GPF gives over $5M in bursary awards to NGSA students

first_imgTo demonstrate its commitment of recognising academic achievements of its members’ children, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) on Friday hosted its annual bursary awards ceremony, which saw some 156 students who sat the 2019 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) and obtained excellent grades receiving monetary awards.Chief Education Officer(CEO) Marcel Hutson during his presentationThe 156 students received over $5 million. Statistics of this year’s performance revealed that of the total recipients, the highest recipient gained 519 compared to last year’s 515. This year, the figures have shown an increase in overall performance of the awardees, and was deemed most outstanding from previous years.Recognising this success, Police Commissioner Leslie James in his brief remarks directed words of encouragement to parents and guardians, in which he urged them to show continuous support towards their children’s educational journey as they are Guyana’s future.Top award recipient, Dellon Graham, receiving his award from Commissioner Leslie James“I would equally urge the parents and guardians who have brought you thus far, to continue to support you towards that achievement towards that goal. It’s not difficult as you would realise today, because whatever you would’ve put in that is what you achieve…it is required of us to mould you as being the potential person for the next generation,” the Commissioner noted.Meanwhile, Chief Education Officer (CEO) Marcel Hutson, in his feature address, conveyed a similar message to the attendees, as he stressed on the significance of education in today’s society.“I believe it is opportune, it is right, it is timely to celebrate this fundamental resource, because if as a nation we are going to expand, we are going to grow, we are going to develop, education is pivotal…no nation can really advance purposefully without education,” he underscored.On this note, the CEO reiterated how important it is for a child’s family, especially their parents, to be involved in his/her upbringing, particularly in the area of education.“Change does not happen, it has to be caused and what better place for change to take place than at the level of the family which is considered the basic unit of society. So parents have a fundamental role to play in equipping children and allowing them to enjoy some degree of education,” Hutson affirmed.The student receiving the Force’s top prize of $200,000 was Dellon Graham— grandson of Assistant Police Commissioner Maxine Graham— who secured 519 marks at the NGSA.The awards were handed out at the officers’ Mess Office in Eve Leary, Georgetown, and each of the 156 students received financial grants of $25,000 each, along with a $2000 voucher. Some of the organisations which would’ve contributed financially to offer these awards include: the Ex-Police Association of Canada, Guyana Mutual Insurance Company, and the Zara Group.Most students who received bursaries on Friday have obtained 400 marks and above at the NGSA examination. On April 17 and 18, some 14,715 pupils wrote the examinations to complete their primary education and gain entrance into the secondary education system.last_img read more

Sensex Tanks 350 Points Consumer Durable Automobile Stocks Plunge

first_imgA benchmark index of Indian equities markets Thursday provisionally closed the day’s trade 350 points or 1.33 percent down, as consumer durables, automobile, capital goods, metal and banks stocks plunged.All sector-based indices of the S&P Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) ended in red.The 30-scrip Sensitive Index (Sensex) of the S&P BSE, which opened at 26,260.35 points, ended at 25,999.34 points, down 349.99 points or 1.33 percent from the previous day’s close at 26,349.33 points.The Sensex touched a high of 26,462.08 points and a low of 25,933.98 points in the intra-trade.Sector-wise the S&P BSE consumer durables index was down 405.05 points, followed by automobile index which was lower by 359.91 points. Capital goods index plunged 294.66 points, metal index fell by 253.38 points, bank index decreased by 223.85 points, oil and gas index declined by 202.55 points and healthcare index slipped 197.92 points.The wider 50-scrip Nifty of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) also provisionally closed in red. It fell 115.80 points or 1.47 percent at 7,748.20 points.last_img read more

GVK family fail to pay Rs 1662 crore for coal mines in

first_imgThe GVK Reddy family has failed to pay the final tranche of $560 million or Rs. 1,662 crore to the Australian billionaire Gina Rinehart-owned Hancock Prospecting, from which it had acquired the Hancock coal mines in the country for $1.2 billion in 2011.Bankers said the coal project is “stranded” due to low crude oil prices. GVK was initially planning to invest about $10 billion for developing three coal mines and infrastructure in Australia, Business Standard reports.The Reddy family owns 90 percent stake in a Singapore-based company, which is developing the project, whereas GVK Power and Infrastructure owns 10 percent stake in the project.The stock of GVK Power and Infrastructure was trading at Rs 6.76 at around 2.40 p.m. Thursday, down 2.45 percent from its previous close.Last Sunday, Indian conglomerate Adani Enterprise received approval from Australia’s Queensland state government to go ahead with the proposed AUD 10 billion (US$7.7 billion/about Rs. 51,000 crore) coal project. The company won the permission to conduct mining activities in certain Australian coal reserves.Last year, India’s coal import dropped by 27 percent. Helped by an increase in the domestic production of the fuel, coal imports in India reduced to 12.6 million tonnes in September 2015, as against 17.3 million tonnes of import in September 2014, the Hindu reported.[1 lakh = 100,000 | 1 crore = 10 million | 100 crore = 1 billion]last_img read more

July 21 2004 Cosanti Foundation long time staff m

first_imgJuly 21, 2004Cosanti Foundation long time staff member Roger Tomalty is in Venice, Italy, to teach a Silt Cast Workshop at the IUAV School of Architecture. [Photo: Antonio Fragiacomo & text: Matteo Di Michele]Cosanti Foundation long time staff member Roger Tomalty is in Venice, Italy, to teach a Silt Cast Workshop at the IUAV School of Architecture. [Photo: Antonio Fragiacomo & text: Matteo Di Michele] [left photo] The IUAV School of Architecture in Venice is one of the most prestigious architecture schools in Italy. It has started an intensive summer program of innovative sessions with the intention of facilitating the expressive capacities of its students by putting a consistent amount of space and tools at their disposal. Important architects from all around the world were invited to participate. One of these courses, mandatory to graduate from the School, is about Paolo Soleri and Arcosanti. [right photo] Marco Felici introduces the students to Paolo Soleri’s LEAN ALTERNATIVE. [left photo: IUAV, right photo: Antonio Fragiacomo & text: Matteo Di Michele] The course has been organized and delivered by Architect Antonio Fragiacomo, Structural Engineer Marco Felici and Cosanti Research Associate Roger Tomalty, with the precious help of Daniela Bruni, Maurizio Ranzi (Roma Tre University), Sandra Suatoni (Istituto Italiano Per La Grafica), Lorenzo Alfieri, Robert Clyde and Arcosanti residents Mary Hoadley and Matteo Di Michele. [Photo: Antonio Fragiacomo & text: Matteo Di Michele]last_img read more

September 12 2006 New York Ground Zero Theologi

first_imgSeptember 12, 2006 New York Ground Zero Theological Terrorism An old, old story From vol. 7, pg. 112 of Storia D’Italia by Montanelli On the first crusade, year 1099 New York Ground Zero Theological Terrorism An old, old story From vol. 7, pg. 112 of Storia D’Italia by Montanelli On the first crusade, year 1099 There were no more than 12000 crusaders that, in July 1099, after a three-year campaign, got to camp under the walls of Jerusalem. Their emotion in sighting the sacred city changed into surprise when the presiding Muslim garrison declared to be ready for an armistice. That garrison wasn’t Turkish but Arab, because the previous year Jerusalem had been retaken from the Selgiuchi by the Fatimidi, who had never confronted the Franchi. But they didn’t accept the offer, perhaps because they thought a non-violent negotiation would have ruined their triumph. Therefore they demanded unconditional surrender. The defenders, about 1000 men, resisted for 40 days. Then they surrendered. “Then,” a witness present, Raimondo de Agiles, famous for his zeal and his piety said, “one saw marvelous (meravigliose) things. The Muslims were beheaded or killed by harrow or thrown from the towers. Others were tortured for days and days and then torched. The streets were strewn with heads, chopped hands and feet.” Those “marvelous” things lasted until the total consummation of the 70,000 citizens of Jerusalem, including the Jews. They were crowded and burned inside the synagogues. Then the crusaders gathered in the grotto of the Santa Sepolcro that had hosted the remains of Christ, who had come into the world to preach misericordia and there they cried joyfully, finally feeling worthy of him.[Image: Arcosanti Graphics & text: selected by Paolo Soleri] The Secular Cathedral A transnational structure aiming at a (distant) more equitable consumerism. A habitat for remembering, living, working, learning and divertimento. Part of the divertimento is the battery of slides evacuating the cathedral in 20 minutes or so (20,000 people?). The mantle generated by the 40 or so slides defines an umbrella-parasol of about 400 meters diameter covering a multi-story urban life that the citizens of New York would think about and the designer-builder would try to satisfy (the analogy with the Piero della Francesca generous mantle of mother sheltering the flock of her children). The circular pond is the speed breaker for the people evacuating the cathedral from most of its stories. The evacuation is pure gravity effect descent, with no mechanical equipment, no energy use, in fact no need of leg use. It is a very large combination of children’s playground and swimming pool slide, of roller coaster rides and of emergency slides in air passenger planes.[Image: Arcosanti Graphics & text: Paolo Soleri] Time: for instance from floor 30 one can reach a restaurant or a shop on Barclay St., West St., Liberty St., etc. in less than one minute. This is part of the appeal to visitors and employees offered by the multi-level grounds of the cathedral. Magnetic levitation propulsion is suggested for the power driven ascent conveyances. Besides escalators and elevators, gondolas could be propelled on wider slides Functions: the first 4-5 floors are of the “N.Y., N.Y.” format. The typical busybody going about of the Manhattan people. Those floors ring the area and also serve as entrance to the inner-urban celebratory spaces where business, cultural gatherings, concerts, theater let the visitors commingle, enjoy and learn. This is a multi-story inner space under the cover of the slides umbrella-parasol. A simulacra made of some of the structural segments of the towers might be afloat where the two centers of the towers used to be. The remaining floors, 40 to 50, are for the transnational activities in financial, economic, environmental, social equity fields of endeavor.[Image: Arcosanti Graphics & text: Paolo Soleri]last_img read more

Shine International CEO Nadine Nohr Shine Intern

first_imgShine International CEO, Nadine Nohr.Shine International has launched Shine Now, a direct to consumer service that will make a selection of its scripted and entertainment fare available online.Consumers access the content via the Roku streaming platform. It is initially available in the US and the programming is either advertising supported and free of charge or priced between US$0.99 (€0.73) and US$1.99 and advertising free.Shine has launched Shine Now with 200 hours of programming from its catalogue. Titles include The School, Got to Dance, The Magicians, Eternal Law and The Sandhamn Murders.Nadine Nohr, CEO, Shine International said: “Shine Now is our first direct to consumer channel and Roku have been fantastic partners with whom to develop and launch it. We are excited about its potential and look forward to collaborating with them further to grow its reach in the future.”Shine told DTVE sister title TBI that it is focussed on rolling out the D2C service on the Roku service and not, for the time being, on other streaming services.Shine digital consultant Gordon Synn brokered the deal with Roku. He is set to leave the company following the hire of Kerry Ball, who is taking over digital business development efforts.In 2012, another large distributor, All3Media International, sought to go straight to the consumer with a pay-per-view service launched via a dedicated app on Samsung and LG connected TVs. It also launched Easel TV last year, an over-the-top service containing about 350 hours of its programming.last_img read more