Zuo Hui many entrepreneurs attribute failure to execution but the real reason is lack of strategic

One solution to

the past two years, many enterprises, especially in the analysis of the intermediary industry chain of home, I never respond, because their evaluation is not important for me, I am not an arrogant person, but they don’t understand us.

1, the significance of an enterprise

at the end of 2016 to leave before the start, Guo Xianghao led a team with big data scientists at the fruit company to do the smart mobile phone net "Berserker wing" game early improvement. This product has many success factors, and the use of data has also played an important role in read more

An ordinary railway workers Wangzhuan road Taobao shopThe first video in my own eyes


about the first video, there will be a card or open the page will make a lot of people are not accustomed to the situation, and now the first video has solved these problems.

has read a few bad reviews about the first video at Admin5. I don’t make any comments here. I’ve been in the first video for 2 months. I’d like to see the first video, and I hope it won’t be too misleading for you.

station has two Dora, but the real advertising alliance is that a few, I was kind of nostalgia for the people, that is "dead". read more

Don’t lose yourself on the beginnerDid 14 part time jobs and worked out a 29 year old chairman

as everyone knows, the project can make money rarely, and want to make money through free project less, but the enthusiasm of Wangzhuan is continually increasing, more and more newcomers in left, back and forth. All beginners, we can understand the online money making model, like this line, we will go to see more information, improve their ability, so that it is possible to make money. If you even the most basic technology do not understand, you want to do is on the Internet, which may have a certain degree of difficulty, how to say, you will be HTML, CSS, SEO knows it, if they do not understand, that you want to have it on the Internet, a body, I will let are you disappointed, after all, not everyone can make money online, it is undeniable that the Internet does have many ways to make money, one day in ten thousand, but you know how high their technology? How much they do in this industry, technology is high, not everyone can survive in Wangzhuan down, which requires certain technical content, rather than relying on some theoretical knowledge. read more

Online tourism bid farewell to the era of demand orientedA sect of Web Design

, through the ages, people have always been looking for Allah, hoping to bring them truth, and this is no difference with the current Web designers. In exploring how to effectively build a web site, designers look for enlightened, enlightened wise people to guide them on the right path. The GUI graphical user interface the master was respected; their books published widely, their lectures and seminars packed. As they speak, the audience tries to remember everything, and their views are quoted as holy words.


and has been looking for but never find an honest man of the Greek philosophers like Diogenes, Jared Spool never found a good website for everything.

read more

The professionalism of health websites needs to be improved thinking about the development of health

when the Internet turns from the entertainment age to the service age, the life style website is more close to the user’s needs. What is the most basic needs of hundreds of millions of users of the public? That was to say eight words: basic necessities of life and death.

is to meet the basic needs of users, clothing, housing, tourism, tickets and other websites to catch the opportunity very influential, hitherto unknown, and the related to health websites net for people’s livelihood and old mortality is also swarmed into the sky. In comparison, although the innumerable health websites can really solve the user, but the difficulty is very little. Looking at the domestic health websites, there are some common problems: read more

Six properties of website function structure security

a good website should have six major properties: security, stability, maintainability, expansibility, coupling and compatibility,

Security in the

web site is easy to understand, which is the nature of a web site’s content, customer data, and company data. The security of the website is particularly important for customer information and company data on the website. Well, let’s look at a website. What happens if security is bad,


1, there is virus

in the websiteHow do you know the virus in the read more

What criteria should be set up shop site

is now set up shop for many researchers, now want to start a successful store, location is a very important content, successful location, can make you less! Xiaobian below lists some standard for your reference.

1, lot: lot can be said to be the first prerequisite for investment shops, but also the first condition of the value of shops. Downtown downtown downtown shops may be the most expensive place, and in the remote, inaccessible street facade, we can only call it a warehouse, the value even lower than the same lot of residential. Although the bustling shops are good, but the price is very high. If you spend too much money to buy shops, other aspects of the bad conditions, resulting in rent is too low, the rate of return on investment will be greatly reduced. May not be as good a little bit, but other aspects of better conditions, rental income is also good shops. read more

Site also need not abandon do not give up the spirit

host worry free webmaster do station for more than six years, and there are some time is full time engaged in the establishment of the station. Looking back over the past few years as a grassroots webmaster process, there is no clear perception, only regret. Regret that you are not persistent enough to live up to your beliefs. Personal feeling, the technology and creativity of the station are not the most important, and the most important thing is to persist.

I have a friend, all these years I have been running a picture stand, he did not love nor SEO technology will not use online ready-made procedures, just keep looking for pictures in front of the computer, find the pure hand made HTML pages upload to the server, remember his station the world ranking more than 10 thousand Ding Sheng can have a monthly income of more than 40 thousand. To tell the truth, he is my idol, I worship him "do not abandon, do not give up" spirit (ha ha, draw lessons from the fashionable lines now) read more

Station owners need most is not building tools but rational

has a craze on the Internet every year. Web2.0 craze has gone, leaving a lot of forum based site. Video boom again, first 56, Tudou, Youku, Ku6 and six rooms, then Pocle appeared, and then SupeV also appeared. But Web2.0 brought what? Outstanding Discuz free to all webmaster use, and brought what? Brought all the webmaster, web site forum situation. Baidu powered by Discuz, there are one hundred million related pages (Baidu’s highest display only one hundred million). In the first ten pages, it is true that many medium-sized and large stations have been found. There is no denying that, in large sites, using other programs to build forums, discuz should account for the largest proportion. But then go down, to the eleventh page, twelve page, and can find how many days, posting hundreds, ranking in the top 100 thousand of the site, proportion accounted for how much? I don’t want to say, onlookers you should know the answer. read more

To strengthen cooperation between websites it is necessary to begin with the accumulation of networ

often hears some webmaster complain that they can’t find the link, because there is no better way and skill to cooperate with each other. Fight a lone battle in the present network environment, always difficult, how to integrate resources and win-win cooperation, is the key to development.

November 11th Admin5 Thursday edition chat activity, Internet Market Association China invited the Minister of Commerce, BD (Business Development, head of business development), Mr. Li Xiang, how to share website cooperation skills, this paper version part focuses on the discussion of welcome. read more

What kind of website should we run

just touched the Internet, the Internet is full of expectations, then, I have an idea, must have their own Internet career, have a website of their own. For 07 years, finally himself, with three months salary to buy a computer, in order to save money, I did not buy the display, just friends to go, he left me with the monitor. At that time I was good face, he said no money, I just gave him three hundred pieces, in fact, three hundred dollars can buy a new desktop display. Before in the company, I am just a small Porter in the company is to use the computer clerk during the day, there is no chance to touch, only at night to practice typing, and, if the Internet is, need a password, password only office staff know, now, finally have their own the computer is connected to a network, the first thing is to open the page in Baidu search "to make money online". read more

Winter start ups web site selection should be creative

winter, the Internet has a famous personage said such a sentence: "now the most important thing is to cover tightly pocket money."." Therefore, the winter business not only requires courage, but also requires wisdom, the choice of the correct or not, determines the most important step in the success of entrepreneurship. "Choice is sometimes more important than doing it."

The old man

filial piety online mall (http://s.xiaolaoren.com), "Beijing said the era of Information Technology Co. Ltd’s B2C old products website. I have a few ideas about this website. I have some interesting features as follows: read more

Stationmaster wants to learn steady accurate ruthless ability to have breakthrough type developmen

see what so many SEO, marketing experience and so on, a good article, feel benefit, but for us it is empty talk, why? Because of the different methods used in different hand effect is the difference between heaven and earth. In fact, doing a lot of things with the reality of the network are interlinked, such as: raising children, planting trees and so on. Bad writing, please forgive me. However, I think the site should be what kind of spirit merchant: steady, accurate and relentless, not the light from above the technology to start, but also to have a lot of comprehensive ability, the following is all one by one: read more

Keywords three taboos of layout

we should pay attention to the keyword problem when we just make a website.

first, TITLE keyword

KYW doesn’t recommend doing this:

1. users will feel bad, looking uncomfortable,

2. heaps of so many keywords, behind the row, in fact, no ranking, why insist on on top? No ranking out of it.

3. so pile up, encountered Baidu manual review, ha ha…

KYW for the TITLE optimization principle that removed the words did not ranking in TITLE, and let TITLE read fluently.

TITLE I will revise: attention, I put a comma "," the full width half angle changed "," read more

Career or interest stationmaster should use a few distractions to do website

most of the webmaster into the Internet, this industry is interested in, due to the love of the Internet, to do site obsessed, joined the ranks of the webmaster, become a grassroots webmaster. Many webmasters in the beginning of Web site, will take into account, is should be the website as a career, or purely amateur hobby, this is the novice webmaster in become grassroots webmaster after the first problem to face.

this time, Internet is raging like a storm, yiboweiping another, behind the station network news "telecom network fault: rumors of thousands of Tencent server was black", "webmaster news: Tencent server was attacked resulting in QQ dropped the landing on" a few days ago, is CCTV exposure Google China event… See… So many Internet big and small, the webmaster to his way will a few concerns about read more

How to do local website navigation website

has read such a sentence before: when a person enters a website, if you do not find the information you want, the time will not be more than eight seconds, so do remember to do it. Even without the information he or she is looking for, it will stay when something interesting is in sight.

, this is my first stop: Heyuan navigation www.0762dh.com, not just the Heyuan address book (this is the second main advertising words).

although simple, but this is from the local navigation to the idea of the final completion, spent a total of three months, in fact, the previous two months is basically busy with their own work. Some people in three days time modified online navigation navigation, I look at this navigation, may despise this simple procedure. However, I think the original thing is the best (in fact, I also refer to a web site that we know and not often on), so eighty or ninety is my own idea. read more

About profit grassroots webmaster should have more to consider the direction

around a lot of friends in the north, after the completion of the Canton, back to their hometown, began to build talent recruitment network or local door, which makes friends recruitment seems more. The reason for doing so is because the recruitment system in developed cities has been basically improved, coupled with the position of other people’s resources and market demand is indeed very strong, so the pace of development is also ideal. Of course, the two or three tier cities in resources and scale can not be compared with the first tier cities, but the pressure of competition is small, easy to promote, can not ignore the advantages. Only in the two or three line cities do recruitment, website profit model must be diversified, otherwise, just rely on the home page advertising and membership fees, for the site’s help is really not big. Then, the two or three line cities in the profits should pay attention to what, I combine their views to share. read more

Fall in love with a webmaster willing to accompany him to adhere to

first statement, I’m not a webmaster, because secretly found her husband always come here, can not help but want to say some, for a long time, can not find the registration button…

just one I love, love a little boy, what is more important is that he is a personal webmaster, and I was a struggle with " " students realize computer switch is in the third year after the exam, who did not think so we are so happy together…

have heard people around him say he is a woman in addition to the computer, suddenly understand, too, he said, in fact, it can be said that, in addition to the cause of love is love, and love, together with him, both romantic feeling and realistic feeling. He is not only the reality, there are many a lot of romantic dreams, and appropriate dreams, he made me feel that he is a good person, is a very ideal step by step in the struggle of the people, the feelings of reassuring people that repeated updates, to promote their own station every day, because he is not the desire of people, he is a valued person’s heart, although all the contacts are computer, but when he secretly bring food to you, secretly prepared for you a gift, secretly sad and don’t let you know… You experience is happiness, the head of the love as breathing is normal, not because we usually say is the webmaster and Painful love,. read more

Mixed with desire and depravity of Shenzhen

when the alarm off, and colleagues said hello, I leave Huaqiang North, leave the past let me pursue, let my dream place, I do not regret it, because I should contact with different people, do their own thing.

August 2008, and I left Shenzhen Lianhua for one month…..

I’m at home, turn off the light, look at the stars outside the sky. I called the net dragon in Shenzhen, Internet companies as a sales manager, ha ha; in the five years that I grew up feeling some progress; but it is a bit slow, from a very introverted boy into an outgoing, confident man did not earn too much money, or feel. read more

Small station link buying and selling a month experience

link trading market concerns me more than a year, but they soon come today, just a month’s time, I am a seller; on this market is not particularly familiar with, but this month is like a lot of experience and personal thoughts.

more than a year ago, I was a chance to do Links and others, the result of a Q my friend, and I made a site, then, he said there is a station can put a link on your website, 25 money, he said, is a plug-in machine. Baidu first page, though, before I saw some articles about foreign enterprises have links to buy and sell the market, I can not think of China’s personal Adsense also from here. Oh, that time did not care, do not say! Until this month, joined the station network link is in the original sale QQ group, I want to exchange links, results there is no people are willing to exchange with me, they only sell. Later heard them say, some friends sell links a month can also sell four hundred or five hundred pieces. Ha ha, although my station has done for a year, long ago PR3, but IP has not come up, has not been paid for more than a year, a month to sell such links can have thousands of pieces of income, but also can. That’s the way to go, read more