The importance of Shanghai dragon content quality


if the original content is actually relatively small it can be appropriate to reduce the other duplicate content that page. At the bottom of the information, such as navigation, some less appropriate, can also achieve high difference each other.

and its most important site in Shanghai Longfeng aspects should be: keywords, content, link three, link keywords and export points, similar to the social when their dress, and the content is funny. Dress, wear no problem, do not need to do too much, but the conversation is different, with the increase of time need to constantly improve, otherwise your website search engine will gradually be eliminated.

content, there are some differences between

original content, reduce the content of

The independence of the

many owners often reprinted content from other sites, enrich the website, think you can enrich the content of the website, the search engines often come to visit my website. In fact, this is very wrong, as the saying goes with your enquiry, the content does not need too much, but must ensure the quality. High quality original content, of course, can effectively improve the site’s weight, and if the owners do not have the time to get too much of the original content, but also can be used to solve the pseudo original, reproduced charges of pseudo original content etc..


The attention of the

regularly updated

many webmaster friends just pay attention to the original, so meager, attendance etc under the original capital, to the separate page content. Although these general conditions are absolutely original content, but most of them only a few words. The difference between each page and page 30% of the minimum, otherwise it will be regarded as a large number of duplicate pages, duplicate pages, and against the Shanghai dragon aspect.



pay attention to regular update, the general case is.

Shanghai dragon

optimization, sometimes with similar social. The most important is the social two aspects, one is to have higher self-cultivation, dress, have enough knowledge, good conversation etc.. On the other hand is external, that is to have enough social circle, only to know, can you talk about social. Shanghai dragon is the same, first of all to do their own site optimization, and then is part of the chain. Although the chain is very important, but to optimize their website, is to first perform, only in this way can we decided to use the chain rate.

short content need to pay attention to different problems, so the original content longer, it is natural to the corresponding section. To make full use of natural resources, the specific number of word segmentation, according to the content of the page itself. Generally between 1000 words -2000 words. Section can increase the original content page, adding the page included, naturally the weight is not a small benefit.

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