Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis at least the chain rapidly improve website ranking

chain for the importance of website ranking as a webmaster do not believe there are few do not know, said the chain is the first factor, ranking accounted for 60%, if so, then how could the chain at least the most quickly achieve the desired purpose, as soon as possible to improve website rankings? A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (www. Shanghai dragon zhenduan贵族宝贝) can you solve the mystery, you just need customers for the diagnosis of A5 in Shanghai Longfeng a full range of customers, we believe that this is understandable, after all, Shanghai dragon diagnosis is a service industry, therefore, only I did after the A5 diagnosis and we talk about the feeling.

my site to do cosmetics, competition is very large, the so-called Shanghai dragon everyone has been stressed that the chain and content, because they are engaged in cosmetic website, not much content can be uploaded every day pass is only some cosmetics related product pictures and the update frequency of this feeling it is not beyond the competitors, even you want to have the place very difficult, so I can only to achieve the purpose of ranking by the construction of the chain.


is the most important, how to keep the user, since the user came to our website, we should use our website features >

at first, the chain a day 10 different sites, it was found after two months of little, basically can not see the effect, then it increased to 20 per day, 30 day later, such as the repetition of the site to increase the chain of different light, find website to find head large, can finally see the effect is very unsatisfactory, although the ranking has improved, but very slow, just from the tenth page forward to the ninth page of the last few, this for the first half of this year to pay, is cannot equate the site, no improvement, ranking has steadily than before. Daily flow and consultation of the poor, not to mention how many customers, while they are on the table, in desperation, found the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team finally decided me Is that they say can make a web site with the chain at least to as soon as possible to improve website ranking.

as to why such a simple word why can attract me, I eventually became his clients, reason to believe that you know. Of course, in their own money to ask for help to improve website ranking at the same time, of course, want to learn what to do, what kind of methods can be achieved by this effect, this is what I want to tell you, because the site situation of each person are not the same, therefore, even if I say A5 to 11 the "web site optimization proposal", it may not be suitable for you, after all, this is only for my website, A5 optimization team to make comprehensive inspection to the opinion on my website, my website of the advantages and disadvantages are listed, and also gives the corresponding approach, how to use their own advantages, how to solve the problems of the website.


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