Sweetwater Pulled Porter: This is Not a Bacon Milkshake

first_imgSocrates, the classical Greek philosopher, is credited with a lot of really insightful quotes, like “an unexamined life is not worth living,” and “the only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.” And let’s not forget his classic, “be suspicious of combining two good things.” Okay, that wasn’t Socrates, that was actually my childhood friend Damian, but it’s as wise as anything the founder of western philosophy said. Growing up, we would go see the Allman Brothers every Fourth of July and Damian couldn’t understand why the Brothers insisted on playing on the holiday every year. The Fourth is already guaranteed to be a killer party, why throw another killer party on top of it? Why not play a show on the fifth and then we’d all have two awesome days in a row instead of jamming everything into a single day. It’s solid logic that I think even Socrates would appreciate. Christmas is great, and while it might be tempting to combine Christmas and Easter into the same day, with maybe a live broadcast of the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus going at it Greco-Roman style, I think we can all agree that it’s best to spread those two holidays out. There’s only so much fun you can have on a single day before it just becomes white noise. I tend to apply that same philosophy when it comes to beer, too. Beer is great and so are things like chocolate and bananas and Christmas trees, so it might be tempting to combine two or more great things into a single package. That’s how you get Jelly Bean IPAs and Old Bay Lagers. These beers sound like a great idea, but they rarely work out and I usually find myself wishing I could separate all of the ingredients so that I could enjoy a bowl of Jelly Beans next to my IPA. So I was suspicious when Sweetwater released Pulled Porter, a bacon smoked flavored beer that, at first glance, feels a little bit like watching Santa and the Easter Bunny wrestle. Too much of a good thing, maybe even a little sacrilegious. But this beer works. The Atlanta-based brewery partnered with Fox Brothers, arguably the best barbecue joint in the city to create the smoky, pork profile. Over three days, Fox Brothers smoked one ton of malt along with racks of bacon on their wood-burning smoker. Sweetwater used that malt to give this porter a smoky, bacony element that’s strong without being overwhelming. You get a hint of bacon, but it’s not like you’re drinking a bacon milkshake. Look for the beer in four packs this winter. And in case you’re wondering, I already applied for a trademark on the term “bacon milkshake.”Related:last_img read more

Syracuse football to restore No. 44 after retiring it nearly 10 years ago

first_imgThe No. 44 will be back on a Syracuse football jersey after almost 10 years, interim director of athletics Pete Sala announced at the Plaza 44 Groundbreaking Ceremony on Tuesday afternoon.“With the blessing of Jim Brown and Floyd Little, the No. 44 is back,” Sala said.Brown and Little, along with the late Ernie Davis, are the three most notable Syracuse players to wear the number. The last member of the Orange to wear it was fullback Rob Konrad in 1998. In all, 25 players have donned No. 44.Sala added that there will be a committee assembled to decide which player gets to wear the number, and that group will include Little, a special assistant to the athletics director at SU. The committee will consist of four or five people, Little said, while adding that it could be given to a true freshman.“We know it was the right thing to do,” Sala said of bringing back the number.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textThe number was retired on Nov. 12, 2005 but after 3,475 days, a campaign many have been pushing for as of late came to fruition. Comments Published on May 19, 2015 at 3:52 pm Contact Matt: mcschnei@syr.edu | @matt_schneidman Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more