Love Shanghai cancelled the show snapshot of time who carve up the cake

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may ask: if I put the information into the new old time can? A5 marketing to remind you: do not operate carefully, cheating too immature! Information is old, love has long been Shanghai storage, you update the time and storage time of love in Shanghai have obvious difference Shanghai, love all incoming, your information is not released, so do the right

then we will look at some site snapshot now:

"love Shanghai Webmaster Platform warning: webmaster release time for only where the search results show that any impact to sort, webmaster friends only to ensure true and accurate to the time. No time to release the content page, can increase the accuracy of the proposed station release time." read more

Zhou Xiang the details on Shanghai dragon Er professional

guest – Zhou Xiang: Yes, I interview a person, often not ask those successful cases, but asked a standard basis for comparison of the operating practices.


guest – Zhou Xiang: Yes! We do in the management, will also mention how Shanghai dragon ER issue. Often we can only say that this person is enough professional, because each person operating Shanghai dragon in a single project, some do well, some fully do good

? case!

host Su Xiaoyan: now is not what Shanghai dragon industry standard, can not simply to comment and read more

How to grasp the strategy of Shanghai Dragon

, 4 pictures and compressed custom size optimization (recommended Firefox plugin: Page Speed. ).

2, CSS file for reasonable treatment.

, a station optimization

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3, to minimize the use of flash animation, music etc..

station optimization, I believe many of my friends are in the construction accident chain, or even directly defined as the construction of the chain, in fact, station optimization is the best way to increase the popularity of the website by third party platform, the construction of the chain is only used to improve the keywords ranking representation. More is the link mode will flow into the station, so as to enhance the value of the flow ", so as to get good rankings. Outside the station optimization center must grasp in place, must put drainage in the first place, such as the construction of the link to. read more

How to use the popular community to do network promotion


4. promotion, with the integral promotion of spiritual rewards to guide customers to encourage customers to

3. channel place, let your customers know how to get what he wanted, such as mode of payment, to ensure the quality of these things, stabilize the hearts of customers, to allow customers to feel the products at your fingertips.

we should first understand the traditional marketing theory:

2. price price, some people to pay more price sensitive, some people only focus on value, your task is to let your customers only pay attention to the value and forget the price, then you can set the price and profit. read more

How to perfect to optimize a enterprise site promotion

5. Links. Of course Links enterprise station, go to the relevant enterprises do friends chain, do not pay attention to the number of the most important quality. Don’t put your own business into the factory link station.

enterprise station has become a main way of enterprise publicity of its own, but most of the enterprises are not to finish after the website promotion and optimization, or even six months are not updated, so it is not very good to promote enterprise image. Today we talk about how to perfect and to promote the optimization of an enterprise site. The two part is divided into new and old station for read more