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may ask: if I put the information into the new old time can? A5 marketing to remind you: do not operate carefully, cheating too immature! Information is old, love has long been Shanghai storage, you update the time and storage time of love in Shanghai have obvious difference Shanghai, love all incoming, your information is not released, so do the right

then we will look at some site snapshot now:

"love Shanghai Webmaster Platform warning: webmaster release time for only where the search results show that any impact to sort, webmaster friends only to ensure true and accurate to the time. No time to release the content page, can increase the accuracy of the proposed station release time." read more

Zhou Xiang the details on Shanghai dragon Er professional

guest – Zhou Xiang: Yes, I interview a person, often not ask those successful cases, but asked a standard basis for comparison of the operating practices.


guest – Zhou Xiang: Yes! We do in the management, will also mention how Shanghai dragon ER issue. Often we can only say that this person is enough professional, because each person operating Shanghai dragon in a single project, some do well, some fully do good

? case!

host Su Xiaoyan: now is not what Shanghai dragon industry standard, can not simply to comment and read more

How to grasp the strategy of Shanghai Dragon

, 4 pictures and compressed custom size optimization (recommended Firefox plugin: Page Speed. ).

2, CSS file for reasonable treatment.

, a station optimization

A and

3, to minimize the use of flash animation, music etc..

station optimization, I believe many of my friends are in the construction accident chain, or even directly defined as the construction of the chain, in fact, station optimization is the best way to increase the popularity of the website by third party platform, the construction of the chain is only used to improve the keywords ranking representation. More is the link mode will flow into the station, so as to enhance the value of the flow ", so as to get good rankings. Outside the station optimization center must grasp in place, must put drainage in the first place, such as the construction of the link to. read more

How to use the popular community to do network promotion


4. promotion, with the integral promotion of spiritual rewards to guide customers to encourage customers to

3. channel place, let your customers know how to get what he wanted, such as mode of payment, to ensure the quality of these things, stabilize the hearts of customers, to allow customers to feel the products at your fingertips.

we should first understand the traditional marketing theory:

2. price price, some people to pay more price sensitive, some people only focus on value, your task is to let your customers only pay attention to the value and forget the price, then you can set the price and profit. read more

How to perfect to optimize a enterprise site promotion

5. Links. Of course Links enterprise station, go to the relevant enterprises do friends chain, do not pay attention to the number of the most important quality. Don’t put your own business into the factory link station.

enterprise station has become a main way of enterprise publicity of its own, but most of the enterprises are not to finish after the website promotion and optimization, or even six months are not updated, so it is not very good to promote enterprise image. Today we talk about how to perfect and to promote the optimization of an enterprise site. The two part is divided into new and old station for read more

The importance of Shanghai dragon content quality


if the original content is actually relatively small it can be appropriate to reduce the other duplicate content that page. At the bottom of the information, such as navigation, some less appropriate, can also achieve high difference each other.

and its most important site in Shanghai Longfeng aspects should be: keywords, content, link three, link keywords and export points, similar to the social when their dress, and the content is funny. Dress, wear no problem, do not need to do too much, but the conversation is different, with the increase of time need to constantly improve, otherwise your website search engine will gradually be eliminated. read more

believe nine wins strong cooperation believe the call will be fully on line advertisingThe pain

many webmaster are living by GG, keep web site, make dream, wish you success.

I believe is the leading search engine business, including a comprehensive collection of Alibaba, HC, thousands of business web business, organic integration, so that users make the Internet business. Believe me, I pay by phone advertising is a new type of online advertising service which pays advertising fees according to the number of valid telephone calls. The letter calls me pay advertising your ads, even more users to browse, click, do not need to pay any cost of advertising, only received a valid telephone consultation when customers will have the advertising expenses, advertising has been effectively protected, pay for customers to achieve a lower risk of advertising. I believe that I pay for the ad, while adding a convenient, simple way of communication, so that prospective customers are more willing to take the initiative to inquire. The webmaster simply adds a small piece of simple code to show me my paid – in AD and gain the benefit of a phone call from a web user. read more

The station link has ranked the eleven phenomenon of the solution

, a large number of soft writing contribute, now I have a day time will bother to write some technical soft contribute to the A5 Adsense nets and the owners of the house a reprint volume >


recently made two months the station was ranked eleven, this problem is very difficult. Do Shanghai dragon in addition to fear the K station, most afraid of be in love with the sea ranked eleven. But the problem is solved, so the reasons are analyzed under the site after consulting several predecessors, finally found a response. read more

The three and three site optimization ban below

site optimization can be said to be normal, but the site excessive optimization is wrong, there is a part of the webmaster to keywords ranking over stack keywords, and the webmaster to the rank of the website to buy a large number of anti chain, these optimization methods are not desirable, to know the development of a website is a process, not a new station in just a few days will be moved up to love Shanghai first, but impossible to over optimize site can long occupy Shanghai love ranking, therefore it is necessary to avoid excessive optimization in the process of Web site optimization behavior, make the optimization of the site into the road to health. read more

The long term consequences of acquisition and the method of avoiding others

therefore, when our website has been in long acquisition state, we update the articles on the site are mostly on the Internet has the same content, and if the site weight is not high enough, so the spider is likely to be your site as a collection station, it believed that your website is collected from the article the Internet, rather than Internet among the other station is collecting your article.

as I said before, Shanghai will start to love your website for consideration, this time, you will find there are some websites and Internet pages are similar, the love of Shanghai will not consider reducing you these pages, so many people find the website included, slowly caused a decrease of the website the entire collection, it is for this reason. The page not included, love Shanghai decline, trust in the site will eventually snapshot stagnant for some time. read more

Rational use of love Shanghai click ranked stable principle to solve the problem

The concept of

like this, through the love of Shanghai index query "liquor merchants", a website for operating the word "liquor merchants point" in the future, the rising rate has reached 510%, Elinie also observed this site for a long time. The site has been down right now. Because it is too soon.

three, how to utilize the principle of

we know that search engine’s original intention is to meet the needs of users, to provide users with the most satisfactory search results, if a page is clicked in a certain period of time, many times. According to the factors of page views and bounce rate, love Shanghai will determine whether this page will have a good user experience. If the search engine, it will give you a good ranking. I love Shanghai on principle, has certain use value. read more

360 search into the web site review function user views into the algorithm

August 16th is the 360 line search on 1st Anniversary days, 360 in the search results launched the website evaluation the call button, users on the website comment comment in the data, which marks the search engine on the website of the evaluation system from closed to open, the first time the user views into the algorithm mechanism.

website comments feature was originally used in the 360 browser, the original function is very simple, mainly to show users a key site for the record, whether horse, netizen evaluation information. read more

A fiasco search lost in Tencent

The new architecture of

Tencent: search lost in soso? This year countless changes, split to other Tencent division, several executives have left, micro-blog on the news that the staff turnover has reached 40%. Once a few years into the scenery, has aroused love Shanghai nervous, soso why come to this step today?

Author: Guo ang

have to say, a kind of ideal this new architecture shows Wu Jun as "Montana" technology, looks very dreamy, but encountered the following problems in the actual operation of enterprises: read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis at least the chain rapidly improve website ranking

chain for the importance of website ranking as a webmaster do not believe there are few do not know, said the chain is the first factor, ranking accounted for 60%, if so, then how could the chain at least the most quickly achieve the desired purpose, as soon as possible to improve website rankings? A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (www. Shanghai dragon zhenduan贵族宝贝) can you solve the mystery, you just need customers for the diagnosis of A5 in Shanghai Longfeng a full range of customers, we believe that this is understandable, after all, Shanghai dragon diagnosis is a service industry, therefore, only I did after the A5 diagnosis and we talk about the feeling. read more

Calm face of Google PR big update

If your website content >


sites have Links, Links site is certainly through your examination, is valuable, but if you follow later in place, each other for various reasons falls to be punished Google site, your site is likely to be implicated in the decrease of PR, as a link to your site by K the site may also be K. So should strictly examine their own website Links, and regularly on the track.

fifth, the

spider on the site and grab, like a user browsing the site, the layout structure is reasonable, it will also walk very clear, otherwise you can not find the direction, like a mess. If your site organization unreasonable layout, structure for search engines to the entire site is not smooth, context is not clear, resulting in the decrease of PR. read more

Right down the website how to prove to the search engine is excellent and fast recovery site

finally, to the search engine that you are a good website. This is about the search engine is how to judge a website is a good website, is nothing more than the residence time, bounce rate, PV and other factors of the page itself. The other is the brand word search, there is to directly enter the URL of your website and collection. This also shows that you are a good website, if not a good site who will you >

preferred to tell the search engines you are a brand website, this is mainly reflected in the love of Shanghai index. Your brand index is very high in the industry, the search engine will think you are a good website. In fact, this is also very good understanding of the brand word index is to tell the search engine you have user group website, this website is search engine respect website, generally did not dare to fall right and be K. Like many Shanghai Dragon Book Why not drop Sina search engine right, because it has a user group, if in the search engine to find Sina search engine users would think you are wrong, not Sina’s wrong. read more

Website optimization strategy five website positioning

site, said the simple point is your website is what. We will analyze from the following aspects.

The , a purposeWhat is the

the purpose of the site is public, so you can not consider profit, but for the vast majority of the webmaster, money is the most important. So how to make money, this is the owners are most concerned about. Then according to the different sites in different ways, such as corporate website, more is to allow customers to buy their products or services, and local information portal is more profit by local advertisers, Taobao customers profitable way more clearly, in addition there is through the online advertising revenue, common GGAD, love Shanghai alliance or some other advertising, through CPM, CPC, CPA, CPS, CPL and other ways to profit. Of course, there are some other special profits, we in the site when it must be clear. read more

What love Haitong data to determine the search engine user experience algorithm

so the first and the home page click rate determines the keywords the user experience. We can observe out some keywords ranking page and click rate, if there is no change in the site keywords ranking the first months the first few months of the website user experience is the highest degree.

The third step: The second step:

love Shanghai through massive data of their own platform to know what users click on the search, what more, so as to update the algorithm by the user. The following data for the love of Shanghai is particularly important to judge. read more

Outside the box or to do the wedding dress Content Alliance is non argumentThe content of entreprene

      Dortmund software duote/union/ software download

, but some of these people, some people successfully break through, fire up their own shop, start Amoy brand business, work for themselves naturally hard. However, a series of work such as brand promotion, new marketing and customer service maintenance are obviously not for one person to cope with. These early electricity providers Amoy girls have also set up small companies, or set up small teams.

their business model: a beautiful young fashion Master KOL key opinion leaders, aesthetic vision and output in her grade pick a variety of models + visual promotion, fans gathered in social media, to store drainage. read more

Wang Qicheng How did a post 80 earn 1 billion 100 million dollars in 10 yearsThree died in Silicon V

although many villagers have accumulated contacts, but many customers on the strength of the new registered company doubts, so that Hangzhou, Ningbo and other major cities have been unable to open the market. This time, Wang Qicheng decided to go to Zhoushan, Lishui and Quzhou and other relatively information less developed cities to try. After many efforts to communicate, they finally signed an agreement with one of the city, Wang Qicheng’s strategic vision of the initial embodiment.

now, he and Facebook founder Mark, ·, Zuckerberg, Yang Huiyan, vice president of Biguiyuan, jumei, CEO, Chen, Europe and so on together, is known as the world’s ten largest 1 billion U.S. dollars, 80 regal". read more