The three and three site optimization ban (below)

site optimization can be said to be normal, but the site excessive optimization is wrong, there is a part of the webmaster to keywords ranking over stack keywords, and the webmaster to the rank of the website to buy a large number of anti chain, these optimization methods are not desirable, to know the development of a website is a process, not a new station in just a few days will be moved up to love Shanghai first, but impossible to over optimize site can long occupy Shanghai love ranking, therefore it is necessary to avoid excessive optimization in the process of Web site optimization behavior, make the optimization of the site into the road to health.

all in their own interests of the don’t make

is free of poison, the construction site do not use "free"

interests is many webmaster can do, but we are in the operation of the site must be in the process to avoid the interests of the present, a number of sites have emerged more than content advertising space, advertising and content of the phenomenon, this phenomenon let website also fell into the trough, after a lot of users enter the website to see too many ads will choose to leave the site, there are users see advertising websites will leave a bad impression on the website, and this phenomenon is caused because the owners will benefit too seriously, you know we do a website advertising is not easy. If the user experience is not high due to the web site search engines to lower ranking, this is The loss outweighs the gain. behavior.

sites of the prohibited acts, but attributed after we can find that many of them are interlinked, such as not to use free things, not able to benefit as the starting point, can not have been optimized, and the focus of this dissertation is, to avoid these three types of behavior can lead to more the operation effect for the web site.

website optimization

with the development of the Internet, a lot of access to the Internet, do stand friends all thought of using the domain name and host free, but it also allows the number of webmaster suffered, some Adsense development after a period of time there will be several sites on the web site: a site is not open, the two is three, no site data is the domain name parsing. This is a wake up for many webmaster, we are in the process of establishment of the station is determined to avoid the free things, not to use the free free domain name and host, once the use of the consequences are unimaginable, hope that the webmaster friends pay attention to avoid free things.

There are many

site optimization is not Everything is going smoothly.. "

an article "site optimization three and three prohibited" mainly for the webmaster friends introduced three work sites, I believe that many owners also understand what they should do, and have part of the webmaster do not understand what is the prohibition of your actions, this article will bring in the website operation in the process of three prohibited acts as webmaster friends, I hope to help the webmaster.

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