YAHOO redesigned the search results page tagging and filtering function

yesterday unveiled a redesigned search results page. A new page in appearance in the search box increases below the label, you can easily find images, video, news or other results. Another is to increase the filtering function, can search results through time and trend of filtering. will not have more changes, I guess this means more

Case analysis the reason of love Shanghai deleted website snapshot

is due to two reasons: by robots shielding. Hello, I am Guangzhou Shanghai dragon cup, we love Shanghai today is a snapshot of the problem, as we all know, the conventional case love Shanghai snapshot is deleted, is generally caused by 2 reasons, I don’t know if you meet love Shanghai snapshot to be deleted? more

Career or interest, stationmaster should use a few distractions to do website

most of the webmaster into the Internet, this industry is interested in, due to the love of the Internet, to do site obsessed, joined the ranks of the webmaster, become a grassroots webmaster. Many webmasters in the beginning of Web site, will take into account, is should be the website as a career, or purely more