True and false love Shanghai weight

Shanghai will love false weight really love Shanghai weight, this is actually we should not be too tangled, because the love of Shanghai weight does exist, only those who love the sea is not our numerical weight saw. Since so, Zhou Zhen talk about love Shanghai weight so what is really love Shanghai weight? Is this week Shanghai dragon beauty Jane define it, and scores of Web site keywords love Shanghai search engine to the web page of the heat value, this is the love of Shanghai weight. ? love Shanghai weight and not like Google PR, Sogou SR, IBM hits and so the algorithm is a comprehensive rating on the website, just to love Shanghai weight rating of welcome to the site to bring the keywords ranking. let’s talk about false love Shanghai weight weight is the so-called love Shanghai interpretation shall we say the false love Shanghai weight, numerical third party is not official, not right, it’s just an information evaluation to the webmaster only, its numerical calculation way just because your page has been ranked as the key the index has reached the value calculation, then the tool can clearly see your love Shanghai weight. there are two important information: one is the score of the page. The two is the site keywords heat value. so, this is a false love Shanghai weight, only the surface of a tool of self comfort, only a guide it brings to the webmaster, we should pay more attention to guide the optimization of the page. page value refers to the search. may have a large part of the webmaster think, the so-called "love Shanghai love weight" is the official launch of the Shanghai site rating index, in fact, the "Shanghai love weight" with love, Shanghai official Never mind half dime, love Shanghai in Webmaster Platform notice clearly pointed out: love Shanghai weights have been paid much attention of the webmaster, now many people still would say, I love to do some weight in Shanghai in a few days, more people will be in Shanghai for the link weight of courtship. This Wuhan Shanghai dragon feel very funny, what time to fall in love with the sea out of a Shanghai love weight? What love Shanghai agreed to the weight value? What is the time to come up with a way of data what the official The what is false love Shanghai weight? It is love, webmaster tools, website for web site keywords ranking is expected to bring traffic to the site, the site of third party hierarchy of 0-10 popularity evaluation data. "love Shanghai never provided a website weight information data and external query service. Third party Webmaster Tools data is not love Shanghai official data, does not represent the real situation of the website, love Shanghai on the use of such data and cause problems without any responsibility. Please do not take these webmaster "love Shanghai weight" as a true value to reference value." See the above

Web site keywords ranking ranking with how to do the work of maintenance

can not be brokenMany webmaster now the webmaster can be said to be impetuous generation, many owners feel that the title of the site introduced less flow, and to modify the site title, and part of the webmaster often modify the site keywords. If you are this kind of webmaster, then I tell you your method is wrong, after a new site is love Shanghai given the good rankings, we do not hurry to introduce traffic, but to maintain long-term stability, in three months, determined not to change the website title, key words, description. Determined not to delete the site has been included in this link, is to ensure that the site is the key to love Shanghai normal ranking. two, with the on-line before the high value content of three, and when the line maintenance work? now love Shanghai on the web site of the chain is not high, I have a love of Shanghai 2 of the weight of the website is a website now, the chain is not, not the chain website why weight so high? Because the chain is no, but my site has high value, it can love is giving Shanghai a good ranking. A part of the site every day. virtual host are selected in order to save money, here I do not recommend the webmaster friends use virtual host, if you are an ordinary webmaster, perhaps we were not getting enough funds, so we can choose to use VPS, the use of VPS web site is more than the benefits of the virtual host, the first is the spatial stability often, when we use virtual host with the IP website attack will lead to our website can not be opened, with the IP web site is in love with the sea K, our site may also be implicated, so to make their rankings off, so we must choose the site before the line the VPS server and the quality. website ranking is actually very simple, now a lot of new sites as long as have the value of content and good code, so this site will in a short period of time has been given a certain search engine rankings, but this time the ranking is not stable, many new sites into the study period is long because the site has no good ranking ranking the maintenance work caused by this stage, so how to do with the site keywords ranking ranking Site structure of four, outside the chain, either a stable or not now many sites have such a situation, the line on the website before the content is very good, but love Shanghai search engine gives a good ranking, webmaster may hurry to make money, ignore the content of the site construction, which caused by the emergence of high, if you want your the website ranking is stable, so the contents can not reduce the strength, opposite site has ranking webmaster should also increase efforts to build the value of content, more

CNNIC81% net civil vertical search main search video news music

users to enter search engine in a variety of ways, in addition to the above two, site navigation, browser search box, chat tools are important Internet users to enter the entrance of the search engine, using the ratio reached 34.2%, 31.4%, 28.1%. December 20th, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) today announced the "2011 China search engine Market Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). The report shows that as of the third quarter of 2011, the search engine users reached 396 million, subscriber growth slowed. More breakdown of the vertical search engine development in 2011. Internet users use search habits (from CNNIC report) with China Internet users increasingly mature, Internet users is still in search engine users at the same time, more differentiation demand through the vertical search engine to meet in 2011, this trend is more clear. users, old users are more accustomed to using direct login page, use the web page in the highest proportion of six groups, reached 84.8%. A high degree of active users and users more young college students love the browser search box and chat tools provide search engine entrance, student users use the browser search box for 42.4% of the proportion of young users to use chat tools provide the search box proportion is 39.1%. This indicates that the search for the future direction of development. vertical search engine is the rise of   report shows that in 2011 October, Shanghai love to flow up to 78% of the overall search engine traffic, search in second amounted to 7.3%, Google and Sogou in the flow of the third echelon, respectively 2.6% and 2.3%. The user through the search engine to search the top three categories are: news, video and music, the proportion of users were 47.7%, 45.2% and 41.6%. In the transfer of search engines and traditional contents of different emphases, novels, applications and websites accounted for three. The in the use of the search habits, 81% of Internet users is still on the professional search site direct search first, second, 39.6% of users is to enter the keyword search in the browser address bar. fell in love with the sea with its rich product line, still plays a leading position in the market, in 2011 the market concentration trend is more obvious. Love Shanghai to six large groups of high permeability. At the same time, other search engine companies is on the rise, but in the traditional web search, is not easy to fall in love with the sea more than. But with the rise of micro-blog, SNS, community content component is increasing, whether the community search will become the highlight of the search engine, who will occupy the initiative, is a mystery. is the formation of new search entrance

Four website preparatory work before

3, Select > 2, calls the CMS function. for many webmaster, site construction is the foundation for the promotion of the website optimization, website platform to build on, we need to step by step to complete the construction site, only to build a good website, related work to start on the website optimization and promotion. Many of my friends would ask, I did not make a web site do? Whether the website optimization and promotion of learning some basic language, what are the common language? So with these questions, now to my site "cover." for example, on site construction preparation work. when we were in production site, in fact, we need to design the page is about 3~6. When the page is done, we have to learn to use function call CMS, on my site covered days. For example, it is used from the DEDECMS system, we can help to understand the site of the entrance of various types of website CMS code is what? After the call, static the page generated in the background, you can display the call effect. For some special systems but without effect or function, can find the relevant two developers pay changes, generally after modification and improvement, the background does not appear problems. space The establishment of the a lot of friends, not necessarily the programming language, but does not need to feel discouraged, now available online many excellent CMS program, are free for the owners to provide background support functions, characteristics of the CMS is to optimize the site work, including adding label background, generating random generation, static page label and these functions are based on search engine optimization and existence. We don’t need to be proficient in this program language, the backstage function is perfect, the required functions are basic, no additional development. The show is on the CMS function calls, this should be it is not difficult to learn, now more humane CMS have made full preparations. We’re going to do is to learn the basic HTML tags, have to change the CSS style to make the front page. I personally do not advocate to Taobao to buy website template, the template can buy online there are many such as like as two peas online website, and the website HTML layout is not conducive to the repetitive search engine optimization, even if the website can do up to flow to a certain time can not break, I have been verified by experiments. HTML label learning is very simple, but also conducive to the preparation of div+css layout problems after repair, or add ad code in website content. Only in the understanding of template location and HTML layout, to the website familiar problems will not be afraid. I do stand at that time, is the imitation of someone else’s website, the architecture style changes, based on others website style on the revision. Let the site become the one and only. 1, learn the basic HTML syntax, and write CSS style.

Keywords using thesaurus editor + Architecture + + sales extrapolation

Another point is that the After the 1, guide site personnel structure of the site within the chain site is most of the time with the Shanghai dragon website, this is also a lot of Shanghai dragon received a new website will examine the website structure, two aspects, one is to see whether each page can be found at the entrance to the 2-3 for the user clicks, it would be more friendly, another is for the search engines have to grab more new links enough entrance, can fully make website content to be included. This requires the establishment of staff has certain Shanghai Longfeng foundation, have a good understanding of the site within the chain structure, which is similar to the random call for the base, top recommended, recommended content section of the page, which are required to construct the thesaurus based on relatively high correlation ". page navigation, to the search engine grab is displayed all the navigation page, this point is important in a large number of contents of the columns, such as adding some common user search navigation in such a page, category navigation similar to the 58 and go to the market, it can be the page layout to column page keywords, some keywords can also be the list > effective polymerization front reading night rate keyword thesaurus maintenance articles, from his own point of view, from a more fundamental point of view is to introduce the keyword database to build four steps: collect + filter + test + classification, in fact, these are just some skills, before the establishment of the keywords used properly, most of my friends were to do well this work involves the implementation of the powerful, and so do the keywords thesaurus, and persistent optimization keyword thesaurus, will help us find keywords high conversion, can help us outside of the internal site optimization promotion of auxiliary guidance, more of course, these are all in the actual operation process of practice in order to find the specific experience. thesaurus is set up, if not used, not through this work to improve our website of Shanghai Longfeng effect, to improve website rankings and flow, so the work done is white, and make good use of the keyword thesaurus, can help us to do many important tasks, such as: Shanghai dragon content editor and within the chain structure, a problem is that I want to talk to you today to explore: how to use keyword thesaurus. if you consider a few more details on the site, the home page and column page also very carefully, it is especially easy to overlook the column page, many of my friends did not take the initiative to get the rankings here if can make full use of thesaurus to the page layout, will be more likely to highlight the advantages, such as not the list of the simple model of the traditional, instead of using independent templates, make page layout similar to the home page, column more

In the application of science and technology website optimization are adopted for the low-level chea

, I used a few years ago the effect is very good, recently the application effect is good, but a few days from the start, generally ranking drop, such as www.hrbzskj贵族宝贝, this station is the latest to do, the ranking is very good, the key software development, such as Harbin, is just on the line first, but do not know why these days the decline in ranking is very fast and very unstable, and this is not a relationship.   < title> Harbin website construction | Harbin website design | Harbin website optimization | Shen Harbin Technology Co., Ltd. < /title>

Case analysis the reason of love Shanghai deleted website snapshot

is due to two reasons: by robots shielding. Hello, I am Guangzhou Shanghai dragon cup, we love Shanghai today is a snapshot of the problem, as we all know, the conventional case love Shanghai snapshot is deleted, is generally caused by 2 reasons, I don’t know if you meet love Shanghai snapshot to be deleted? case is one reason: because the server (space) the stability caused by the. stability and robots shielding site, and often change the title of the site will lead to love Shanghai snapshot is deleted (one reason belongs to the website right down), so we don’t change the title, especially do not replace the unrelated title (often refers to different industries). This will lead to the website ranking download, love Shanghai snapshots are removed, also to be careful not to contain the same name and website TITLE, such as "Taobao official net" or "computer network", the former only do drop right processing, the latter is done directly for processing and cheating site > site is often not open, will lead to the spider can’t grab a copy of "(the spider crawling will generate a copy of a document), this time love Shanghai anchor text of the web site and his reverse link will only display and update the snapshot time, long before the ranking is very bad. I found my friend love Shanghai included shows the site in August 6, 2011 snapshot, a name called "computer knowledge network" website, we inquired about the fundamental situation of webmaster tools, find the next snapshot recovery (before the snapshot is deleted, not yet released, was recently put out), but the love of Shanghai included very little, only included the 1 page (home page), ranking is not all, most of the time will think this station is K, but it is not, since the snapshot can be restored to the next day, as long as keep updating some high quality original articles every day, and some outside the chain of high quality the website included, and website ranking will be able to quickly upgrade back. has just analyzed common cause of love Shanghai snapshot deleted after we look at the friend’s website: also love Shanghai snapshot is deleted, so Guangzhou Shanghai dragon cup is generally not recommended for short-term shielding web crawling (some Shanghai dragon ER in order to prevent the site is not completely build by love Shanghai spiders, with robots shield. This method is obviously not desirable), because I have a friend of the site is blocked because the spider a month later wrote robots recovery after crawling spider, the spider for 4 consecutive weeks snapshot has not released, is now back to normal, the relationship between the Links, according to the fast recovery. So the operation will cause some unnecessary trouble. Summary: in addition to   love Shanghai snapshot deleted case

Case how to share the rapid expansion of dry cargo site outside the chain of resources

  for the majority of Shanghai dragon Er, especially the novice webmaster, if to obtain the chain resources? To what platform? Those outside the chain of high quality? The more stable? It is blind and helpless, here "little lost Crawler" through the case to introduce several methods for the rapid expansion of the chain resources. Pictured above is head of the anti chain query tool is in continuous optimization, through the reverse link address before the chain query tool does not filter out the root domain, if a site and resolve many of the two domain names, then this tool will do for the chain was to show up, but with the upgrade tool use now is more and more comfortable, the chain resources can be very easy to get competitors. The following figure: Yahoo China not closed before this instruction can be directly through the linkdomain query access to competitors, and this order is very accurate, the 1000 highest quality rival chain will be you get to, but helpless YAHOO pulled out of the China search market, it can only be used to obtain the domain instruction fuzzy love, Shanghai currently supports this instruction, but the results were not very accurate, can be used as an auxiliary means to expand the chain. The following figure: The following figure: chain of resources is a very important link in website optimization, is an indisputable fact, no matter how to change the search engine algorithm, the high quality of the chain will always occupy a certain weight, I also believe that every webmaster have their own mature and expand the layout of the chain skills, as a Shanghai dragon Er, now if you do not get the high quality of the chain of ideas, can not according to the layout of a site outside the chain of resources quickly and reasonably, can only say that this is not a qualified webmaster, at least in the Shanghai dragon five basic elements (key words, website structure, content, code and the chain chain) Chinese and foreign resources as a very important part of you must be able to relate, or on the site to a certain point you will find that even if the output of high quality of your site can be stable within the Volume, but will still be faced with the embarrassment of not to be included, where the weight is a very important reason is that the site has not been recognized by the search engine, search engine is the most important way that the chain.   two, domian to obtain instructionsThe chain resources in Expand the three, Er due to the exchange chain or. can develop the chain resources, competitors through a few simple steps of filtering called, baizhanbudai, mastered these resources, beyond the competitors, can be. , a webmaster chain query tool   QQ group acquisitionShanghai dragon

Portal alliance vigorously promote China reservation advertising, the unit price increased by 4 yuan

To promote the capital institution, GQ recently Chinese a "17 year old CEO Wang Kai Xin: girls and lonely" magical air entrepreneurs in the circle of friends crazy scraper, Wang Kaixin and magic to the limelight department. Beginning in 2014, after 90 entrepreneurs to consistently high-profile gesture, continue to win the public eye. There seems to be a subtle relationship between Ma Jiajia and Yu Jiawen and Wang Kaixin. portal advertising alliance is to promote Chinese advertising booking, return the effect from the recent data, the registration success rate is very high, the alliance has unit price increased to 12 yuan a data, welcome the webmaster to continue running this week, the total registered 45, valid registration reached 32, efficiency rate is very high, such as there do not understand the landing portal advertising alliance WWW.UNIONMH can also directly ask the customer service 69462506079365528. venture grimace stands in the magical department store at the tuyere actually, I don’t quite agree with that. Perhaps investors consider the standard is this, but this does not mean that the net red, no harm to entrepreneurs. Negative news travels faster than positive news. Some young people may be on the unusual path to become net red. for investors: some investors hope the young CEO to participate in various programs, accept various interviews, on the one hand help the company to increase visibility, so as to make people feel like they also cast a well-known company, a cause of a product is the appearance of fire, the false data but also logical.   we can often see Wang Kaixin sharing success on some entrepreneurial forums. However, the investment institutions blindly let her participate in various activities, all kinds of programs, but do not consider the consequences of public opinion attacks, it will cause psychological harm to her. It is the right thing for capital institutions to guide these young entrepreneurs in the right direction while providing funding and resources. 2008.3.5 I can imagine some high school students earning millions of dollars on the Internet through his personal skills, but I don’t think he can manage a company well. today’s Chinese entrepreneurial atmosphere, there is no lack of some impetuous. Financing exaggerated, data fraud has become a recognized fact of the industry, but this does not seem to meet some of the ambitions of capital institutions. In this era, most enterprises have data exaggeration, and people’s attention is dispersed. As more firms exaggerate their data, the competitive market becomes saturated and data fraud continues to take on a great deal of attention. Then, a new approach, a new way of getting people’s attention, is needed. Therefore, through the packaging of new labels with 90, 95 after, to create a " legendary " story, seize the demands of the majority of entrepreneurs, manufacturing attention, for them, is not a good way. portal advertising alliance in the Beijing News "looking for China to create customers" meeting, the real fund founder Xu Xiaoping put forward a point of view, more

The Internet business is a war with life for moneyEntrepreneurship how to build a killer product

, however, more and more people realize the limelight Masamori Internet business may be a bottomless pit, some people even said that the Internet business is to take the life change. Once was also aware of the need for better solutions and more information. They found that this market demand is very large and is still in a fragmented state. Some bug removal companies want to go to your apartment to sell products. There are bloggers who spend a lot of text descriptions in their blogs, and they’re very low on operating skills, and the salesperson just wants to sell it to you. bugs are really a common problem, and we know that a lot of people around them do experience them. One and all of this comes from Cameron neighbor is also one of his co founders incidentally found to have bugs in the room, they will pass the power socket into the unit building, scattered throughout the building, will appear in the apartment. In order to deal with these painful bugs, he studied and finally worked out how to remove bugs. . , in the context of an Internet business that dominates the world and he gave the answer, that’s it. slows down, he is thrown into the shadows by his competitors. A lot of times, "have to" fast is a true portrayal of their psychology. !After more research on co-founder Cameron Wheeler, the first thing he said, "you know that 110 thousand people will use the shlf1314 search engine to ask" how to remove bugs per month? "" my first reaction was "well, can you repeat what you said is smelly bug?" , they found that there was no real price in the market, and there was no price effective, but the insect repellent products were good, so they decided , CEO as a start-up, is always curious when I’m talking with other entrepreneurs about each other’s entrepreneurial processes. Because this is a good opportunity to communicate with each other, to start an undertaking, and to recognize other sunrise industries. But what impressed me more was when I got to know their frustrations and tribulations on the road to entrepreneurship. In their initial research, below tells the story of three very common boys who create a product company and then make a profit and how to create a product company within the budget. 996 is basically the basic state of each start-up company, the Internet industry is even more, Ali, millet are so. > employees 1 when 3, founder 1, top 10   is in the process that they realize that removing bugs is a widespread need. circle of well-known Internet chiefs so desperately everywhere, Lei Jun a dozen a day will be held, eating only a few minutes. Hammer technology founder Luo Yonghao slept 5 hours or less, almost closely office. Not that they want to, but not so desperately, it is difficult to kill the Red Sea in the Internet industry to survive. they realized more

Internet thinking, do you haveNo technology, how to make money through the Internet

2012, Lei Jun began to frequent mention a related vocabulary — Thinking of the Internet, in addition to many Rice noodles very respected, and did not cause other people including the media follow up. with the successful operation of the JJ game, online chess game is also gradually emerging. In particular, the real money landlords the momentum of rapid development, the general registration will send money to start winning the game player, you can withdraw cash, and actually you can participate in a proper, won when earned, lost suggested not to recharge the September 2006, Shen Zhaoguo founded the 58 advertising task network on-line, to create a new online mode, anyone can register for free to become the 58 member of the task network advertisement, earn points by participating in the mission, with these points can play the lucky 28 game to earn more points, a lot of people have countless cash the lucky 28 game, I joined the 58 advertising task network from 08 years also has in exchange for 1000 yuan. In recent years, the domestic emergence of many similar sites, like peas, bean bag, net net, e-buy home network, are currently doing very well, the game is also more and more rich and interesting, and part of the site to support cash! 1, online survey to make money Internet entrepreneurs, both. November 8, 2013, the pony brother in a statement, with the word is the conclusion: the Internet has changed the music, games, media, retail and financial sectors, the future of the Internet will change the spirit of every industry, even the traditional enterprise also can not think of how to combine the Internet, but must have Internet thinking. for Internet entrepreneurs, if you do not have Internet thinking, it is a very dangerous thing! …… ! 3, Witkey earn money 2013, with Lei Jun exposure continues to improve, some people from the media such as Luo Zhenyu began to frequently referred to the Internet thinking, some TMT industry reporter also began to use the word. online payment survey part-time is a part-time way to earn money in recent years. General online survey projects are run by large companies, so there is hardly any possibility of closing in the near future. In that case, we can do it slowly. Side to participate in the questionnaire to get paid, while introducing friends to join the investigation, access to incentives. Selected a few can do strong investigation project, seriously participate in and promote. Earnings a few hundred dollars a month, there is no problem. here, Internet business, will share with you: the Internet thinking what we will bring. Witkey means the person who transfers his intelligence, knowledge, ability and experience to the real income through the internet. Witkey is a very liberal career, regardless of men and women, regardless of academic qualifications, not limited to the workplace, as long as the successful participation, you can earn the appropriate remuneration. At present, the pig is the largest Witkey part-time platform, more

From homelessness to top angel investors, how did he do itLiu Erchuang 7 a small personal Wangzhuan

> ? , just a few months ago, I had just left my native country, Iran, and came to California, the United States, with only $700. At that time, I didn’t speak English, and I didn’t know some friends in California. But then I firmly believe that the United States is a symbol of opportunity, I will never miss this opportunity. I was in love at the time. When I was in Tehran, I fell in love with a girl who grew up with me. So, when I first came to the United States, I spent almost all my savings on an overseas call. Soon my pocket was empty. I contact Wangzhuan, because this year at home test driver’s license, so I didn’t go out we’re driving license but very well, is the most loose zone, so you want to do Wangzhuan, I was very naive, because I think it is easy to make money in front with a man making money online, can not see the light of things, not to say, later found themselves really difficult! I had no money, no website, no name, no resources, no more traffic, but still survive. When 1: first – hook money: from the beginning I watched people say money hook that is, sardines kind I thought, it is easy to get tens of dollars a day, is not that found second days of operation, I hung up a morning, with the calculator under a profit. A few cents an hour. I was very suspicious of making money online. Emphasize: like the hook to make money things best not to do, in Chinese, a onhook software one day to hang out for 5 cents if it is a NB onhook software, although there is a criminals used chicken hanging the software made a lot of money, but those things are not worth mentioning. 2: Second – Witkey make money, I thought that should be very easy in Witkey make money, because I think I used to play after all technology, but when I really do that what they are learning is useless, I really regret, in a Witkey for 1 weeks. Not a penny to give up. Emphasis: Witkey really make money, for the novice to do a small task, earn a little money or can, but not so easy to earn. actually, I don’t blame the cops. If I were the police, I would definitely have stopped myself. But in any case, as the sponsor of the day I finally survived. 1992, I was homeless in Silicon Valley. Well, in fact, it’s not really homeless. I was working in a yogurt shop, and try to convince the shop owner to lodge me free in the yogurt shop at the top of the attic. I remember one night, I was late at night to go back to the store, ready to go to sleep, but the police stopped me, I was mistaken by the police that the shop was going to steal. more

Do SkyDrive download some experienceCCTV has been away for 3 years, bald Wang Kai to talk about what

  to a large number of rapid release of resources is not easy, SkyDrive file upload is a manual work, at present most of SkyDrive’s upload rate limit below 50k/s, to upload large files a 100 M without an hour is difficult to complete, unfortunately, because SkyDrive domestic access speed abroad is not good China Telecom, 2m broadband users rate basically at 10 KB/s, sometimes upload to half disconnected, AB had depressed again. So, on SkyDrive’s choice, choose your computer as fast as you can. My small station TXT pack the world, chose the xun6 SkyDrive space, because of the helpless, other SkyDrive upload speed small poor. ? "fortune story", he put every entrepreneur’s story, the audience full of wit and humour striking one snag after another, see them go, the show became a CCTV gold program; and in that year a tiger sniffing content sharing, he is their entrepreneurial experience lively and informative a lot of powder, the strength of ring. , who had given his voice to "Optimus Prime" in the Transformers, was an attraction, and, to be sure, Wang Kai was the soft power of the hardware in storytelling. But, when he was accustomed to the story of entrepreneur, how did he turn to the parent-child industry? What about children’s stories? , who has served as CCTV economic channel "fortune story", CCTV financial channel "rivals", two sets of CCTV "reading time" and other sections of the host, in turned entrepreneur, and in such a public number tells a story of what in fact, after leaving CCTV, determined to join the army to go to the media Wang Kai, starting with the logic of thinking when fashion "" Shen sound, a figure called a "Kay ziyue" talk show, said on the first phase of the program through 500 thousand. However, in this process, the content and the operation is separated Wang Kai is responsible for the content, operation team is independent of the new media, gradually, and finally in May last year, is "Kay ziyue" online for more than a year after the two sides broke up, "said Kay" off the air. this thing Wang Kai deeply realized, "my business model determines the content, that is, operations, operations that content, two things can not afford to break."." In this regard, Shen Wen in his "Luo Ji Thinking" five lessons, there are similar "from a live, live with. The decision is not easy, but it comes out with spring flowers." In March 14, 2013, when Wang Kai, 34, announced his departure with such a micro-blog, his career ended in 8 years. The departure of CCTV, and Li Yong and Bai Yansheng, the former to the latter came when Professor, went to the Hongkong satellite TV, turn around or in the "system", and "live" with the decision of the Wang Kai shift comes naturally is to be more decisive. In April 21, 2014, by the public, "the dominant story line Kai TERT", currently has 4 million users each month, click more

Niu Wenwen domestic entrepreneurs should be good at using the power around themDocCash upload docume

upload a document to make money, similar to the domestic service Douding network, but the DocCash using the shlf1314 Adsense platform, click rate and pay are guaranteed this is a smart game for DocStoc, because it gives you most of the site traffic and the load on your obligations. By giving small benefits, DocStoc motivates you to push your documentation to make more money. In addition, they even use tools to help you promote, such as letting you publish to Twitter and Facebook, via email. The bottom line is that you bring them income and win. docstoc/doccash/   of course, you need to associate your AdSense account to your DocStoc file to begin accumulating the document’s money. But if you don’t have a AdSense account, they can help you create one. "there are a number of entrepreneurs recently, and some entrepreneurs are in conflict with investors. I think we still don’t understand the rules of the game of capital. There are so many service organizations that actually add strength to you, and they also give you some restrictions. These institutions are like crutches. They can help you if you use them properly. They can cause you great trouble if you use them badly. "So I also hope that when I am strong, I should be good at understanding and studying the service organizations around you," Niu Wenwen said. would probably think we were crazy if we told you to just upload your documents to the Internet and make money. We will agree. However, the fact that it is the sky pie thing, the only limit is your document must generate advertising click. Niu Wenwen also suggestions to help entrepreneurs to be able to truly institutional entrepreneurs to provide services and help, "today everyone in this chain, the environment itself is very difficult, not between entrepreneurship and investment have too many disputes and conflicts, and hope that we can work together to enhance mutual understanding and promote entrepreneurship". finished ! in finance, DocCash distributes your ad revenue evenly from your single document page. Since payments are made through AdSense, you will basically get paid monthly, and you can also adjust payment options by AdSense – check or direct deposit. Niu Wenwen believes that at this stage there have been China entrepreneurial services, including all services for entrepreneurs in the form of industry formats, such as VC, angel investors, Venture Park, schools, training institutions, business incubators, pay attention to the media, this is five years ago Chinese market do not have. Therefore, when the economic capital into the winter, entrepreneurs should make better use of these forces.   July 13th news intern reporter Yu Weiwei sponsored by the "entrepreneurs" magazine competition the dark horse in the summer, "entrepreneurs" magazine, Niu Wenwen said that the economic winter is the entrepreneur in the spring, the Chinese market has been the emergence of entrepreneurial services, so entrepreneurs should make good use of side force. DocCash’s money making process is very simple. Just upload the document, more

Little English station, 30 knives into the dayThe scenery or the down and out 5 have been optimistic

some companies were destined to succeed, some enterprise is doomed to be destroyed. Business success depends on whether the factors too much, not one or two words can say, here to introduce 5 readers have unlimited scenery of business enterprises, of which there are several has made no small achievement, but some enterprises seem soon to decline……   ? 1 do English station, I use COM domain name, foreign space, since want to make money, the most basic investment is not province. friends should know the words of wow gold, is a very valuable words, you go to shlf1314 search, found the first page of the wow gold station are many of our people do, it is the expert ah, then you check outside the chain, they ha, the results came out, they are all in the message board. In the forum, do a lot of the chain blog, the fierce competition this term, he did the chain can do the first page, you will follow his. Shopkick, stronger than before. So far Shopkick has 15 chain stores and signed a partnership, such as best buy, Macy’s and Target, the number of users reached 3 million 700 thousand. 5 with a locomotive for collection, I spent money to find people to write a collection process, and then use a plug-in, the article all made pseudo original. Turntable monthly active users fell from 13 in November 2011 to 80 thousand in September this year in the way people. The Turntable team have also released iOS and Android applications, but there is not much user. The founder of, also began to switch to other enterprises downhearted. Airtime 4, I collected Yahoo answer data, we all know that sh419 knows the content is great, Yahoo answer in foreign countries, equivalent to sh419 know, so cattle, not much to say, we can imagine.   Two years after in the past 9 months, the Shopkick team developed a new application, it will be the next generation of Shopkick, said: "Shopkick will cooperate with more stores, so that consumers enjoy more excellent experience, get more preferential." many friends have good ideas, but why didn’t they succeed? It’s probably because they haven’t been able to stick to it or throw away the simplest and easiest to do. Or lack of executive power, think too good, but also can do it, but execution is not going. I am very strict with myself, I must do it well. I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do it. 2 to determine the site, the program is WordPress, because I do not technology, will only be simple to build, and the WordPress program can fully meet my requirements, but also very good optimization. Shopkick 3 to determine the theme of the site, I do is stand in the foreign insurance, because almost everyone to buy insurance, buy insurance consciousness is very strong, and that is, what the website that high price? What industry competition is more powerful, more

Thunderbolt download terminated mobile phone movie cooperationGive me a brief introduction of what m

!Where did ubbs.xunlei/read.php? Tid=8398 and the administrator also confirmed earn money online? Can ! really make money? Can a newbie make a profit? with the rapid development of the scale of the network, the network will become or become an important media like television and newspapers, and people’s daily life can not be separated from the network. Businessmen who have been trying their best to do market publicity will naturally not ignore such important media as the Internet, and advertising on the Internet will appear naturally. But the Internet and television, newspapers after all there is a big difference between the number of spots: a television advertising programs look more naturally, but advertising in a traffic high on the web but very few people to click. How to effectively improve the click rate of the merchant’s web page is a new problem for Internet advertisers. So they figured out how to pay for it: spend money on people to browse their web pages. Fundamentally speaking, the newspaper and television, the approach is the same: why television spend a lot of money on TV series but let people see a white, thick newspaper newspapers to sell a few cents? Not in order to attract people to watch TV and newspaper advertisements? Is taking home pay TV Taiwan to shoot TV, let the newspaper written news about their products as compensation to the people watching their ads. By contrast, online advertising is more direct and more affordable to people: you come to the ads and I pay you. ? because online advertising money making changes rapidly, the original fixed entry teaching materials have been outdated, replaced by the station to all the advertising resources of the station have done a detailed registration, help instructions. In fact, money is a very simple thing, do not think that is very difficult, as long as you have the middle level can be completely fix, practice is the best teacher, only the accumulated experience from practice, can not understand by leaps into handy, so the first thing you have to do now is to look carefully at the station and registered help for each advertisement, and choose something you are interested in advertising for advertisers registered members, really began to earn $. Expert guidance can make you less detours, is the most effective shortcut to success, so if you have any in the practice do not understand the place, please feel free to consult this site!!! has just received the thunder notification,. should notify our company of the relevant departments of the state and call for the cooperation of all mobile movie websites. What specific reasons are not mentioned above, just for us to do so. 3GP class station, from tomorrow on our side is not charging, and I’m sorry, I just know, urgent notice: a lot of people have a bias, think the network is false money, is a lie. This is very wrong. In fact, spending money on people to see advertisements is the more

GG PIN can really free Wangzhuan cheatingAnalysis of the Tao do in the end do not make money

has a relatively definite goal and relatively relaxed state of mind, we can begin the journey of amoy. ! what?   ! The last time the guest will get rich at the beginning, as long as a month to 100 yuan is enough pocket money. If you are in this state of mind, you won’t be too tired, and the more relaxed you are, the faster money will come. The longer you work on your project. Often heard that someone said his site was K, in fact, are eager to show instant success. below is my recently received screenshot of PIN, mobile phone shooting, there may be unclear where to prove the strength. second: I said in the first article, I do not ask the price to sell the business to do, but for quantity, communicate with customers, learn more, so I am here to apply for the account generation appeared free PIN, then the agent is not willing, I run, slobber are there, so I just free in the end, PIN walked me forever free finally, here I wish you a better Wangzhuan > GG ? first we need to understand one thing: do the Tao in the end do not make money is therefore we come to the conclusion: whether you do Tao earned no money and earn a lot of money, is a very normal thing. There is no need to doubt the truth of the matter. See a lot of people questioned the guest can make money this thing in the A5 alliance with Taobao, I was very surprised! These questions, there are two kinds: no guest and guest for a period of time not to earn 10 Fen people. Only they will suspect the truth of the affair. We want to join the guest for who, Amoy money is certain, but it is not how much money I can answer. first: the PIN in the account area is basically sold by my agent. The addresses are: Anqing, Anhui province…… Although the prices of the agents I offer are very low, they generally sell to 30/ and have higher prices. This is the first. began to do Amoy has yet to earn 10 Fen a little lost from September, but did not give up. In which I have not seen what the guest way to make money just do the chain, posting the plagiarism. I saw this article today and recorded here. Here is the main body: solves this problem, we have to make clear what is the Tao of such problems. The problem of online search a lot, I need not repeat here. But I must explain to you: just Amoy intermediary buyers and sellers, the intermediary is not essential. We can only play the role of our intermediary to the maximum extent, it is impossible to become a seller. This tells us that dreams of becoming a millionaire. And the probability of lottery 5 million through the guest is as big.   before we more

After reading this article 23 Wangzhuan is just so so.For entrepreneurs to build fairy tale Disney l

! 2, ask 10 people, rather than your own brains and hands, a real analysis of the matter! 12, it is better to keep your default search from the address bar are replaced by sh419 or shlf1314, flexible to use search engines, then you will find that almost all the questions you want to ask the online presentation than others to give you a detailed explanation of the 11, spend 3 hours to send 50 promotional stickers, it is better to spend 5 hours to send a quality paste! 8, don’t just ask, don’t learn, won’t draw inferences from others, others can’t help you for a lifetime, can only provide you with methods and ideas! 15, not simply to make money and to promote, not only to make money and to communicate with others, you must keep at it, these are your business experience, not to your adult, may your customers will be very good friends. " 13, see a tutorial or promotional technique and samples and try to do the same in a different way, ! !   ! 5, don’t always ask, "where do you have tutorials for XX?" – smart and patient people know how to turn on their computer and try! ! ! The via Mashable translation / fast carp 9, the most important thing to do is to have patience, to be able to adhere to, not only see the immediate interests and achievements, ten meters tall building from the ground, accelerator project will continue for three months, and at the end of the end of June this year, the deadline is April 16th. for entrepreneurs, this is a whole new world of Disney. ! 6, don’t let me go to learn what professional software always said "don’t let me go to investment to do something, I don’t want to see the code, I now hurry to make money, no time to learn, also cannot read" — who is do not know how to understand the Disney announced on Wednesday that they will work with Techstarts to launch a pioneering accelerator project in Losangeles. The enterprise accelerator will provide mentoring, mentoring and resource support services from the media group for start-up companies in early stages. 10, do not always feel that you do not have time, you are still young, encountered problems, their first thinking for an hour, when there is no answer, then think about consulting other people! 7, do not always worry about "I did not learn web production, do Wangzhuan, I must not do good" such problems, give yourself confidence, you better than other people stupid ! ! 1, don’t see how esoteric the web is. It’s just a tool to make money! 14, often to the release of some software and website promotion forum, see, see you are interested in software and tutorials, Download back one hour of time, you will find that the original basic knowledge of computer is that the cumulative 3, don’t try to master all the knowledge more

Using ARC marketing model to create the best interests of Web2.0 EraEntrepreneurs 10 kilometers runa

" glory belongs to those who really stand up to the arena, his face was covered with dust and sweat, although failed again and again, but still tenacious struggle, because the world does not exist without failures and defects of achievement. started late and the environment was cold. In the face of such pioneering Road, it is important to maintain a good state of mind and a calm pace. "Entrepreneurial team in the capital tightening environment, should focus and focus, rather than blindly pursue the scale and speed."." Zhou navigation reads like this. " is twice as many as we originally thought." The staff here told the "First Financial Daily", which reflects the current entrepreneurial sentiment in china. Zhou is divided into second teams, the captain is founder of Jingdong mall Liu Qiangdong. As a result of the initial rules of the game, the team is the last third to leave, far behind the team to go first. "business depends on the weather?" Yi Zhou, founder of the car, answered softly. This is the opening ceremony of the annual dark horse race. And unlike in previous years, this year the organizers chose 10 km barrier walk way, so that entrepreneurs experience the entrepreneurial process. There are nearly 100 entrepreneurs on the scene. mentality of latecomer one afternoon in the early spring, the temperature at the Olympic Park in Beijing was 3 degrees below zero. The air began to fall with scattered snowflakes. The unusually cold spell, just let people off under the winter unexpected. "Cold!" the crowd began to complain. "we want to be a long-distance runner, not a pacemaker."." Zhou smiled and encouraged his teammates. Any entrepreneur knows that under such conditions, motivation is far more powerful than complaining. Marco, 10 kilometers of entrepreneurial road, everyone’s mood is not the same. For Zhou hang, the previous sentiment may represent his mood at the moment: "yes, you believe the crows are black." Web 2 era of " God "