The station link has ranked the eleven phenomenon of the solution

, a large number of soft writing contribute, now I have a day time will bother to write some technical soft contribute to the A5 Adsense nets and the owners of the house a reprint volume >


recently made two months the station was ranked eleven, this problem is very difficult. Do Shanghai dragon in addition to fear the K station, most afraid of be in love with the sea ranked eleven. But the problem is solved, so the reasons are analyzed under the site after consulting several predecessors, finally found a response.

later after this period of time and Shanghai dragon prawn exchange to get some solutions. At present on my website, this stage is very important, if not handled properly, may be a few days or months after they face K station, of course, if handled well, may from the eleven after the ranking will be fierce zoomed up several. At present, the primary content is not a website to solve the problem, but the chain approach problems. The more than 10000 chain, in addition to some one thousand or two thousand itself, the other is the chain link to buy the station. That is now the number of the chain of my web site are mostly from the same domain, the chain is not dispersed, the concentration of the same stand too high. So the problems to solve is how to put the more than 10000 chain dilute, how in a short time dilution of

is ranked eleven after I have been looking for solutions, also questions in the A5 forum, also found a lot of relevant information. Some webmaster forum love Shanghai intervention into after eleven, it is difficult to return to the home page, or back to the station! Look at the webmaster provide advice, most are: keep the original content update and send the chain. Although these words are right, but I feel they are cheating, wasting time, you feel that the words did not say with a difference? As long as it is now do people know the article and the chain, even without saying this as a qualified webmaster will to do so.

first analysis the site was ranked eleven is due to a recent link station website to buy a lottery, which leads to the site in a few days the chain caused by the explosion. Shanghai love was later identified and monitoring in the eleven enter study period, tragedy, just a month ago from new sites through out and have a good ranking, is now in love Shanghai "prison". Some owners may ask the chain growth so fierce, and it is the new love Shanghai why not directly K off? Because when I was up before the operation of the website, whether it is updated or construction and the weight training the chain. So although the station is only two months, but a month or so has been out of the new assessment period, and some high traffic keywords have been squeezed into the top five. Because some of these days love Shanghai weight, so although the site from the time that is new, but has been out of the characteristics of the railway station. So we all know the general site has certain weight after love Shanghai not casually in doubt cheating on you directly K, or want to against competitors too easy.

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