as an artist and provocateur and then to his ultimate struggle with AIDS.Of Love and Law. | Photo: SuppliedWith their Osaka law firm, openly gay life partners Fumi and Kazu blaze new trails. They promote expanded human rights for outsiders suffering in Japan’s strictly conformist society while building their own family. An award winner at both the Tokyo and Hong Kong International Film Festivals.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Struthers has just chosen the first ten films to announce early for the upcoming festival, which is celebrating its 42nd birthday this ear.‘I’m thrilled with this year’s diverse and enriching slate that our exceptional Programming team has curated, for my first festival as Director of Exhibition and Programming,’ he said.‘These ten features offer an exciting glimpse into the exceptional program for Frameline42, which will present over 150 stories representing the breadth of the queer communities’ experience with Bay Area audiences in June.’Frameline is the world’s longest-running and largest showcase of queer media with the 42nd Festival celebrating the spectrum of identities that make up LGBTQ communities worldwide.‘Frameline is thrilled to return for our 42nd year, serving as a platform for the world’s finest in LGBTQ content, and a lightning rod for fresh, radical ideas and stories,’ said Frameline executive director, Frances Wallace.‘Film has always been used as a vehicle of change and our tagline this year—Lights. Camera. Take Action.—speaks directly to our mission to change the world through the power of queer film.’The opening night film, TRANSMILITARY, is a powerful documentary which shines a light on transgender people who currently serve in the U.S. military. Wallace said they are ‘now under very precarious conditions’ after President Donald Trump banned trans people from serving in the armed forces. By choosing TRANSMILITARY as the opening night film reinforces Frameline’s objective to change the ‘world through the power of queer cinema’.‘Frameline has always prided itself to be at the forefront of LGBTQ social change, and the strength of this film… goes to the very heart of our work,’ Wallace said.Frameline42: San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival, runs from 14-24 June in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland. Frameline42 organizers will unveil the full program 22 May. Tickets for the first ten films are on sale now. Here is your sneak peek at the first ten films:TransMilitary. | Photo:SuppliedThe U.S. military is the nation’s largest employer of transgender people. But now, the careers of some 15,000 transgender military personnel are in peril. This captivating documentary—fresh off its premiere at the SXSW Film Festival where it won the Audience Award—tells the inspiring stories of four transgender troops who are the visible front lines of America’s fight for LGBTQ rights. Supported by the Frameline Completion Fund, TransMilitary is also the first feature film to receive funding from GLAAD Media Group.Studio 54. | Photo: SuppliedYou’ve heard of Studio 54. But do you know what went on behind the velvet rope? Strap on your dancing shoes, feather your hair, and prepare to get down with this electrifying documentary, which premiered at Sundance, about the most famous disco of all time. Featuring never-before-seen archival footage and photos as well as candid interviews with cofounder Ian Schrager.Wild Nights With Emily starring Molly Shannon (R). | Photo: Suppliedlast_img read more