Three optimization based method to make your website quickly be included

this article pay attention! The article content must focus on key words on a page of very low to write simply, this article refines a strange words is only! For example: "basketball tennis" "I like playing basketball and ping-pong." the more the more bizarre! Anyway, only better! Why, I will get to later! Words in about 600 to 800! The appropriate optimization keywords, such as repeated in this article, first appeared in bold, the keyword keyword articles appeared in! Let search engines know this article is around this strange only keywords to write! The everyone no problem! The first step is very simple! Do not need to write a good article is very beautiful, is entirely in order to search engine, you only need to make It knows the home page article about this keyword only when you can! Website included normal, can immediately delete read more

Why the media lack of Shanghai Longfeng keyword layout

Although these Shanghai dragon

is the title of this article is: "the hornet’s nest let Grandma sweat for 90 days, the safe removal of the hornet’s nest experience". When I first saw this title, thinking is "grandma 90 days to sweat, must be very miserable." My heart is very want to know the old grandma do, there is no suffering, this is my reflex, first impression without thinking, I think the general reader should like me.

from a practitioner’s perspective, these articles lack Shanghai Longfeng keywords layout is very unreasonable, I do not want to call them the title of the party, because at least they have some meaning and title match, only the title of most of the text is redundant and has. In my opinion, this situation is detrimental to the overall development of the Internet news articles, so why do these articles do not pay attention to Shanghai Longfeng keyword layout? Speaking from an article I saw yesterday. read more