Calm face of Google PR big update

If your website content >


sites have Links, Links site is certainly through your examination, is valuable, but if you follow later in place, each other for various reasons falls to be punished Google site, your site is likely to be implicated in the decrease of PR, as a link to your site by K the site may also be K. So should strictly examine their own website Links, and regularly on the track.

fifth, the

spider on the site and grab, like a user browsing the site, the layout structure is reasonable, it will also walk very clear, otherwise you can not find the direction, like a mess. If your site organization unreasonable layout, structure for search engines to the entire site is not smooth, context is not clear, resulting in the decrease of PR.

, the first site outside the chain to waste too much website

has always been about Google PR updates 3-4 times within a year. However, the recent Google PR value more and more sensitive. In June 28th and July 18th, Google two consecutive update PR! This and Google said last year that will cancel the PR argument draw further apart.

with the key words of the industry / professional resource web site link on the site, not only enrich the content of the website, but also conducive to the search engine on the web impression. However, Google believes that outbound links a page should not exceed 100. So your site to grasp the degree of

The layout of the structure of

fourth, Links to be punished Google site

two update, mainly to make some small site PR has been improved, some sites declined by pr. Because many owners do not know their own PR value of continuous decline is quite wrong and lost. There are also some site is down right on the 28 day, again on the 18 day, they asked Google what? A B2B website (LOOKCHEM) webmaster explains why Google PR update, also made suggestions for those who fall in PR website.

Increase the number of

for search engines, and a growing number of short chain would make it feel that your site is not stable enough, as a cheating to deal with the decrease of PR.

sixth, website content not update or update slow frequency

third, the same page outbound links too much

second, the number of the chain in a short period of rapid increase of

Shanghai dragon knows that "content is king, the chain for the emperor" the truth, love is either Shanghai or Google, have attached great importance to the outbound links, if outbound links to your site in a large part to garbage sites, search engines may think that your site is garbage sites, so will reduce the PR value.

! website is not reasonable

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