Activision being sued by family of Angolan rebel leader for 11 million

first_imgCall of Duty: Black Ops II had gameplay which took place in Angola during the late 1980s. As such, the game featured the Angolan civil war, which had been raging for many years. Angolan rebel leader Jonas Savimbi was in the game, and although he was an ally thanks to America aiding the rebels during the war, he was shown to be a merciless man.According to the BBC, this depiction is one that Savimbi’s three children find insulting as, in their words, the game makes him look like a “barbarian.” Because of that, they are suing Activision Blizzard for $1.1 million dollars. Activision claims that the depiction in the game is “rather favorable.”Cheya Savimbi claims that her father would never commit the actions seen in Black Ops II. She is referring to Jonas Savimbi killing and mutilating people, and screaming things like “death to the MPLA.” A laywer for Activision Blizzard said that Savimbi is shown as a “good guy who comes to help the heroes.”A similar lawsuit related to Black Ops II was brought against Activision in 2014 by former Panamanian military dictator, Manuel Noriega. Noriega had been in various prisons for decades due to his involvement in all sorts of nasty things like drug trafficking, money laundering, and murder. He objected not only to his portrayal in the game, but to his likeness being used without permission. Noriega’s lawsuit was dismissed by a US court.Savimbi’s family has taken the French branch of Activision to court in Nanterre. Though it isn’t an American court, it’s possible that this suit will also be dismissed.last_img read more

This time she reappears as a mystical Mermaid th

first_imgThis time she reappears as a mystical Mermaid, “the soul and spirit behind the first Virgin Voyages ship”, Virgin Voyages said. “Her name, and therefore the name of our first vessel, was carefully deliberated and finally chosen to be Scarlet Lady. Scarlet is the embodiment of everything this ship represents. As our figurehead, she takes on a role historically dedicated to goddesses, important women in society and even mermaid figures,” the Virgin Voyages blog said.“Though beautiful and mysterious in vision, she represents a woman of power – the leader not only on our first voyage, but also in our efforts to encourage front-facing female leaders throughout our company with our Virgin Voyages Scarlet Squad Program.“From engineers to builders, marine tech to crew captains and technical positions, this program is meant to help female leaders break through the glass ocean if you will; it’s meant to create more leadership positions for women on the operations side of the sea travel industry,” Virgin Voyages said.Overnight (Thursday 26 July), Scarlet Lady’ drydock in Genoa, Italy was flooded for the ships “jumboisation” – enlarging the ship by adding an entire section of the hull – see images below.Meanwhile, a Steel Cutting Ceremony for Virgin Voyages’ second vessel, due for delivery in 2021, was held in Genoa, Italy a few days ago.Furthermore, Virgin Voyages has released a preview video of it’s classy Athletic Club, which appears to feature an outdoor boxing/sparring ring on the upper deck. View the video on LinkedIn (below) for a fly through.Lead image credit – Tania Steere. Other images sourced from Virgin Voyages.Go back to the enewsletter Go back to the enewsletterVirgin Voyages has announced the name of its first oceangoing vessel as Scarlet Lady in a throwback to one of the first planes of Virgin Atlantic’s fleet.The first Lady Ship of the Virgin Voyages fleet is well underway and Virgin Group has adopted a similar lady image which appears on other Virgin entities. Designed by artist Toby Tinsley, her likeness appears on the Virgin Atlantic and Australia aircraft as well as the Virgin Galactic spaceline.last_img read more