Web site keywords ranking ranking with how to do the work of maintenance

can not be brokenMany webmaster

now the webmaster can be said to be impetuous generation, many owners feel that the title of the site introduced less flow, and to modify the site title, and part of the webmaster often modify the site keywords. If you are this kind of webmaster, then I tell you your method is wrong, after a new site is love Shanghai given the good rankings, we do not hurry to introduce traffic, but to maintain long-term stability, in three months, determined not to change the website title, key words, description. Determined not to delete the site has been included in this link, is to ensure that the site is the key to love Shanghai normal ranking.

two, with the on-line before the high value content of

three, and when the line

maintenance work?

now love Shanghai on the web site of the chain is not high, I have a love of Shanghai 2 of the weight of the website is a website now, the chain is not, not the chain website why weight so high? Because the chain is no, but my site has high value, it can love is giving Shanghai a good ranking. A part of the site every day.

virtual host are selected in order to save money, here I do not recommend the webmaster friends use virtual host, if you are an ordinary webmaster, perhaps we were not getting enough funds, so we can choose to use VPS, the use of VPS web site is more than the benefits of the virtual host, the first is the spatial stability often, when we use virtual host with the IP website attack will lead to our website can not be opened, with the IP web site is in love with the sea K, our site may also be implicated, so to make their rankings off, so we must choose the site before the line the VPS server and the quality.

website ranking is actually very simple, now a lot of new sites as long as have the value of content and good code, so this site will in a short period of time has been given a certain search engine rankings, but this time the ranking is not stable, many new sites into the study period is long because the site has no good ranking ranking the maintenance work caused by this stage, so how to do with the site keywords ranking ranking

Site structure of

four, outside the chain, either a stable or not

now many sites have such a situation, the line on the website before the content is very good, but love Shanghai search engine gives a good ranking, webmaster may hurry to make money, ignore the content of the site construction, which caused by the emergence of high, if you want your the website ranking is stable, so the contents can not reduce the strength, opposite site has ranking webmaster should also increase efforts to build the value of content, this is to ensure that the website can obtain long-term search engine based trust.

, a high quality server or VPS

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