A fiasco search lost in Tencent

The new architecture of

Tencent: search lost in soso? This year countless changes, split to other Tencent division, several executives have left, micro-blog on the news that the staff turnover has reached 40%. Once a few years into the scenery, has aroused love Shanghai nervous, soso why come to this step today?

Author: Guo ang

have to say, a kind of ideal this new architecture shows Wu Jun as "Montana" technology, looks very dreamy, but encountered the following problems in the actual operation of enterprises:

A new architecture of What this new

A new architecture of

. The development cycle is very long, takes up the vast majority of R & D personnel for nearly 2 years, and for the improvement of current system of near stagnation, and 2 years for the Internet Co, can be said to be long and precious.

Not compatible with

is a Tencent hired from Google search business for the former vice president of Tencent Wu Jun, mentioned the new architecture soso search in numerous places, hoping that through the new structure of the on-line reverse the situation. He accepted the interview in August this year, Sina said, "later on the market to be successful, must have the nature of increase than the previous company, bring new value to the user. The so-called realm, is to see far, see the future, guide the user, rather than simply to cater to the user." Perhaps, this new architecture is that he wants to have a Tencent search "essence to improve" basic work must be done.

A fiasco

in the dream

?The new architecture

soso whole idea from Google, which will integrate a large number of servers, the establishment of a cloud service platform, through this platform, to provide computing and storage resources to intelligent scheduling and management of all kinds of services and applications. It can be said that the scale of this platform and technology is currently the Internet Co is second to none.

search to test the water at the beginning of the new version of the news search, but the system continues to improve, after the delay is applied to search, until Wu Jun left, still not successful on-line, which consumes most of his energy.

. Only the underlying platform update cannot ultimately solve the problem of user experience, user experience requires numerous algorithms to iteratively improve the upper and improve.


. The new architecture because of complex technology, development of high difficulty, easy to have more bug, from the developed to the completely stable and reliable still need a certain period.

I talk about my views.


. The new system and old system, all the underlying code must be re developed on the new platform, at the same time in order to purchase over thousands of servers, high cost.

architecture is what

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