The long-term consequences of acquisition and the method of avoiding others

therefore, when our website has been in long acquisition state, we update the articles on the site are mostly on the Internet has the same content, and if the site weight is not high enough, so the spider is likely to be your site as a collection station, it believed that your website is collected from the article the Internet, rather than Internet among the other station is collecting your article.

as I said before, Shanghai will start to love your website for consideration, this time, you will find there are some websites and Internet pages are similar, the love of Shanghai will not consider reducing you these pages, so many people find the website included, slowly caused a decrease of the website the entire collection, it is for this reason. The page not included, love Shanghai decline, trust in the site will eventually snapshot stagnant for some time.

page included, then the entire site is not included in

The first

regularly updated articles station almost every site will do, certainly not every site on the original, also not everyone is willing to spend the time to do the original article, a lot of people in the collection way to update their website article. And don’t say what will happen to a large collection of other article website here, according the actual situation of their website, say in the long-term acquisition of the site by others, what kind of consequences, and to avoid the acquisition method by others. BaiduSpider love the original thing, but to love for the original source of the Shanghai spiders site is still unable to accurately judge the point, where it can not completely independent judgment of an article of its starting point, when we update an article, and soon by others in the same time, spider the same time to contact many articles, it will be very confused, do not know which one is the original, which is copied.

this is certain to happen, because of being mistaken for love Shanghai collection station, so your article page will be in love with hireign for the study period, during this period, the article page will stop by the. Of course, this stop included not only affect your article page, it will let the love Shanghai to review your entire website, so other pages will gradually start not included. The site was half a month without a page, because it is the cause of the reason.

site included start to reduce the snapshot stagnation

when this spider look at your website, your website may encounter such situations:

The When

appear included reducing, when the snapshot of stagnation, we are most concerned about is the problem of rank about ranking will be affected. This is because the article can be assured to be collected, leading to their love of Shanghai station by examination, this is just the love of Shanghai website > effect

ranking does not fluctuate, the normal flow of

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