Share my experience and experience with the movie station

at the end of 07, I chose the Marx movie program as a movie station. Registered a COM domain name. Is now the Lishui film and television network, a few days ago, Baidu will be included in the new station, just this time, Baidu new sites included to improve the difficulty, generally 20 days. Helpless for two months, still not included. Helpless……

08 spring festival, the third day of the lunar year, I went back to school early. Find new ways.

at this time, a friend of mine told me that someone has been sold by Baidu domain names, and he used the collected speed can also. read more

Two problems raised by web annotation in web pages

when making web pages and programming, annotate the appropriate, not only can make clear thinking, greatly reduce the difficulty of maintenance, and other project team to facilitate the understanding of your code, easy to understand and modify the code, but recently in div+css layout, often encounter some unexpected the trouble, and these problems in the solution process is actually caused by the notes.

trouble 1: text overflow caused by annotation.

diagram 1

this is a more common problem, for example, in the figure 1, the more "map", the two word is caused by comments, the removal of comments will be restored to normal. read more

Why do Wangzhuan Google servers in the United States

uses Google technology to create a ranking of site traffic is not difficult, if your traffic can reach above 30 thousand IP every day for a month, you collect advertisement fee is very easy, but you don’t need to find advertisers, can be directly obtained through various kinds of advertising alliance. Here recommend learning Google Wangzhuan professional website study network, the content is very good, learning network marketing, foreign Wangzhuan students must not miss. read more

You webmaster do stand remember to diligence

the first statement, I am just a rookie! If I have what not good place please don’t take it to

!In order to make the

more credibility, I said my first…

(brick carving) countless…


my station is only recently breaking through six thousand IP… Sorry to say that I have been here for one year. For many experts, this achievement is not worth mentioning! Finally determined to revision, so the main station is set up!



now 4000+ per day traffic, the weekend can reach six thousand. (do not believe their own to watch statistics, plus my QQ asked me to take.. 9495605) read more

Where should you go before the financial crisis

just a few days ago just sold his hard work for six months of the site, and now regret it. Recently saw Admin5 BBS selling stand stickers more and more, and want to send out emotion, wrote this article (although I’m not good, but guarantee absolutely original)

in the face of the financial storm, rely on the website money advertising and webmasters, income is certainly less than before (except of course website do it better and better), especially minon (including me) pay too much, lose everything, to earn money this year’s rice farmers seems a little, before the treasure, the sudden devaluation the like, who are distressed to.. read more

Mou Changqing 09 Baidu paste bar popular TOP65

07 years, wrote a "Baidu paste bar popular TOP66", and share with you at that time 07 years of the hottest 66 paste it. But now in the past 2 years, paste bar popularity ranking has been big change, 07 years has become the past. Information to keep up with the times, so today to share with you, as of August 09, the most popular 65 paste what is it?.

, before you look at the TOP65 data, do 2 novels, Ming

chart red font bar, is not listed in 07 years, so red paste it can be considered a new list of it. Because 08 years did not do statistics, so the red font stick, can not count 09 years new list, may be part of it posted in 08 years, has entered the TOP65. In addition, because the star class stick whole is too fire, in order to let everyone can understand all kinds of popular stick. Therefore, star class post bar, I took only a total of more than 1000W posts. If you are completely ranked according to the actual number of posts, I’m afraid that more than 80% are star class post bar, so that the significance of the list will be reduced. read more

09 nternet cold winter grassroots webmaster way out where

winter to make people more add a piece of clothes to resist the cold of winter, but for the Internet, and what should take to resist a sudden "cold" webmaster, imperceptibly in 2010 has quietly come. But affected by various domestic environmental factors, I believe that many grassroots Adsense do not have the previous year that the upcoming Spring Festival that festival, but a lot of miserable. A web site was blocked, the domain name hold… 09… Winter, especially in recent days, the grassroots webmaster are accompanied by site sway in the wind and rain. For those who cherish the dream of doing business, the server is blocked, the site is stopped, search by K also indicates the end of the web site life, but also means that the depletion of economic sources. The money is gone, the dream is broken, once the pride of only a little bit buried inside nowhere hard, all dreams were crushed, and then big ambition is just talk. Then the winter comes, we grassroots webmaster where is the way out, refresh stumped every day watching the site again and again are unable to open the page, we really stumped a tolerance for a room is a helpless before sealing the website read more

Analysis the real micro quotient how to play

micro business, this new term, it is controversial, those who oppose it, say it is dying, it support people say it is to subvert the traditional electricity supplier, in the end how derivative, author of marketing and micro business from their own understanding, explain what’s going on under micro business well, let users enjoy the micro business is how to do.

mentioned micro business, we should mention direct marketing.

direct marketing, namely "marketing" in direct response to it is to profit for the purpose, offer release information to the target market members through personalized communication media, to ask for a direct response (inquiry or order) of the society and the management process. Micro business is also a direct contact with their own business target users, through targeted guidance of the user, the product sold out. read more

Discussion on local door management value is the way of survival for local gateway

notes: do a good station, let people need you!

a lot of people used to garbage station, see in recent years, the local station hot, and then put into the ranks of local stations. This is understandable, after all, the Internet after so many years of development, standardization and quality is the inevitable trend. In many places, portals are at the forefront and become the benchmark for information segmentation and localization. However, many people ignore the local station and garbage station of different management ideas, to do garbage station train of thought to do local portal station, the final result can only fail! read more

How do you make your website content

we promote our website, all kinds of methods are effective, but the most important thing is that our website has content that can keep visitors’ eyes, so how can we have content on our website?

1, so that the title of the page is more perfect. The title of the page is self-evident, in the search engine rankings mechanism gives a title of great weight, in my opinion, a successful title should have these characteristics:

, A, really reflects the central idea of the page article, the title and content inconsistent writing is clearly wrong, it will let you lose the trust of search engines, but also will make more visitors run away. read more

Grassroots webmaster is not dead but the policy has not allowed to play alone

2009, "the king of the webmaster," Cai Wensheng told entrepreneur magazine, "the era of personal webmaster is over when I first have the webmaster meeting.". This is not to say that China will not have a webmaster, but that today, personal re do a web site, and make the country famous, there are tens of millions of users is not possible." This judgment is undoubtedly cruel, but looking back is true. In 2005, Xiamen held the first Chinese personal website webmaster conference, gathered at that time China’s Internet industry more than 100 elite webmaster, almost all in the Alexa global ranking less than 2000. As the Internet’s most grass-roots group of people, the commercial value of its creation can not be ignored. Led by Cai Wensheng individual webmaster, in 04, 05 years ago, created by almost equivalent to the flow of the entire flow of 1/3. At the time of the birth of many famous webmaster, like Wang Tianrui now chief 4399CEO investor Cai Wensheng, hao123 Li Xingping, Pang Shengdong, Yao Jinbo, and Dai Zhikang comsenz. Grassroots Adsense has undoubtedly become the foundation of the Internet, innovative sources, traffic fundamental, become Baidu, Google, Tencent and other Internet giants scramble for scarce resources. Become a group to see in the industry. read more

Baidu’s SEO thinking triggered by black

Baidu is hacked, that is, yesterday, January 12, 2010, let’s review the Baidu thing:

7:20 began, Baidu was hacked, users across the country to visit Baidu problems.

8:58, net friend reported that Baidu’s home page is called overseas network forces tampering.

9:29 International Online reported that Baidu can not visit, or because of "Iran net army" attack.

9:30, Taiyuan, Tianjin and other 14 cities, NetEase users have thread reflect, unable to visit Baidu.

9:37, there are friends posted in the forum broke the news and posted a Baidu domain name hijacked picture. read more

For beginners to promote a few suggestions

I don’t love the crap, too wasted time, I believe that all the people here like me, or experience, or technology, or need to work, boring can not come in here.

first: first of all, in the bottom of my heart to find out what type of website I’m going to promote, which people, which areas, and which categories. If the beginning of this are not clear even if you later work will be very tired, but feel no clue, the promotion effect also with


, for example, I’ve studied computer software applications and management before, and I haven’t done any website promotion or anything like that. Learn network promotion I do now, is my first website promotion, the website is engaged in education and training, mainly is in the crowd of schools and training institutions, and then the students, then need to research and training some of the working class and young people like. read more

Adhere to the original is benevolent 2 months of new station the PR value is 6

high quality links on the PR value to improve the balance, but our new station and others to do friendship, other webmaster ignore mining, and no one to do friendship with us, no way, we have to rely on ourselves.

for the first time to ask for friendship, really by K ah, hear the first sentence, your PR value is 0, no way, we are new station, how to improve our own quality, I insist on original add information.

original content on the PR value is very important,

Xiamen people of Hong Kong in May 28th, the PR value from 0 to 6 update, Xiamen talent port: is my domain name registered in April 3, 2009, in order to protect others to do personnel in Xiamen port, I put the.Net/ registration, domain name registration, website on the shelves, Baidu included on the three day, I do not know why later, every day to learn how to do A5 optimization, or is not very ideal, but A5’s webmaster, talked about the original content, I found that Baidu, Google really love the original, so I add daily data, there are plans to add a normal, I added four times at 8 in the morning, 11 noon, afternoon 5, 22 PM, after a month, found that each one plus end, after an hour of Baidu included. read more

Liu Yu includes how should the enterprise build the website that is suitable for network sale

network marketing for SMEs should be how to carry out the website? What should be built? How to optimize the site? How website promotion? Why do some sites will be closed, some no site visit, some sites will make money? These questions in this Liu Yuhan and common analysis. Have a look at you or his side, have this experience?.

we start with the most basic, and that is the website of the enterprise. Be decorated with a client in Chengdu to find me, let me make a diagnosis of their website, I was using the site search site to Ruili decoration, included the situation, understand the specific information of the website name loud enough, scanty, the website also pretty enough. The site in the design but brains, a lot of effort! Ruili decoration home is a whole big flash animation, a beautiful music, the manager is very satisfied, also spent a lot of money. However, the site traffic is not high. Now that the website is being rebuilt, I hope I can give you some advice. Speaking of this, can you find some causes, read more

Be a smart webmaster don’t let the virtual host dominate the web site

can have a good spatial operation is the premise of a good website, space determines the most fundamental lifeblood of a website, but there are still many users because when choosing a host will have no choice, so the resulting website customer churn, want to change the space, data upload and download is a piece of Engineering work. If you do not change, customers will be lost this way, resulting in this situation is because many people choose space, there are three errors:

virtual host selection error one: space super, the price is super cheap, read more

ndividuals do stand to make money must make the website do fine

into the network industry, it should be said that I am also a senior, but has not done any big sites, it can be said, but also did not seriously do a station.

in 2000, I contacted the network, and former buddies to learn web design, but only learned some static page production. At that time the company is going to Beijing Capital International Airport to make a website, I do graphic design in the company, when the man do nothing, I followed him to learn the science! Later, apply for personal space in NetEase, made a personal resume type a website over the same period, but also often! Go to the previous red guestalliance, fun, also follow us to learn some read more

How to use space and blog for promotion

on the SEO, we do not know how to fix these rookie! But the existing media such as Baidu, Baidu and Baidu know, Post Bar and QQ, blog, we can not give up easily, so how to make use of them to promote


this is because Baidu space is Baidu’s own space, of course, the weight of the distribution of inspiration is relatively high. So we can open in Baidu own space, and then the site related information into the Baidu space inside, and finally in the information article left behind one of our web site. It can directly promote the site can also be used for the site to increase high quality even, very helpful for ranking, it is one of what is worth while! Baidu know are new problems and hot spots, many people every day, we can take our website when answering questions so, it will bring a lot of new traffic! Baidu Post Bar Baidu can be said to be the most popular, the most active place, let us have a recessive advertisement! This will bring you a lot of new traffic read more

t is suggested that the government should put the small forum on file at the county and town police

forums and other interactive columns need to be managed and really need. There must be no illegal information, be punished. Now, who cares, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s the municipal public security. How many websites are there now? Is a city public security inspection too busy?. I see the forum for the record down to the bottom to do, a township, a district, the German police, a two, every day to see a few BBS, there is no illegal content or can. And the establishment of mass reporting policy, but also the best reward. Whoever breaks the law, does not commit crimes, and does not commit crimes, drives out all the masses of the community, and examines whether or not the crime is committed. read more

A university grassroots webmaster confession

pinch point, next year at this time, to finance 20 years old. Once there was a great ambition, 20 years old, a university student grassroots webmaster, that’s all.

has grown up with the Internet:

arcade: my memories of 6 years of primary school, in order to have the "journey to the west" too many classes, the class is fully closed, "the king of Fighters" which even thought about how to connect.

online: later, junior high school, arcade fun, Internet cafes began to rise in our town, remember the first thing on the Internet contact is to apply to QQ, later in the Internet cafes to play more, just know, online games is the inside of the popular theme, then the recommendation of the students, the first to play online games "conquer", have to say, online games is very tempting, and quickly sank to go inside, and never tired. Later, in high school, it is crazy, "JX" a 2 beta, the first time we started to play, then not to for a long time, quickly catch up with the 70 level, then in our area, is still quite high, then the number of musketeers team we only considerable, not to be after suppression of school zhengjiaochu, only a few. read more